Cats have been discriminated against for a long time when it comes to DNA testing, but luckily, not anymore! Basepaws reviews from users reveal equally thorough results on their cat’s heritage, personality, and most importantly  — health risks.

So, if you wish to improve your cat care, find out exactly what to expect when sending your cat’s DNA for testing in this Basepaws review.

A Quick Glance at the Top Cat DNA Testing Kits

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Breed + Health DNA Test

Key Features

  • Complete health and breed screening
  • Easy sampling procedure
  • Health recommendations
  • Breed updates
  • Pack purchase discount

Whole Genome DNA Sequencing

Key Features

  • Reusable sequencing data
  • 3 different formats
  • DNA-sequence-generated portrait of your cat
  • Health marker updates

The Products in Detail

Did you know that there are at least 43 confirmed cat breeds in the US alone? All of them have their peculiar physical and personality traits.

If you are curious to find out what combo of these is sleeping on your couch, Basepaws DNA test kits can help you.

From the oldest detected domesticated cat, dating back around 9,500 years, the history of cats shows that they have traveled a long way alongside humans.

However, they still carry some of the wilderness within. The Basepaws wildcat index is there to show you which one of the big cats is your kitten’s closest cousin.

Besides this, Basepaws cat DNA tests monitor 39 genetic mutations linked to 17 severe health conditions in cats. This means that whichever DNA kit you choose, your cat’s DNA will be compared to sequences that define potential health conditions.

So, which one of the DNA test kits fits your needs best? We tested them all to help you choose.

Breed + Health DNA Test

star 10

Key Features

  • Number of test kits: 1-3
  • Genetic predispositions for 43 health conditions
  • Wildcat index, Dental Health Report, Trait analysis
  • Cat breed identification test
  • Full report and description of health risks
  • Regular updates

In this DNA test kit, 65 Basepaws health markers are used to screen for 43 genetic conditions. They include Hypothyroidism, Polycystic kidney disease (PKD), retinal degeneration, and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).

Given the seriousness of these diseases, knowing whether your cat is at risk of developing them might save you many regrets in the future.

What we found especially useful in this Basepaws catkit are the details given on the status of the detected genetic conditions.

Namely, according to the number of “bad copies” of the genes causing the illnesses and their location in the DNA, cats are categorized as carriers, at risk, or at high risk of a specific disease.

“Carrier” means that your cat’s offspring can potentially develop the illness. “At risk” and “at high risk” indicate that your cat has a moderate or high risk of developing the disease. If nothing is found, the report will indicate that your cat is clear.

Of course, a basic description of each of the detected conditions is included in the report-like document that is a part of your kitty’s Basepaws results.

Other genetic diseases are also assessed with this kit, but indirectly, through the breed groups. More precisely, every breed has its own weak points in terms of health outlined in the results.

What is even more helpful, the Health + Breed Basepaws cat DNA test kit encompasses all relevant information in the cat’s DNA for a reasonable price.

In addition, the company offers regular updates and this is why we consider it among the best cat DNA test in the market today.


  • + Complete health and breed screening
  • + Easy sampling procedure
  • + Health recommendations
  • + Breed updates
  • + Pack purchase discount


  • Limited to 3 packs per order
  • Updates might take a long time to develop

Whole Genome DNA Sequencing

star 9.9

Key Features

  • Number of test kits: 1
  • Screening for 17 health conditions
  • 100% DNA sequencing
  • Breed group identification
  • Wildcat index

There are 94.2 million cats living in US households, according to cat statistics, and what makes your kitty exceptional is its DNA sequence.

By performing the most comprehensive DNA test, Basepaws further emphasizes its mission to enrich the DNA database for cats.

At the same time, they provide cat owners with the most detailed information on the makings of their cat, something that will benefit them for years to come.

Reading the Basepaws results from the Whole Genome Sequencing test (WGS) today includes the breed group identification, the health risk assessments by known mutations, and the wildcat index calculation for the tiger, leopard, cheetah, and cougar.

However, what is truly remarkable about this Basepaws DNA test is that the gene data can be reused time and time again, giving you additional information with every update.

You can also present these whole-genome data to some other DNA-testing institution in the future to get additional reviews on your Basepaws test result sample. This will help you find out novel information without having to repeat the test.

So, to sum up, in addition to the usual results regarding the health, breed group, and wildcat index, the WSG test will give you:

  • genome-aligned data
  • genomic variants data
  • raw sequencing data

The last one will be used to generate a portrait of your cat (from an uploaded picture) using its own unique DNA sequence


  • + Reusable sequencing data
  • + 3 different formats
  • + DNA-sequence-generated portrait of your cat
  • + Health marker updates


  • Pricey
  • Long turnaround time


The Company in Detail

Basepaws is a pioneering company in commercial cat DNA testing in the US — a very recent addition to the pet care market for cats.

Based in El Segundo, California, Basepaws is not just dedicated to giving cat-owners accurate information on their pet’s health but also interested in contributing to the global understanding of cat origins.

As we previously mentioned in this Basepaws review for 2020, this brand likes to define itself as a community of cat-lovers dedicated to building an extensive feline DNA database for different health conditions and breed groups.

In other words, Basepaws is working to provide cat-owners with the same perks that dog owners have when it comes to DNA diagnostics and origin determination.

Company History

Founded in 2016 by Anna Skaya, Basepaws inc. is one of the most recognizable brands in the field of cat genetics. Basepaws team manages to regularly update their genetic database. It is the first to offer whole-genome sequencing of the cat’s DNA.

The idea of establishing Basepaws was presented at the closing ceremony of the Singularity University in 2016 as part of the Global Solution Program.

Since then, Basepaws reviews have been featured in Shark Tank, Wired, Fortune, BuzzFeed, Lifehacker, and many more. On top of that, Basepaws DNA test kits managed to earn a place on Ellen’s list.

Testing and Certificate Information

The testing is done based on the DNA comparison with a database of cat DNA sequences that contain mutations related to a hereditary disease. Another way is by comparing your cat’s DNA with the samples of cats belonging to a specific breed group.

There isn’t any Basepaws review in 2020 that contains information on possible laboratory certificates, though.

Shipping, Return Policy, and Money-Back Guarantee

Both shipment and return shipment for the continental US is free of charge. Frankly, we didn’t expect anything less from Basepaws.

For all others, including Canada, a reasonable fee of $15 has been put in place. However, this doesn’t include the return price. The company can’t guarantee that you won’t be charged extra by your country’s customs.

You can get a refund on your Basepaws cat DNA tests within 30 days of purchasing them — but only if they haven’t been used. After you get your money back, you will have one week to send the product back to the company.

User Feedback & Testimonials

Basepaws reviews from customers show that many cat owners are surprised by their tabbies’ genetic mix.

Also, more than one Basepaws review on Reddit attests that users can finally understand their cat’s behavior and preferences thanks to the personality trait descriptions provided in the results.

Most are also happy to join the Basepaws Facebook community to discuss their results with other cat-lovers.

On the negative side, some cat DNA test reviews show that users have complained about the price and the long waiting time. This might be understandable for those who are waiting on the health results.

However, DNA tests are not a regular blood count, and they generally require more time to complete.

Very few users reported problems when collecting the sample. Finally, for all those always trying to get a better deal, special discount offers might be a good solution.

Coupon Codes and Savings

Luckily, a Basepaws discount code is easy to find on the company’s official website. Also, more than one Basepaws coupon code or promo code from other providers can be found online. You can also use our exclusive PETPEDIA coupon to get $10 off your purchase.

You can also get significant savings from purchasing multiple tests. Just remember there’s a limit of three per purchase.

Moreover, make sure to check the official website during the holidays if you are looking to save some money.

Another possible way of saving on Basepaws cat DNA tests is by signing up for their newsletter. This way, you’ll never miss out on any new deals and coupons.


Can I DNA test my cat?

Yes, cat DNA tests are the most recent prop in the pet care of cats. In theory, pretty much any animal can be tested, but most companies focus on testing dogs.

Fortunately, Basepaws has been testing cats for some time now, and they can surely help you learn more about your furry companion.

How much does a test cost?

DNA test kits for cats vary significantly in price, which depends on the provider’s scope, accuracy, and experience.

The lowest price for a DNA test kit can be as little as $45, but it can also reach more than $200. In most cases, a DNA test for your cat will cost you between $95 and $125.

Are the tests accurate?

Cat DNA tests are a novelty in the pet market. Still, most of them give accurate information on the cat’s genetic disease status. However, determining cat ancestry is tricky because the global DNA database of cats is smaller than that for dog breeds.

In any case, DNA tests for cats accurately identify a large part of the known breeds, their geographic region, and personality traits. What’s more, most of them offer free updates.

How to take a sample?

Taking a sample of your cat’s DNA is relatively easy. All you need to do is gently rub your cat’s inner cheek area, gums, or tongue with the swab you can find in the Basepaws cat DNA test kit.

Try to do so for at least 5 seconds — or, if you can, for around 10 seconds. After that, put the swab in the stabilizing liquid provided in the kit, and mail the package back to Basepaws.

For a successful Basepaws cat DNA testing, you need to follow the additional instructions on the received package and activate the kit by registering online.

Keep in mind that you should take the sample at least half an hour after your cat has eaten or drunk to minimize the risk of contamination. For the WGS test, you should wait at least one hour.

For kittens that are still nursing, the sample should be taken at least one hour after their last feeding.

Does Cat DNA Testing Kit work?

Absolutely yes! In our research of the company and their products, we have not found any reason to think otherwise.

Basepaws can help you identify potential health risks of your cat. Needless to say, this information can save you time and money. More importantly, though, it can help you improve and preserve your cat’s health.

It can also satisfy your curiosity by showing you which cat breeds are a part of your kitten. Plus, it can tell you which wild cat is your cat’s closest cousin.

How long will I wait for the results?

Usually, the DNA test results are ready within 4-6 weeks from the day the DNA sample reaches Basepaws. More than one user Basepaws review on Reddit can attest that it is common for the results to arrive sooner (but not for the WGS test).

Whole Genome Sequencing requires suitable quality DNA, which means a lot of DNA quality checks. If everything checks out, the results will reach you 8-9 weeks from the moment the sample is received.

Of course, if anything goes wrong, Basepaws will let you know. Also, you should keep in mind that packages arrive at the Basepaws lab 1-3 weeks after being sent by mail.


We hope that this detailed Basepaws review gave you all the info you needed to make an informed decision of whether or not purchasing from Basepaws is a good choice.

The health risk assessment kit can instruct you on how to take care of your cat better. Furthermore, by using Basepaws, you will be preventing rather than treating your cat’s ailments.

The downside is the limited database, but as more and more cats are being tested, this will pose little trouble in the near future.

All in all,  Basepaws reviews from customers show that testing will undoubtedly help you remove some of the layers of mystery surrounding your cat’s personality and origin.

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