Do you want to take your cat outside for walks or just be your companion in the yard or terrace? But you’re scared for their safety if they run away? Then a harness is the solution.

We’ve done some extensive research to find the best cat harness on the market today. Read below to see our picks and why we chose them.

Do you want to take your cat outside for walks or just be your companion in the yard or terrace?…

Do you want to take your cat outside for walks or just be your companion in the yard or terrace? But you’re scared for their safety if they run away? Then a harness is the solution.

We’ve done some extensive research to find the best cat harness on the market today. Read below to see our picks and why we chose them.

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Our Top Picks for the Best Cat Harness in 2021

AllCatsGood Review
Variety of materials
Price: $$$$$
Best Cat Harness - Rabbitgoo Logo
Breathable air mesh
Easy to adjust
Bright reflective straps
Price: $$$$$
Best Cat Harness - Puppia Logo
Soft air-mesh padding
Good for larger cats
100% polyester
Price: $$$$$
Best Cat Harness - PetSafe Logo
Multiple adjustment points
Bungee leash included
Waterproof nylon
Safe harness design
Price: $$$$$
Best Cat Harness - Voyager Logo
Multiple sizes for all cats
Padded for comfort
Step-in design
Sturdy and durable
Price: $$$$$
Best Cat Harness - Mynwood Cat Jacket Logo
Discounts for returning customers
Fleece and faux suede options
Cotton velcro fabric
Price: $$$$$
Best Cat Harness - Kitty Holster Logo
100% cotton
Secured by strong velcro
Machine washable
Made in the US
Price: $$$$$
Best Cat Harness - RC Products Logo
Air mesh fabric
Fully adjustable
Visible at night
Lifetime replacement guarantee
Price: $$$$$
Best Cat Harness - PupTeck Logo
Thicker than average harness
Durable material
Price: $$$$$
Best Cat Harness - Red Dingo Logo
Strong fish clips
Minimalistic look
Soft padded leash handle for comfort
Premium nylon webbing
Price: $$$$$
Best Cat Harness - Yizhi Miaow Logo
Stylish design
Strong Magic Tape
Machine washable
Price: $$$$$

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Best Cat Harness Reviews

Cats have been domesticated for a long time, but harnessing a cat may take some trial and error until you find one your feline is willing to wear.

Now, let’s dive in and look at each of the top products in a bit more detail. Which one would be ideal for your favorite feline?

AllCatsGood Cat Harness Review

AllCatsGood Cat Harness Review

Best Designer Cat Harness

Rating: 10

  • Rating: 10
  • Sizes: Custom-made
  • Available in many colors, materials, and designs
  • Escape-proof
  • Handmade harnesses
  • Price: $$$$$

Buy From:

If you’re interested in designer clothes and want your cat to look its best, AllCatsGood harnesses are the best way to achieve that. They also offer some of the safest cat harness options on the market.

They focus on creating absolutely unique harnesses. Everybody can choose a pattern and color to their liking — you can even combine the best cat harness and leash together. 

The products are all handmade. They are made of materials such as cotton, Cordura fabric, leather, tweed, and many more. Everything is supported by a strong nylon tape, a hook, and a loop fastener.

For different products, AllCatsGood offers different sizes. 

For some, you will need to provide your cat’s measurements, while for others, you’ll choose from the offered sizes. The sizes go from XXS to 3XL, so you shouldn’t worry about it too much — you’ll definitely find the best cat harness for your cat. 

Since they are made to fit and provide safety, they can be a bit too tight for some cats until they get used to them. They can also be challenging to put on squirmy cats, for the same reason.

In general, AllCatsGood cat harnesses reviews all mentioned that the harnesses are comfortable and of high quality.


  • Creative design options
  • Some options come with a matching hat and leash
  • Strong nylon tape for support
  • A variety of sizes offered


  • Must measure and give specific measurements of your cat

Rabbitgoo Cat Harness Review

Best Cat Harness - Rabbitgoo Cat Harness Review

Best Escape Proof Cat Harness

Rating: 9.9

  • Sizes: S and XS
  • Available in nine colors
  • 59” leash set
  • Nylon strap
  • Price: $$$$$

Buy From:

Rabbitgoo is one of the most sold-out harnesses on Amazon, and there is a reason why. This harness is made of a soft, breathable air mesh material. It also features reflective strips for safety at night. 

In addition, the back metal ring prevents any pulling pressure, so your kitty’s neck will always be comfortable.

we loved about it is safety. When looking for the best cat harness, the escape–proof factor is alwOn top of all that, it is very lightweight, measuring at only 100 g (about 3.5 oz). All these features also make it a contender for the most comfortable cat harness.

The Rabbitgoo harness comes in 2 sizes, XS and S, with the following measurements:

  • XS: neck girth of 8.5”–11” and chest girth of 13.5”–16”
  • S: neck girth of 11”–13.7” and chest girth of 18”–20” 

One of the main things we loved about it is safety. When looking for the best cat harness, the escapeproof factor is always on top of the list.

This harness features four adjustable straps to allow a perfect fit and reduce the chances of your kitten slipping through it.

Most customers were satisfied with how well it fits and confirmed that their kitty could not escape. Adding the comfort factor to that, this harness is genuinely a great buy. 


  • Adjustable straps make it fit tightly
  • The padding and light weight increases comfort
  • Reflective straps make it easier to see your cat at night
  • Many buyers praised the quality of the materials


  • Some customers have reported size inconsistencies
  • You have to put it over the cat’s head, and some cats don’t like it

Puppia Cat Harness Review

Best Cat Harness - Puppia Cat Harness Review

Best Cat Harness for Large Cats

Rating: 9.8

  • Sizes: X-Small, Small, and Medium (plus 3 more sizes more suitable for dogs)
  • Available in 13 colors
  • Adjustable chest belt
  • Machine washable
  • Price: $$$$$

Buy From:

The Puppia cat harness works great for both dogs and cats, making it a very convenient choice. Plus, you shouldn’t have trouble finding the color you like, as there are 13 colors to choose from. It’s also available in six sizes:

  • XS: neck girth 7.5” and chest girth 9”–12.5”
  • S: neck girth 9.5” and chest girth 12”–18”
  • M: neck girth 12” and chest girth 16”–22”
  • 3 other sizes suitable for dogs available

We must point out that the largest sizes are for dogs (unless you have an unusually giant cat.)  But there are plenty of options for cat owners.

The Puppia is the best cat harness for large cats since finding a good fit can always be a bit more challenging with unusual sizes. 

Let’s talk about some features. The material is 100% polyester, which is water-resistant and can be machine-washed — features that definitely add to the convenience. 

What we also liked about one of the best cat harnesses at Petco are the adjustable chest belts and padded neck openings. Plus, the double-coated D-rings are resistant to humidity and dirt. Overall, this is a durable and reliable product.


  • Large sizes make it ideal for large cats
  • The adjustable chest belt makes it safer
  • Padded neck opening adds to the comfort
  • Breathable mesh material is perfect for warm weather


  • May run small, so consider ordering a size up
  • You cannot adjust the neck opening

Petsafe Come With Me Kitty Harness Review

Best Cat Harness - Petsafe Come With Me Kitty Harness Review

Best Cat Walking Harness

Rating: 10

  • Rating: 10
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large
  • Available in six colors
  • 4-foot bungee leash
  • The pressure applies to the shoulders rather than the throat
  • Price: $$$$$

The Petsafe Come With Me Kitty harness is our top choice for walking your cat and leash-training. 

What’s unique about this harness is its bungee leash. It’s a four-foot leash that can expand to six feet if needed. This feature allows some room for your cat and prevents a jerky stop if your cat pulls too hard too fast.  

Moreover, the design ensures that the pressure falls on the cat’s shoulders rather than the throat, eliminating the chance of choking. There are also two adjustment points to get a better fit for your cat.

Another advantage is that it is widely available and is one of the best cat leash and harness options available at most major pet retailers. However, we always recommend shopping directly from the manufacturer when possible.

The Come With Me Kitty cat harness comes in three sizes — S, M, and L with the following measures: 

  • S: girth measure of 9”–11”
  • M: girth measure of 10.5”–14”
  • L: girth measure of 13”–18”

This makes it very easy to find the ideal size for a snug, comfortable, and safe fit for your cat.


  • Bungee leash that prevents damage if the cat pulls suddenly too hard
  • Designed not to put pressure on the throat 
  • Widely available at most major retailers
  • Two adjustment points for a better fit


  • It might not be the best choice for escape artists
  • Some customers complained that the harness tends to get loose over time

Voyager Cat Harness Review

Best Cat Harness - Voyager Cat Harness Review

Best Step-In Harness

Rating: 9.9

  • Sizes: XXXS, XXS, XS, S, and M (Plus 2 more for large dogs)
  • Available in 20 colors
  • Specially rounded neckline for cats
  • Step-in design
  • Price: $$$$$

Buy From:

The Voyager Step-in Lock Pet harness fits both cats and small dogs. Its step-in design is unique and a great option for cats that hate putting on a harness over their head. It features a rounded neckline specially designed for cats. 

This harness consists of a breathable air mesh material that is soft, comfortable, and lightweight.

It features four adjustment sliders, strong buckles, and a heavy-duty D-ring to ensure your cat’s safety. In our opinion, this is the most comfortable inescapable cat harness.

We must point out that it comes in 20 unique color variations. So, you shouldn’t have a problem finding your favorite. Additionally, there are seven sizes, but we only recommend the smallest 3 for cats. These sizes are:

  • XXXS: neck girth of 7”9” and chest girth of 9”13”
  • XXS: neck girth of 8”10” and chest girth of 10”14”
  • XS: neck girth of 8.5”10.5” and chest girth of 11”16”
  • S: neck girth of 9.5”12” and chest girth of 13”20”
  • M: neck girth of 12”15” and chest girth of 16”24”
  • Plus 2 more large sizes for dogs

This is by far the harness with the widest variety of options in terms of both colors and sizes. When combined with the quality material and overall durability, it’s no surprise it made our list.


  • According to cat harness reviews, customers love the step-in design
  • It doesn’t hinder the pet’s movement
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Sturdy and comfortable


  • It can be a bit tricky to put on energetic cats
  • Some customers reported sizing issues

Mynwood Cat Jacket Review

Best Cat Harness - Mynwood Cat Jacket Review

Best Hand-Made Cat Harness

Rating: 9.6

  • Custom sizes
  • Available in over 30 colorful designs
  • Fleece and faux suede available
  • Full body jacket
  • Price: $$$$$

Buy From:

The Mynwood cat jacket is unique compared to most other harnesses due to it being handmade. The owner of the shop makes the jackets personally and ships them from her home in Scotland.

When looking for the best cat harness, the noescape component is on the top of the list. The material, a cotton fabric, wraps around the neck and chest with velcro strips, creating a full-body jacket. 

In addition, the harnesses are triple sewn, have secure steel fastening D-ring, and are machine washable. 

Most customers agree that it is one of the best escape-proof harnesses, but some customers noted that their escape artists were able to get out. 

Additionally, these jackets are available in fleece and faux suede materials, making them ideal for colder weather.

With these jackets being hand-made, sizing depends on your cat. The owner asks that you send photos and measurements of neck and chest girth. 

Also, keep in mind that if your cat is a Savannah or Serval, you can find a separate category on the official website just for them.

If your cat looks like one of these breeds, but you aren’t sure, a good cat DNA test can answer this question (and many more you might have).


  • Hand-made and customized
  • Repeat customers get a discount
  • Comfortable and lightweight fullbody cat harness
  • Many customers praised the quality and durability


  • Not as breathable as some other options on our list
  • Shipping could take 3–4 weeks

Kitty Holster Cat Harness Review

Best Cat Harness - Kitty Holster Cat Harness Review

Best Full Body Cat Harness.

Rating: 10

  • Sizes: X-Small, Small/Medium, Medium/Large, and X-Large 
  • Available in nine colors
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • No straps or clips
  • Price: $$$$$

Buy From:

The Kitty Holster harness is genuinely one of the best harnesses for cats you will find on the market. It’s a full-body harness that wraps around the body using wide hook-and-loop closures at the neck and using velcro around the abdomen.

The harness is 100% cotton fabric that is not dyed, so it’s easy on the skin and is ultra-lightweight for comfort. 

We should mention that there is no nylon, which can be abrasive to the skin, there are no clips that can hurt the cat. There are also no difficult-to-fasten snaps. So, putting it on and taking it off is a breeze.

That being said, the velcro section is quite large. This means that you should be extra careful if you have a long-haired cat. You may catch its coat in the velcro.

Most Kitty Holster cat harness reviews rave about how escape-proof it is. In short, the harness offers a very tight yet comfortable fit, which is a perfect combination for the ideal harness. 

The harness comes in four sizes, XS, S/M, M/L, and XL, with the following measurements: 

  • XS: neck girth of 5″–9″   and chest girth of 10″–14″ 
  • S/M: neck girth of 9″–12″ and chest girth of 13″–17″ 
  • M/L: neck girth of 10″–13″ and chest girth of 16″–20″ 
  • XL: neck girth of 11″–15″ and chest girth of 19″–23″

As this harness is made for cats, even the large sizes are cat-specific. Just make sure you measure your cat carefully to make sure you get the right one. 


  • Strong velcro makes the harness very secure
  • Award-winning harness
  • 100% undyed cotton material
  • US-made


  • Some Kitty Holster reviews state it runs big, especially around the neck
  • Velcro sounds might scare some cats

RC Products Adventure Kitty Harness Review

Best Cat Harness - RC Products Adventure Kitty Harness Review

Best Cat Harness for Hiking

Rating: 9.8

  • Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large 
  • Available in three colors
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Adjustable neck and waist webbing
  • Price: $$$$$

Buy From:

Many people love hiking and taking long walks outside with their cats. But sometimes, this is a hassle, as the wrong harness can hurt or let your kitty escape. The RC Adventure Kitty’s design is made with that in mind.

This harness features air-mesh fabric for comfort and breathability while out hiking. It also features an adjustable neck and waist webbing for a more secure fit, ensuring your cat won’t escape.

Aside from hiking, we think this is the best cat harness for traveling as well. 

Additionally, this harness features reflective binding for visibility and safety. Unlike other harnesses, the Adventure kitty comes with a leash secured with a nickel D-ring. 

Lastly, the harness comes in three colors and three sizes — S, M, and L. 

  • S: neck girth of 8”–11” and chest girth of 11”–15”
  • M: neck girth of 10”–15” and chest girth of 13”–18”
  • L: neck girth of 12”–17” and chest girth of 15”–22”

We need to mention the company’s incredible lifetime replacement guarantee. All you have to do is fill out a form on their website. Just keep in mind that misused, outgrown, or lost items do not qualify.


  • Safest cat harness for hiking 
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Reflective binding keeps your cat safe at night
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • Some customers wished for a neck buckle so it would be easier to put on and take off
  • Some customers’ cats got stuck in it

PupTeck Cat Harness Review

Best Cat Harness - PupTeck Cat Harness Review

Most Affordable Cat Harness

Rating: 9.8

  • Size: 7”–10” neck and 10”–17” chest
  • Available in 13 colors
  • Includes a 47.2” lead
  • Easy to put
  • Adjustable
  • Price: $$$$$

Buy From:

The PupTeck cat harness is a flexible “H” style harness. It fits around your cat’s neck and back, and it locks with durable snap-on buckles and makes it very easy to put on and off, which is always a plus, especially with some cats.

The material is durable nylon, thicker than many other similar harnesses, making it more resistant to wear and tear. Also, it will not rub against your kitty’s skin. 

We put this harness on our list because it’s the best harness for cats if you’re looking for a more affordable option. With a price of only $9.99, you get a great deal for little money.

In terms of size, unfortunately, the PupTeck harness comes in one size with a neck girth of 7”–10” and chest girth of 10”–17”.

It’s adjustable, so that fact should not steer you away from it, as most cat harness reviews for this product state that it fits well different sizes of cats, from 6 lb to 14 lb. 


  • The most affordable harness on our list
  • The harness is double the thickness of some other companies
  • Nylon design is lightweight yet very durable
  • Easy to put on with snap buckles


  • One size might not fit all cats
  • Not adjustable between the neck and chest straps

Red Dingo Classic Cat Harness Review

Best Cat Harness - Red Dingo Classic Cat Harness Review

Best Cat Harness and Leash for Minimalists

Rating: 9.9

  • Size: 8.3–13.8” neck and 10.6–18.9” chest
  • Includes a 4-foot leash
  • Available in four colors
  • Soft-padded handle
  • Quality nylon webbing
  • Price: $$$$$

Buy From:

The Red Dingo classic harness is a perfect example of a simple, minimalist look that many people love.

It weighs less than an ounce, and the straps are thin. The material is a quality nylon webbing, with splice cut ends for comfort, a soft-padded handle, and fish clips. 

Walking cats on leashes can be a nightmare for many owners, but many Red Dingo reviewers expressed positive experiences with their cats wearing this harness. It’s effortless to put on, and most cats do not fight back or try to escape. 

All these features make it a genuinely inescapable cat harness, an attribute that many seek. It’s fully adjustable so that it can fit cats of various sizes.

The harness comes in one adjustable size with a neck girth of 8.3”–13.8” and chest girth of 10.6”–18.9.”

It’s pretty obvious why we loved this harness. It provides cat owners everything they need. Plus, as it’s adjustable, there’s no need for experimentation with the sizes. 

Overall, a fantastic option, though some have opted to replace the leash it comes with as it was too short for them.


  • Lightweight and the thin strips make it very comfortable
  • Customers love the minimalist look
  • Fade-proof nylon webbing material
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • Some reviewers wished the leash was a bit longer
  • The middle strap tends to slide sideways if not adjusted well

Yizhi Miaow Cat Harness Review

Best Cat Harness - Yizhi Miaow Cat Harness Review

Most Stylish Cat Harness

Rating: 9.7

  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL 
  • Available in 10 color schemes
  • Durable and robust magic tape
  • Padded harness
  • Price: $$$$$

Buy From:

The Yizhi Miaow is the best cat harness if you’re looking for style. There are ten colors and designs to choose from, including plaid, camo, and polka dots. It’s definitely a conversation starter.

The harness features a comfortable material and Magic Tape, a velcro type of fastener. This makes it very secure. However, it also means that your cat might get a bit annoyed if your carpets or blankets get caught by the free velcro. 

Pets feel very comfortable wearing it, according to the cat harness reviews we’ve read. Of course, there are always some that may not be fans of the sound, but knowing your kitty is a part of the whole experience.

There are four available sizes — XS, S, M, L, and XL. Below are the exact measurements:

  • XS: neck girth of 6”–7.5” and chest girth of 8”–10”
  • S: neck girth 6”–7.5” and chest girth of 9”–11”
  • M: neck girth of 7”–8.5” and chest girth of 11”–13”
  • L: neck girth of 7”–10” and chest girth of 13”–16”
  • XL: neck girth of 7.5”–10.5” and chest girth of 15”–18”

We should point out that many reviewers have suggested ordering a larger size for a better fit, as some cats might feel a bit confined in this inescapable cat harness, especially if they’ve never worn a vest before.


  • Sturdy and easy to adjust
  • Plenty of different stylish designs, such as plaid or polka dot
  • The Magic Tape is powerful
  • The padded full-body harness is very comfortable


  • May need to order a size bigger
  • Some cats might not like full-body jackets and the tight fit

How We Selected The Best Cat Harnesses

So how did we determine what the best harness for a cat is? We have done thorough research, tested and gone over hundreds of reviews to deliver harnesses that we think are the best using the following criteria:

Being Escape-Proof

The best escapeproof cat harness is often the first thing cat owners search for, and there is a reason. We all know that cats are very independent and want to do things their way.

However, if they spend most of their time indoors, they don’t know the dangers of the outside world.

With that in mind, we’ve researched and selected only the harnesses that are more likely to keep your cat safe. 

Customer Reviews

When it comes to cat harnesses, reviews are among the most critical factors for choosing the best harness.

We’ve gone through hundreds of reviews to deliver what we think are the best choices. We only picked those options that were loved by the majority of buyers — and their cats, of course.

We did find that some cat owners first gave their cat some CBD oil to calm them down, and then tried putting on the harness. This is especially helpful if it’s the first time you are testing harnesses.


You can’t put a price on love and care, but it still doesn’t mean you have to break the bank for your pet. All of the harnesses on our list are chosen with their price in mind.

So, you will find harnesses for different budgets and still get the best price vs. quality ratio.

Quality of Material and Special Features

Almost all of the best cat harness reviews mention the quality of the material. It is one of the essential features.

We looked into the type of material, thickness, and comfort. We also looked into other parts, such as clips, snaps, and different kinds of fasteners, including velcro.

We’ve also searched for other features, such as harness types — like fullbody cat harness, H harness, and step-in harness.

A Buyer’s Guide for Selecting the Best Cat Harness

Looking for a harness for your kitty is not an easy task. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Our buyer’s guide will go over some features and items that need to be on your checklist when selecting the best harness for your pet.

Know Your Cat’s Behavior

First of all, you need to know your cat and its behavior to select the best cat harness and leash. What do we mean by this? 

You must know if your cat is an escape artist.

Also, has it had any experience with harnesses or collars in the past? Does your cat tolerate it? And is it scared of the velcro, for example? Would it try to run away the moment it steps outside?

If your cat has no experience with harnesses, researching how to harnesstrain your cat is also a good idea. It can help your cat get used to the whole idea faster, and it can reduce the chances of your cat overreacting to the harness or leash.

Know Why You Need It 

Different harnesses serve different purposes. For example, the RC Products Adventure Kitty harness is best for hiking and longer outdoor walks. Some others would be more suitable for shorter explorations.

Furthermore, if you have an active cat who is just learning about the outdoor world, you might want to look for an option that prevents and helps against pulling, like the Come With Me Kitty harness and bungee leash.

Choose the Right Size

If you’re wondering how to choose the right size for your cat, you should first measure your cat’s neck and chest girth. All top harnesses have sizing charts. 

The best type of cat harness is the one that fits perfectly. It shouldn’t be loose, as that would allow your cat to escape from it. However, it shouldn’t be too tight either, as it would be uncomfortable and probably hinder your cat’s movement.

If your cat isn’t fully grown, you can refer to our list of cat breeds and get an idea of its size fully grown so you can find a product that won’t need replacing within a few months.

Finding the Most Comfortable Cat Harness

Last but not least is the comfort factor. A harness can fit perfectly and prevent your cat from escaping, but it’s still not good enough if it’s not comfortable. 

When researching, look into the material. Many of the top harnesses feature breathable air mesh that is very comfortable. It’s also lightweight so that the harness wouldn’t be a burden to your cat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are harnesses good for cats?

The short answer is yes. You need a harness if you want to take your cat outside and provide it with some much-needed exercise. The harness will keep your kitty safe while it explores.

After all, cats are very independent animals, and most of them will take the first opportunity they get to run away, exposing themselves to the outside dangers. A good harness will keep your cat close to you and prevent any accidents.

What is the best kind of cat harness?

The best kind of harness for your cat is one that is the perfect balance between comfort, safety, and your budget. As cats are escape artists, there is no short answer to this question. There are multiple factors you want to keep in mind, such as:

  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Being escape-proof
  • Price
  • Quality and features

Every cat is different, and one size can’t fit all, so it all depends on your pet’s needs. 

How to measure a cat for a harness?

The easiest way to measure a cat for a harness is to use a long measuring tape (better known as a seamstress measuring tape).

The other option is to use a string to measure its chest and neck girth (circumference) and then putting the string length against a regular measuring tape.

Once you have these numbers, you can use the size charts and information on the different harnesses to determine the best fit for your cat. Too big, and it can escape, too small, and it could be uncomfortable or even dangerous.

How long does it take for a cat to get used to a harness?

It could take anywhere from a week to never. If you own a cat, you know well enough that there are just some things they refuse, and no coaxing could even make it do something it doesn’t want to do.

With that said, some cats don’t mind harnesses and will wear them from the moment you put one on them without problems. Others might require a few walks to get used to it. 

However, there are ways to make that process easier and more successful. 

For example, if you get a cat subscription box with new treats and toys regularly, you can use these new exciting gifts for your cat to distract it and entice it with while wearing the harness.

This way, it associates wearing one with a good experience.

Is there an escape-proof cat harness?

Being escape-proof is one of the most critical factors for harnesses. It’s essentially why most people get a harness in the first place. 

While we’ve chosen our escape-proof options, no harness is ever 100% safe. There will always be some escape-artist cat that will figure out how to get out of it.


With over 40 million cats in households across the US, it’s perfectly understandable that people simply love cats. This also means we want to take them everywhere we go.

With our guide, you will be better educated in finding the best cat harness to fit your and your cat’s needs, all the while ensuring its safety. 

We’ve spent many hours of research, so you don’t have to, and we are confident that you will find the harness that suits your kitty just right.

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