Best Cat Water Fountains: Keep Your Kitty Hydrated With Our 8 Picks

Shopping for the best cat water fountain? We’ve got you covered!

Drinking enough water is essential for good health. That doesn’t only apply to just humans but animals, as well. Just like people, pets sometimes need a little encouragement in that department, and water fountains can help.

Our Top 8 Water Fountain Picks

  1. Laika Pets Aqua Cat Water Fountain [from $45.98]
  2. Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain [from $54.95]
  3. Drinkwell Avalon Pet Fountain [from $79.95]
  4. Cat Mate Plastic 3-Level Fountain [from $29.99]
  5. Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Fountain [from $22.39]
  6. Toozey Cat Fountain [from $25.99]
  7. Pioneer Raindrop Design Fountain [from $44.99]
  8. Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Fountain [from $76.95]

There are many different sellers and types of water fountains out there. Hopefully, our reviews will help you pick one for your pet.

Laika Aqua Ultra-Quiet Cat Water Fountain

Cat drinking from Laika Pets Aqua Cat Water Fountain Why we love it: It’s Quiet
Water capacity: 91oz
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 10.2in x 7in x 6.9in
Color: White
Power source: Corded electric

Shop on Laika for $45.98
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Laika’s product is an electric cat water fountain. Of course, its circuit and water tank are completely isolated, and the charging cable has an anti-bite function. The fountain simulates a natural water flow. They emphasize that it’s ultra-quiet (<29 dB), and after testing it ourselves, we confirm that you can barely hear it.

The water capacity should be enough for about ten days. That’s convenient if you need to take a short trip, as you won’t need to worry about your pet sitter forgetting to replenish your pet’s water bowl. Plus, it’s just convenient!

Thanks to a quadruple filter cover, there’ll be no dirt in the water. Laika offers the product with 2, 5, 8, 11, and 32-pack filters, so the price on their website ranges between $39.99 and $154.99, depending on how many filters you want. Just keep in mind that filters need replacement every 2-4 weeks and can be purchased separately as well.

The fountain also features UV germicidal light, as well as LED lights. The latter can’t be turned off, which is somewhat of a minus, but most users say it’s not bright enough to disturb sleep. In fact, it’s a great indicator of where the fountain is in the dark, without affecting your eyesight at night.

Another thing making it a top choice is a light system that’ll notify you when the filter element needs to be replaced, or water needs to be added. This is especially useful since the big capacity allows for longer use and possibly forgetting when you last changed the filter or replaced the water.

Moreover, there are two modes. In the normal circulation mode, the water flows throughout the day, and the lamp works for 30 minutes every four hours. In the other mode, the water flows for one minute at intervals of five minutes, and the lamp works every four hours for 15 minutes.

If you order this drinking fountain for cats and dogs from Laika, you get free shipping. When it comes to Amazon, the shipping fee depends on your country.


+ Ultra-quiet motor
+ Easy to assemble and clean
+ High water capacity
+ Two operating modes


– LED lights can’t be turned off

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

Cat drinking from Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain Why we love it: Durability
Water capacity: 68oz
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 10.5in x 15.75in x 10in
Color: White/Gray
Power source: Corded electric

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This fountain is another terrific product with lots of positive customer feedback. They all underscore how durable it is—you can use it for years, provided that you take good care of it. It’s also perhaps one of the oldest pet fountain models that have continued to be the go-to option for cat owners.

The fountain has a free-falling water stream that can be adjusted, so even the timidest pets will like it. As for the capacity, there’s water for several days, and even multiple pets can use it. The water constantly circulates, preventing bacteria growth. Also, there’s a plastic pre-filter and a carbon filter. They need replacement every week or two, which is frequent, but they’re rather affordable, so it’s not that big of an issue.

The fountain is quiet thanks to the receiving ramp. However, there will be some noise when the water is low. That’s also how you’ll know it’s time to refill the reservoir. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your pet spilling the water because there’s a snap-on lid, but pushing the fountain over requires a lot of power as it’s very stable.

Disassembling it is a piece of cake. However, some folks say the cleaning process is a bit tedious, requiring several things like a small brush, paper towels, Q-tips, etc. This is mainly due to the small crevices, however, you can also throw everything (except for the pump) in the dishwasher for easier and faster results.

On the upside, if you do it regularly, cleaning won’t take that much effort. Just don’t forget that the pump must be hand-washed. Pet owners also like that their pets can always access the water bowl at the bottom, which is a big perk in case of a power outage. Plus, cats absolutely love how it imitates a running faucet.


+ Extremely durable
+ Adjustable water steam
+ Affordable filters
+ Open-bowl concept


– Not very easy to clean if you don’t have a dishwasher

Drinkwell Avalon Pet Fountain

Cat drinking from the Drinkwell Avalon Pet Fountain Why we love it: Dual-stream
Water capacity: 70oz
Material: Ceramic
Dimensions: 12.25in x 12.25in x 8.3in
Color: White
Power source: Corded electric

Shop on PetSafe for $79.95
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There are many fantastic Drinkwell fountains, so we had to include another one. This one also employs an open-bowl concept, which is very convenient in case of a power outage. It’s a great choice for homes with cats or small to medium dogs.

The dual falling water streams flowing in opposite directions allow two pets to drink from it simultaneously. While the motor is quiet, the water sounds are somewhat louder, but judging from customer feedback, it’s not too distracting. The water is clean thanks to a foam pre-filter and a carbon filter removing bad taste, pet hair, drool, etc. The pump makes the water circulate to prevent bacteria growth.

According to some users, the assembly seems a bit complicated, but if you follow the instructions closely, there shouldn’t be any problems. Similarly, cleaning can be quite a chore, but it’s manageable. The filters should be changed every 2–4 weeks.

Another advantage—this is a ceramic cat water fountain. It’s the best way to keep the water cool. Just keep in mind that ceramic fountains are more slippery than plastic ones when wet, so be careful when cleaning yours. Like the brand’s other fountains, this one’s rather durable. If maintained properly, it’ll last for years.

We must mention, however, that quite a few pet owners have reported pump failure after some time. It can be replaced, so it’s not a deal-breaker, but we believe you should be aware of it.


+ Dual water falling streams
+ Ideal for pets allergic to plastic
+ Open-bowl concept
+ Appealing design


– The pump could be a bit more durable

Cat Mate Plastic 3-Level Fountain

Cat drinking from Cat Mate Plastic 3-Level Fountain Why we love it: For multiple pets
Water capacity: 67.6oz
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 10.1in x 8.5in x 7in
Color: White
Power source: Corded electric

Shop on Amazon for $29.99
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This product secured its spot on our list for several reasons. To begin with, it features multi-height drinking stations suitable for multiple pets of all sizes. The water’s hygienic because of the polymer-carbon filter. Most folks change it once a month and emphasize that these filters are pretty affordable. If several pets use it, though, you may need to replace the filter more regularly.

There’s no reservoir of any kind—you simply pour water into the Cat Mate fountain, and it’ll circulate. The flow speed is adjustable—you can do that by using an adjustment dial in the pump. Some users don’t like having to disassemble the fountain to do this, though.

Furthermore, there’s a ramp that helps reduce water splashing. Thanks to the Isolated Pump System (I.P.S.), the fountain is quiet, a crucial quality for many pet owners. If it starts to get louder, take it as a sign it’s time for cleaning. Many pet owners who’ve tried different fountains say this one’s far easier to clean than any other. You just need a small bottle brush for the filter, while the plastic parts can go in the dishwasher.

It can last for years. Compared to some other products on this list, it’s considerably cheaper, so you might not expect it to be as durable, but it is.

That being said, certain users have complained about pump failure, but in some cases, it just had to be cleaned more thoroughly to work properly again. The pump has a one-year warranty, which isn’t that long, but it’s a good offer in case it breaks quickly and cleaning it doesn’t help.


+ Multiple stream levels
+ Quiet and splash-free
+ Very easy to clean
+ Affordable


– Must be disassembled to adjust flow speed

Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Fountain

Cat drinking from the Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Fountain Why we love it: Adjustable flow speeds
Water capacity: 100oz
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 9in x 9in x 8.3in
Color: Green, white, and yellow combo
Power source: Electric corded

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The Catit flower water fountain for cats and dogs is an excellent remedy for picky drinkers. Other fountains may also have adjustable flow speeds, but this one’s perfected it—a gentle flow, a bubbling top, or a calm, faucet-like stream. In any case, it’s almost completely silent.

When the bubbling top mode is on, you can remove and reattach the flower to adjust the flow. There’s no bowl for the water to pool in, which may be inconvenient in case the power goes out. However, this way, it’s harder for dirt to settle in. The water also remains clean because of a filter eliminating unwanted particles.

The product is made of plastic, but it’s polypropylene—a soft, flexible type considered safer than other plastics. Plus, this water fountain has the biggest capacity out of all the options we have for you. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned if you have to leave your pet(s) alone for a somewhat longer period.

It should be fairly easy to take apart and clean. The process takes around ten minutes, and once a week should suffice. The filter requires replacement every 3-4 weeks. It may happen more frequently with multiple pets. Most users consider these filters inexpensive, which we think should be the case with the best cat fountains.

As for downsides, some people say the cord is shorter than they expected, but you can always use an extension cord. In addition, the fountain is rather lightweight when the water is low, so larger pets could probably knock it over. Some users also wished they could buy the pump separately, as there’s no way to replace it once the warranty expires.


+ Designed for picky drinkers
+ Three different flow settings
+ Easy to clean
+ Large water capacity


– Power cord on the shorter side

Toozey Cat Water Fountain

Cat drinking from the Toozey Cat Water Fountain Why we love it: Easy to clean
Water capacity: 67.6oz
Material: Resin
Dimensions: 8.46in x 8.15in x 5.2in
Color: Blue and white combo
Power source: Electric corded

Shop on Amazon for $25.99
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This is another super quiet (<30 dB) cat water dispenser that many pets are crazy about. As usually is the case, it gets louder once the water level is low, but that’s simply a sign you need to refill it.

Toozey’s fountain is a smart choice if you have picky drinkers since there are four flow modes. The capacity is around average compared to other products we listed. Thanks to the transparent water level window, you can check how much water’s left.

The filter’s also standard, working to remove calcium, magnesium, debris, and odors from the water. On average, it needs replacement every 2-4 weeks. Additionally, this is a top choice because it comes with three replaceable filters, two cleaning brushes, one pre-filter sponge, one pump, one adapter, and one exquisite box.

So many users swear the cleaning process is easy, primarily because of the brushes mentioned, letting you get to all the nooks and crannies. Once you’re done, you’ll have no problems putting the fountain back together. However, customers have noted that some cats manage to knock over this fountain if the water level is low, so be careful about that.


+ Four flow modes
+ Has water-level window
+ Comes with cleaning tools
+ Producer ships it fast


– Larger pets may knock it over when the water is low

Pioneer Raindrop Design Fountain

Cat drinking from the Pioneer Raindrop Design Fountain Why we love it: Energy efficient
Water capacity: 60oz
Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 11.75in x 9.75in x 4.75in
Color: Silver
Power source: Electric corded

Shop on Amazon for $44.99
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We had to include a stainless steel cat water fountain because this material’s known to be resistant to corrosion and scratches. It’s durable and hygienic, which are essential qualities when it comes to pet fountains.

The filter casing and the pump are plastic, but that shouldn’t cause plastic-related health issues. The water will remain cool, but maybe not for as long as it would in ceramic fountains. Feel free to add some ice on hot summer days.

This is a vet-recommended cat water fountain, which isn’t surprising given the aforementioned characteristics. The circulating water system is very inviting. The charcoal filter is designed to ensure clean water, but some pet owners say it could be more tightly sealed. This way, it requires frequent cleaning. On the upper hand, the fountain is durable if maintained properly. Cleaning and reassembling is easy, but we admit it’s inconvenient having to remove the electric cord every time.

Also, don’t forget to clean the motor because otherwise, the fountain gets loud. Apart from that case, there’s no noise, not even when the pump is set on high. Moreover, some folks underline that the pump uses about $0.26 of electricity per month, so energy efficiency is another plus.

What’s more, we consider this the best stainless steel cat water fountain because of its cost-effectiveness. Stainless steel fountains tend to be expensive, but this one’s affordable, especially considering all the benefits and numerous positive comments.

While customers sometimes complain about fountains having cords that are too short, we noticed that this fountain has a very long one, so it may be difficult to hide (for aesthetic purposes mostly).


+ Vet-recommended product
+ Simple maintenance
+ Energy efficient
+ Attractive design


– The charcoal filter could be better designed

Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Fountain

Cat drinking from the Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain Why we love it: Suitable for senior pets
Water capacity: 70oz
Material: Ceramic
Dimensions: 12.3in x 8.4in x 10.6in
Color: White, red, taupe, Himalayan blue
Power source: Electric corded

Buy on PetSafe for $76.95
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This is an exceptional drinking fountain for cats, especially for senior cats or those with some health issues. The height of the upper bowl doesn’t require them to lower their head much, and since there’s also a lower dish, multiple pets can use the product.

The bowls are accessible at all times, so even if your home loses power, your pet(s) will have water. On top of that, there are four color options, for those looking to fit them into their home design. The capacity is similar to most fountains we listed, ideal for cats and small to medium-sized dogs. Because this is ceramic, it’s suitable for pets allergic to plastic or prone to acne.

Ceramic is notably easier to clean than plastic, but make sure to hold it tight when cleaning. The instructions are perfectly clear, so the Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain is easy to take apart and clean一not just the dishes, but the pump too. However, cleaning can be a bit tricky due to the fountain’s weight, though. On the upside, it means that it’s unlikely to be tipped over by your cats, even if they are bigger.

The fountain has a foam pre-filter and a carbon, coconut shell filter, eliminating pet hair, debris, odors, and so on. You should change the foam filter every 1-2 months, while the carbon filter needs replacement every 2-4 weeks.

Some pet owners note it’s not exactly the quietest pet fountain, though. The motor’s silent, but you can hear the water. It isn’t unbearably loud, and some people even find it relaxing. Nonetheless, if you think it might be bothersome, look at other products from our list.


+ Double water streams
+ Open-bowl concept
+ Comes in four colors
+ Perfect for pets allergic to plastic


– Not the quietest fountain

How We Picked the Best Cat Water Fountain

If your pet doesn’t consume much water, you shouldn’t ignore it. Our four-legged friends need to drink water regularly to avoid dehydration, get energized, and have good digestion.

We’ve previously talked about spill-proof dog bowls, but many pets actually prefer a running water source—and drinking fountains are an amazing option. Keep reading to see our main criteria for selecting the best water fountains for cats that dogs would enjoy too.


Depending on the size of your cat, they require different daily water intakes, which is something to keep in mind when seeking a fountain. Also, if you have multiple pets, you probably want a larger one or at least one with several streams. Preparing these reviews, we tried not to go under a 2-liter capacity (around 68 oz) because the smaller the reservoir, the more often you need to refill it.


All these fountains have some sort of filter to make sure the water is as clean and safe as possible. Naturally, filters need to be replaced from time to time, usually once or twice a month. For that reason, we mainly looked for water fountains with affordable filters.

Ease of Cleaning

If you want the water bowl fountain to serve you for years and work smoothly, cleaning it regularly is a must. It’s not the most fun task, but it’s the only way to prevent the product from malfunctioning too soon.

Since this is a frequent chore, we focused on fountains that won’t give you a headache. That means they’re relatively easy to take apart and put back together. All the parts can usually be washed in a dishwasher. It’s just the pump that needs to be cleaned separately with brushes.


When we say “design,” we refer to both your pet’s needs and aesthetic matters.

As we already pointed out, if you have several pets, fountains with several streams or 360-degree bowls are the way to go. If you have a senior pet, you want a fountain with a bowl placed somewhat higher. For example, older pets are prone to arthritis, so why not make their lives a bit easier?

Most toprated cat water fountains are made to be neutral visually so as to fit in any household. Still, they come in different shapes and colors, and some may fit your home style better than others.


As with any other product, it’s pretty important to check if other customers are happy. That’s why we suggest reading cat fountains reviews online. That’s the best way to see all the pros and cons. Keep in mind that pets have their personal preferences just like us humans; if someone claims their pet dislikes a certain fountain, it doesn’t mean the product is terrible. On the other hand, if people note frequent pump failures, leakage, and so forth, you should take it seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Fountains for Pets

Do cats and dogs like water fountains?

Most of them do! As explained earlier, animals love running water for several reasons, some of which include their natural instinct and the comfort of drinking without having to move their whiskers out of the way.

What material is best for a cat water fountain?

Experts say that stainless steel is the best. That’s primarily because of how durable, sturdy, and hygienic it is. Ceramic fountains are also quite good, but they have some drawbacks like potential bacteria absorption. Plastic ones are probably the least favorable, but if you clean them regularly, you may experience no issues at all.

Can water fountains make cats sick?

It can happen if your pet is allergic to plastic, for example. In this case, you should simply avoid that material. Other than that, as we emphasized many times, if you clean your fountain frequently and properly, it won’t harm your pet.

Do vets recommend water fountains?

Gathering info for this article, we read tons of comments from people who’d bought different kinds of fountains. Many of them explained that they got the idea from their veterinarian, so it’s evident that some vets see it as a good way to encourage pets to drink more water.

Do cat water fountains need filters?

We believe they do because that’s the best way to eliminate unwanted particles. Pet water fountains can work without filters, but that means you’d have to clean the pump much more often.

Key Takeaways

Now that you know how useful water fountains can be, do you think you’ll get one for your pet? We also think it’s a great gift idea in addition to various other presents you can give a pet owner.

We worked hard to help you find the best cat water fountain, so hopefully, you’re ready to make that purchase and treat your pet!

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