If you’ve wondered whether you can get quality food for your cat delivered to your door, the answer is yes, you can. The companies we’ve chosen produce only freeze-dried raw or freshly cooked food from the highest-quality ingredients — and deliver it to you in no time. Your cat will love it, and so will you. So, let’s start.

The 5 Best Cat Food Delivery Companies for 2022

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JustFoodForDogs JustCats

Best Overall

  • Homemade products
  • Vet-approved food
  • Same-day delivery and pick-up

Wysong Food for Cats

Most Variety of Raw Food

  • Shelf-stable products
  • Variety of flavor options
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs

Bixbi RAWBBLE Cat Food

Most-Convenient Raw Food Kibble Combo

  • Four different food tastes
  • Two available sizes
  • 100% natural

Smalls Freeze Dried Cat Food

Highest-Quality Proteins

  • Variety of foods and recipe plans
  • Trial order available, with a money-back guarantee
  • High-quality protein sources

The Top Companies in Detail

Thanks to these companies, providing our cats with top-quality food without going outside or spending hours in the kitchen is possible. We’ve spent time reviewing the best of the best so you wouldn’t have to. If you’re interested and want to find out more, take a look at our fresh cat food delivery reviews.

JustFoodForDogs JustCats

star 10

Best Overall

  • Food type: Freeze-dried raw
  • Flavor: Fish & Chicken
  • Quantity: 18oz
  • Obligatory subscription: No - discounts available if you select subscription
  • Delivery options: Courier, delivery company

JustFoodForDogs is one of the pioneers in fresh cat food delivery services. It has already proven itself with fresh dog food. All of their products are created and approved by veterinarians and nutritionists. However, you can currently choose only one meal for cats  — the JustCats Fish & Chicken recipe. This meal is made using only human-grade meat and dried yuca root for maintaining hydration.

Although it should suit most cats, there are no alternatives for cats that are either allergic to the ingredients or simply not fond of chicken or fish. However, since the demand for fresh cat food delivery is increasing, we’re sure they’ll add more choices eventually. The product is available in one size, 18oz, and it can last for 2 to 3 days. The package is currently not resealable, but you can always put the food in another container.

As for the delivery options, you can order whenever you want. You can choose a cat food subscription and get additional benefits, such as free delivery, 35% off first delivery, and 5% off all future orders. Same-day delivery of cat food is possible if you’re in the city where one of their kitchens is located. In this case, you can also order online and pick up the product in person. FedEx shipping is also available. 

Another thing we liked about this company is their customer service. They are quick and efficient in answering all customer questions and solving potential problems.


  • + Homemade products
  • + Vet-approved food
  • + Same-day delivery and pick-up


  • No variety in flavor

Wysong Food for Cats

star 9.8

Most Variety of Raw Food

  • Food type: Freeze-dried raw
  • Flavors: Chicken, Rabbit, Quail, Pollock, & Beef
  • Quantity: 5.7oz bag - 20oz canister
  • Options: Archetype, Archetype Burgers, and UnCanny
  • Obligatory subscription: No
  • Delivery options: Delivery company

Although Wysong is famous for its healthy and affordable wet and dry food, now they’ve introduced a non-thermal product line. This line allows you to have freeze-dried raw cat food delivered to your door with no fear of spoiled food and for a great price.

They offer freeze-dried food in four different tastes, treats, freeze-dried burgers, and meal enrichment supplements. Wysong cat food is primarily made of meat. Still, unlike most raw cat food, it also contains vegetables, seeds, and even fruit. 

The ingredients are still healthy for cats, and the product has the recommended protein levels, so this shouldn’t be a problem. However, since cats are strict carnivores, some might not tolerate vegetables or fruit in their food. 

All food is available for one-time buying or via a subscription with added benefits, such as 10% off and free shipping over $75. Plus, if you want to save additional money, there’s a variety of valuable Wysong coupons. As for the shipping, it’s standard delivery company shipping, so you can expect it to take around 5–7 days.


  • + Shelf-stable products
  • + Variety of flavor options
  • + Suitable for both cats and dogs


  • Contains fruit and vegetables, which some cats might dislike

Bixbi RAWBBLE Cat Food

star 9.9

Most-Convenient Raw Food Kibble Combo

  • Food type: Freeze-dried raw
  • Flavors: Beef, Chicken, Chicken & Salmon, & Turkey
  • Quantity: 3.5oz and 10oz
  • Obligatory subscription: No
  • Delivery options: Delivery company

Bixbi Pet is a famous dog food producer offering raw cat food subscription and delivery services. They produce and deliver freeze-dried raw cat food that can satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Bixbi cat food is made using raw ingredients such as meat, organs, pumpkin, and salmon oil, with added vitamins and minerals. As for the variety, it comes in four flavors — chicken, beef, turkey, and chicken/salmon mix.

The only downside we’ve found is the lack of reviews for the cat products. Some customers who bought the dog food products complained about the food sometimes crumbling in the bag, but we can’t confirm whether the same issue is present in the company’s cat food too.

With a delivery subscription, you get 10% off each purchase and are sure to receive the food you choose in the size you choose, always on time. Moreover, it’s available in two sizes, perfect for multiple cat households. 

The expected delivery time is 5–7 days, but don’t worry, the product won’t spoil. The package is well-insulated, and the products are shelf-stable, as long as they are in an airtight container and stored somewhere dry and cool.


  • + Four different food tastes
  • + Two available sizes
  • + 100% natural


  • Not many customer reviews

Smalls Freeze Dried Cat Food

star 10

Highest-Quality Proteins

  • Food type: Freeze-dried raw, dry
  • Flavors: Chicken, Turkey, and Beef
  • Quantity: Depends on cat breed, size, and age - min. price per week
  • Options: Fresh or Kibble alternative
  • Obligatory subscription: Yes
  • Delivery options: Delivery company

Smalls is probably among the most famous fresh and raw cat food delivery brands. They offer freeze-dried raw and human-grade fresh options. Freeze-dried raw food comes in three different flavors and contains meat, organs, eggs, herring oil, and added vitamins.

Fresh food also comes in three flavors and consists of meat and organs, but be aware that it also contains green beans, peas, spinach, and various added vitamins and minerals. It’s available in two textures — smooth and ground. 

Smalls only sells cat food by subscription service, and they will offer you nine meal plans based on your cat’s age, body type, and flavor preferences. So, it’s not fully customizable, but it will probably be enough for most cat owners. A trial option is also available, with a $10 discount. And more importantly, if your cat doesn’t like any of the food options, Smalls will return your money.

Based on Smalls cat food reviews, some customers had issues with customer service. For example, they can be late to answer the customer’s emails. And since the subscription process can be a bit confusing, customers are left irritated. 

We recommend reading the emails they send you thoroughly and carefully checking what you’re subscribing to.  But, in the end, the variety and quality of food are well worth a try.


  • + Variety of foods and recipe plans
  • + Trial order available, with a money-back guarantee
  • + High-quality protein sources


  • Customer service could be improved

How to Choose the Best Cat Food Delivery Service 

We all love our cats and want the best for them. But searching for the best company that produces healthy and fresh food and delivers it to your doorstep can be overwhelming considering all the choices. We’ve followed these steps and listed everything you need to pay attention to when searching for fresh/raw food delivery services. Let’s start.

Ingredients Used

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they need meat to thrive. The vegetable level should be low since cats don’t need many carbohydrates. Grains should also not be present in quality cat food. They should all be human-grade ingredients for the best quality. 

Food Type

Each food type has its benefits and downsides, but if you’re choosing frequent home delivery, you should look for food that’s less processed but not totally raw.

Although completely raw food is something your cat would normally eat in nature, completely raw food can be a source of many bacteria and can make your cat sick. Freeze-dried raw food hasn’t been thermally processed, meaning it’s still raw but with pathogens removed. On the other hand, Cooked food is slightly processed but not enough to lose its nutrients.


Even though most of the companies that offer the best cat food delivery service require some kind of subscription, it’s essential that you can cancel it at any time. All the companies we’ve chosen allow that. Some companies also offer additional subscription benefits and are worth checking out.

If you don’t want to subscribe, you should look for those that have a one-time purchase option. 


If the company is close to you and offers local delivery, the food is more likely to stay fresh during delivery. However, most delivery companies will only offer shipment by delivery companies. Therefore, choosing a company that considers food safety a priority and sends its products with enough ice and insulation is a must. 

You should also be aware that most companies ship only to the continental US, as it’s impossible to guarantee that the product will stay fresh while getting to Alaska or Hawaii.


Only companies that clearly state how much you’d pay for your order should be considered. Many will try to trick you and attach additional costs, so make sure you know what you’re paying for.


How does cat food delivery work?

In short, you choose the product or meal plan you like the most, the package size and amount you want, and how often you want it delivered. Then, you wait for it to arrive.

Packing the products correctly is essential for the best cat food delivery service. So, most companies will usually pack the products with insulation to maintain the optimal temperature and/or ice packs. Then, they will ship it to you by a delivery company or a courier. 

Does the Farmer’s Dog make cat food?

No, unfortunately, they don’t. But if you have a dog, they are one of the dog delivery companies you’ll always come back to.

Does frozen fresh food have to be refrigerated?

Yes, it does. All food you receive frozen needs refrigeration to be safe for eating. We recommend keeping most of the food frozen and putting only one or two days’ worth of food in the refrigerator.

How much food should I order and how often?

Getting around 150 oz of food should be enough for a month. The recommended daily amount of wet food for an adult cat is around 4 to 5 oz, depending on the cat’s weight and activity level. The schedule depends on your preferences. Most food can be frozen for a longer time, but scheduling the delivery once or twice a month has proven ideal for most owners.

My cat won’t eat delivery food. What should I do?

Whenever you introduce new food to your pets, you should transition them. This means that you should first mix the new food with the old food and slowly reduce the amount of old food while adding more of the new food. Here’s how the transition should be done:

  • Start by giving your cat only one small scoop of the new food
  • Mix a bit more every day, and by day five, delivery food should take about 50% of your cat’s meal
  • Continue adding more of the new food until it constitutes 100% of your cat’s meal

You can always slow down, as each cat is different, and some cats might take more time adjusting to the new food.

Final Thoughts

We’ve worked hard to provide you with the best choices, and we hope you will be satisfied. These companies are the market leaders, use top-quality ingredients, and guarantee product quality. As a result, you’ll get the best deals and won’t ever have to worry about staying without your cat’s favorite food.


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