Best Dog Food Delivery Services in 2022 (Reviews & Guide)

If you’re seeking the best dog food delivery service out there, you should know that the answer largely depends on your doggo’s individual needs. You’ll be happy to know we gathered all the relevant information and are ready to provide you with top-notch recommendations.

Let’s dive right in!

Quick Glance at Our Top Choices

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Editor's Pick

  • Lots of different products
  • Incredible range of flavors
  • DIY kits available
  • Free delivery for auto-ships

Sundays for Dogs

Best Dry Food Option

  • Free shipping in all of USA
  • Stays fresh longer
  • Easy to serve
  • Dogs adore the taste

Hungry Bark

Biggest Variety of Custom Options

  • Re-seal lock
  • Vet-approved meals
  • Variety of custom options
  • Full custom meal plan


Best Fresh Food Option

  • Free shipping
  • Tons of healthy ingredients
  • Convenient packaging
  • Great healthy options

The Farmer's Dog

Best Human-Grade Food Option

  • Entirely custom meal
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Offers DIY nutrient mix
  • USDA human-grade & natural

Just Right Pet Food

Best Option for Sensitive Stomachs

  • Highly customizable
  • Numerous health benefits
  • Zipper seal keeps it fresh
  • Free shipping

Chippin Pet

Best Eco-Friendly Option

  • Low carbon footprint
  • Variety of delicious options
  • Transparent ingredient sourcing
  • Vet-developed and supported


Best for Picky Eaters

  • Meal and Topper plan options
  • Fresh-cooked meals
  • Flash frozen to preserve freshness
  • Variety of delicious options

Nom Nom

  • Ideal for sensitive stomachs
  • Long-term results if used regularly
  • Great for weight control
  • Exceeds AAFCO standards

Bixbi Pet

Best Freeze-Dried Option

  • Widest array of products
  • Sample package available
  • Grain and gluten-free options
  • Third-party tested

Bonus: Cooper’s Treats

Best DIY Treats Delivery

  • Fun baking process
  • You can be creative with shapes
  • Quick delivery
  • Deluxe Box is a great present idea


The Best Dog Food Delivery Services in Detail

Pet owners are known to want nothing but the best for their little companions. We’re here to make the search for phenomenal dog food delivery services easier for you. We’ll tell you all about dog food subscription prices, the shipping process, pros & cons, and more.


star 10

Editor's Pick

  • Founded in: 2010
  • Product categories: Fresh frozen food, whole fresh food, vet-prescribed food, DIY kits, treats, vitamins, and supplements
  • Shipping time: 5-7 business days
  • Standard shipping fee: $10.00

JustFoodForDogs has been around for quite a while. Its customers are vocal about why it’s a marvelous pet food delivery service. To start with, the range of products is fantastic. Let’s look at all the options.

The fresh frozen food category involves daily meals for dogs. These contain human-edible ingredients, and the flavor combos are versatile (chicken and white rice, fish and sweet potato, and others). Furthermore, the name suggests that the fresh whole food category means whole food ingredients. Once again, there are many great flavors. Also, these products can stay on the shelf for up to two years, so feel free to stock up!

To complement a whole food diet, the seller suggests adding vitamins and supplements like probiotics or allergy care products. JustFoodForDogs also offers products that require vet prescription – meals providing hepatic support, critical care support, etc.

Dog treats are available, as well. Most of them are meat flavored (chicken, salmon, beef…), but pumpkin treats are also there. As expected, these products typically come in several sizes. You can use the Feeding Calculator to enter some basic things about your pup and determine how much you should feed them.

Consider ordering DIY kits if you want to make meals in your kitchen. If you’re concerned about doing it yourself, you’ll be glad to know this comes with a DIY cooking guide. The kit includes the basic ingredients, but you’ll need to buy additional ones yourself.

To get a custom feeding plan, you need to fill out a questionnaire and send your pet’s latest medical records. The company’s experts will then design a special diet. This service requires a one-time formulation fee worth $250. The flat rate shipping fee concerning (non-auto-ship) orders is $10. 

On the other hand, all auto-ship options include free shipping. So if you go with this service, you’ll receive 35% off the first order and 5% off recurring auto-ship orders. The offered frequencies range between every week and every eight weeks. If you live locally, JustFoodForDogs can offer dog food home delivery. In that case, orders worth over $100 are delivered for free. If that’s not the case, you’ll need to set aside $9.99.

Finally, you can purchase online and pick up the chosen products in a store at JustFoodForDogs kitchen and pantry locations. If you end up not unhappy with your first purchase (which we believe is unlikely), the company will give you a full refund. However, that doesn’t apply to shipping and/or delivery fees. To contact the JustFoodForDogs team, customers may use a form on the Contact Us page or the telephone number. 

We value that these meals and treats boost immune system health. In addition, your pet will be full of energy thanks to the natural ingredients and the absence of preservatives or additives. The potential disadvantage is that this isn’t exactly the most affordable dog food subscription. Still, it’s worth paying more if your dog likes the food and exhibits health improvements.


  • + Lots of different products
  • + Incredible range of flavors
  • + DIY kits available
  • + Free delivery for auto-ships


  • On the pricier side

Sundays for Dogs

star 10

Best Dry Food Option

  • Founded: 2020
  • Product categories: Dry food
  • Shipping time: Depends on location
  • Standard shipping fee: Free

Sundays Food for Dogs is a relatively new company. However, it was founded by a vet and an engineer, so we’re confident that they came up with the best recipe possible. The numerous five-star reviews on the brand’s website confirm it.

Their product is called USDA Beef Recipe. It comes in three sizes:

  • Regular (40 oz)
  • Medium (72 oz)
  • Large (144 oz)

It contains top-notch ingredients such as quinoa, selenium yeast, ginger, and more. There’s nothing artificial in it. Also, the ingredients list doesn’t feature chicken or dairy, which are rather common allergens.

The food is gently air-dried to preserve the nutrients and the flavor while eliminating germs. The taste and the texture are similar to jerky, and even picky eaters are crazy about it. It smells delicious, and you’ll notice your dog’s looking forward to this treat-like taste!

The seller likes to point out how easy it is to serve this product. You just pour it into a bowl! Unlike other human-grade foods, there’s no fridge, prep, or clean-up required.  Before opening, the food should stay fresh for about 12 months. Once opened, it’s good for some six weeks unless stored in warm and humid conditions. 

If you aren’t sure how much your dog needs, feel free to use the feeding calculator on the Sundays website. Once you answer a few questions about your pet, you’ll get a feeding suggestion. As for health benefits, Sundays Food for Dogs is good for sensitive stomachs, joint health, smooth digestion, and shiny coats. Some dog owners even say their pets are more energetic.

Another wonderful piece of information: shipping is free! In addition, if you decide to subscribe, you get a discount from $75 to $59. You can order 1-3 boxes every 1-8 weeks. There’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but you should know it refers only to your trial box. The trial period is two weeks, refundable within 14 days of delivery. If you aren’t satisfied, the company will cancel your subscription and refund your trial order (no return needed).

Those who subscribe instead of making a one-time purchase can expect their order 2-5 business days after receiving a tracking email. If you need your food soon, you can reach out to the customer support staff via live chat, email, phone calls, and text messages. Feel free to turn to the staff for other requests and dilemmas since they’re all friendly and helpful.

If you’re wondering about potential downsides, there’s really nothing to worry about. According to some customer feedback, there used to be a slight issue with the packaging. Still, newer comments indicate that it’s been tackled. 

We’d only point out that some customers with smaller dogs wish the chunks of food were smaller. Of course, the chunks are easy to break into smaller pieces, but we understand the complaint. Also, it would be nice to see flavors other than beef, but that’s something the company is working on, so stay tuned for that!

Sundays For Dogs - Ron TesterUpdate: Our team got the opportunity to test out Sundays, and our lovely tester absolutely adored the food! Ron, a young Border Collie, got a chance to do a sniff and taste test of their Chicken Recipe, and he couldn’t get enough of it! He is generally spoiled with home-cooked food, and we were a bit skeptical about what his reaction may be. Regardless, it passed his high standards, and he enjoyed every bite.

The order process was straightforward. You are given several important questions about your pup and get a weekly price for a weekly meal plan. Overall, the process, payment, and delivery were all seamless.


  • + Free shipping in all of USA
  • + Stays fresh longer
  • + Easy to serve
  • + Dogs adore the taste


  • Smaller dogs would prefer smaller chunks

Hungry Bark

star 9.7

Biggest Variety of Custom Options

  • Founded: 2020
  • Product categories: Dry food, supplement chews, and protein mix-ins
  • Shipping time: Up to 3 business days
  • Standard shipping fee: Depends on location

Hungry Bark is another successful newcomer on our list. The first product category is dry food. That covers grain-free food with different flavors (turkey + lamb, turkey + duck, and salmon) and a whole grain meal with deboned chicken, turkey, white rice, barley, and oats.

Hungry Bark also has six types of amazing supplement chews. We were particularly impressed with these products. They cover so much: itching and allergies, overall health, balanced digestion, hip and joint health, skin, coat, heart health, and calming purposes. The chews will spark such energy and enthusiasm. You won’t believe your eyes!

Finally, you can get protein mix-ins, loved even by picky eaters. These quick and easy meal toppers come in three flavors: chicken, beef, and salmon. These products are all-natural and hormone-free, without any artificial preservatives or fillers. Another cool feature is the re-seal lock, which means no stale food. To get a meal plan, you need to fill out a short questionnaire about your pup’s age, weight, breed, activity level, and allergies. Hungry Bark will then offer you several options to choose from. 

The standard shipping fee isn’t stated on the website, but we know that this service is free if your order exceeds $50. Non-custom meal plan orders are shipped the very next business day, whereas custom meal plan orders require up to 3 business days to ship. If you opt for a pet food subscription, you save 10% on that order and all future shipments. As for the frequencies, Hungry Bark can ship meals to you every 1-8 weeks.

The brand is very confident you’ll like all the foods, but if you or your dog aren’t satisfied with the first order, you can return it and get a 100% refund within 30 days. As for further orders, this only applies to unopened items.

If you end up loving Hungry Bark, consider their referral program. If you refer a friend, you secure them $20 off their purchase, and you’ll get $20 off, too! But that’s not all. There’s a rewards program. With 1,000 points, you get $10 off your next subscription order, 2,000 points $20 off your next subscription order, and 3,000 points $30 off your next subscription.

This is how you collect points:

  • Earn rate on purchases
  • Earn on referrals
  • Dog birthday rewards
  • Insider access to promotions
  • Exclusive member discounts
  • Unlock gifts
  • Donate a meal to Shelter Dog

If you have any questions, use their live chat feature, email the staff, or call them. They are available seven days a week! Plus, the company is present on several social media platforms. All in all, we’d say this is one of the best dog food subscription services because of how generous and thoughtful Hungry Bark is. Its vet-approved products certainly deserve all the praise. 

As the company was established last year, we’re sure the best is yet to come. The only improvement we’d suggest has to do with their website. It could be a bit more informative so that potential customers can compare prices and fees even before officially committing to the service.


  • + Re-seal lock
  • + Vet-approved meals
  • + Variety of custom options
  • + Full custom meal plan


  • Some key info could be more accessible


star 10

Best Fresh Food Option

  • Founded: 2016
  • Product categories: Fresh food
  • Shipping time: Depends on location
  • Standard shipping fee: Free

This may be one of the newest services on our list, but it’s already managed to prove its quality. We think it was the best fresh dog food delivery in 2021 and continues to be now. We all know that fresh food is the healthiest option for humans and pets. Ollie is proud to say it uses no artificial flavors or fillers.

There are four vet-designed recipes to choose from. The main flavors are beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb. In addition, their beef meal contains sweet potato, rosemary, peas, and more. That way, your doggy gets a safe meal with lots of minerals and is primarily good for skin, eye, and heart health.

The chicken meal is rich in yummy ingredients, notably spinach, carrots, blueberries, and cod liver oil. The last one contains Omega-3 fatty acids and works wonders for heart health. On the other hand, the turkey meal is just as delicious. Again, because of ingredients like carrot, pumpkin, blueberries, and chia seeds, this is awesome for eye health and a great source of vitamins and many nutrients. Finally, the lamb meal is perfect for dogs with allergies. With butternut squash and kale, your pet will have healthy skin and fur, and no digestive problems.

Your starter box includes food packs, a feeding guide, a food storage container, and a handy scoop. So convenient!  To have the company experts design a meal plan, you need to provide information about your four-legged friend (age, weight, breed, activity level, allergies). Then, they craft the plan and deliver the food according to a regular schedule based on this profile.

Naturally, the price depends on your dog’s size. According to the Ollie website, a small dog starts at $3 per day. If you or your pet aren’t happy with the food, there is a 100% money-back guarantee. However, we should emphasize that this applies to your starter box only. 

We were delighted to see that shipping is free! As for shipping time, we couldn’t find much info on the website, but the brand claims you can expect to get your order on the same day each week, in line with your meal plan. As for customer support, you can get in touch with the company via email or the telephone number stated on the website. They even work on weekends! 

We genuinely believe this is one of the most reliable and transparent dog food delivery services. The homemade meals are tasty and balanced, coming in highly convenient packaging. This affordable fresh dog food delivery is also a healthy way for your pet to lose weight if that measure is necessary. During the process, your dog won’t lose energy and will look forward to each meal.

If you want to hear other people’s opinions, check out the Reviews page on Ollie’s site. It’s full of five-star comments and honest stories about how many pets benefited from these products.


  • + Free shipping
  • + Tons of healthy ingredients
  • + Convenient packaging
  • + Great healthy options


  • Only one food category

The Farmer's Dog

star 9.9

Best Human-Grade Food Option

  • Founded: 2014
  • Product categories: Fresh food
  • Availability: Contiguous US
  • Standard shipping fee: Free

The Farmer’s Dog is another reputable name dedicated to the unique needs of different dogs. This company’s site doesn’t feature any info on pricing and nutritive matters until you fill out a questionnaire (your dog’s age, size, breed, health issues, etc.)

From what we’ve seen, there are four recipes. They include chicken, turkey, beef, or pork, and the meals are pre-portioned based on your pet’s profile. The additional ingredients are various fruits, vegetables, fish oil, folic acid, minerals, vitamins, and so on. The Farmer’s Dog only uses human-grade ingredients without any fillers or preservatives, so needless to say, you must refrigerate it.

What are the benefits of these vet-formulated meals? Well, better digestion, healthier coats, boosted vitality, and stronger immune systems are some. This is particularly important when it comes to older dogs. You wouldn’t believe the improvement these meals can lead to. Say goodbye to hip inflammation and low energy levels!

The packaging might be a bit tricky. The food’s in bags, so you need to cut them open and squeeze out the content. Nevertheless, the packaging is environmentally friendly, which we appreciate. The brand’s website doesn’t state how long it takes them to process your order, but they assure all the customers that the meals will be delivered according to the agreed schedule. However, shipping is free, which is always nice to hear.

According to the Terms page, The Farmer’s Dog will refund your payment in case of cancellation, but no specific time frame is provided. In addition, if your dog doesn’t love the food, the company can offer you additional recipes, or you can get a refund by donating the food to a shelter. Isn’t that kind?

Preparing our dog food subscription reviews, we saw that many users are in love with The Farmer’s Dog. That includes customers with pets of all ages and breeds, even the pickiest eaters. Some of them even noticed that vet visits have become less frequent with these recipes!


  • + Entirely custom meal
  • + Eco-friendly packaging
  • + Offers DIY nutrient mix
  • + USDA human-grade & natural


  • Lower protein than competition

Just Right Pet Food

star 10

Best Option for Sensitive Stomachs

  • Founded in: 2014
  • Product categories: Dry food
  • Availability: Continental US
  • Shipping time: Next available business day
  • Standard shipping fee: Free

Just Right pet food is made by Purina, a renowned producer of dog and cat food and treats, so we knew we could expect a superb offer.

According to the seller’s website, there are thousands of possible meal plans. You can get yours if you provide the relevant info about your dog through a standard questionnaire that takes only a couple of minutes. Based on that, Just Right will propose a blend that consists of some of the following ingredients:

  • Protein (lamb, chicken, salmon, beef, potato protein…)
  • Carbohydrates (barley, oatmeal, lentil flour…)
  • Fats and oils (beef fat, fish oil, sunflower oil…)
  • Minerals (salt, zinc sulfate, calcium carbonate…)
  • Vitamins (biotin, niacin, various vitamin supplements…)
  • And more…

Since this is dry food, there’s no need to refrigerate it, but you should keep it in a dry and cool place. Thanks to the zipper seal, the kibble remains fresh between meals. The benefits are numerous — weight management, boosting energy levels, helping with itchiness, shinier coats, etc. In addition, Just Right blends are perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs, most notably those struggling with soft stools.

From what we’ve seen, these meals are even popular among picky eaters. This is because there are no artificial flavors, fillers, or colors. Still, we must point out that Just Right isn’t certified organic, so consider other options we have for you if that’s a deal-breaker.

Back to the positives — the meal will arrive with a picture of your dog on the bag, which is a cool way to personalize the order even more. Shipping is always free. Once shipped, the goods you ordered should arrive in 3-5 business days. You’ll get 50% off your first order if you decide to subscribe. There’s also a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Naturally, you can cancel the subscription at any time. You can only return the food delivered if it’s defective or otherwise not in conformity with your order when you received it. In that case, you’ll either get a refund, a replacement item, or a credit. 

We saw a couple of complaints regarding customer service. Still, there are also many comments praising it, so we’d say the company has stepped up its game in this regard. On the website, they never fail to address comments by customers who aren’t fully satisfied, which shows dedication to improving whatever possible. As you can see, Just Right is highly unlikely to disappoint you, so don’t hesitate to make an order!


  • + Highly customizable
  • + Numerous health benefits
  • + Zipper seal keeps it fresh
  • + Free shipping


  • Not certified organic

Chippin Pet

star 9.9

Best Eco-Friendly Option

  • Founded: 2019
  • Product categories: Fresh silver carp dry food, treats, cricket food topper, and jerky
  • Standard shipping time: 1-3 business days
  • Shipping fee: Free

This company’s slogan is: “For the Love of Dogs & the Planet.” Basically, it’s all about pets and their owners “chipping in” to help save the planet. How amazing is that? Namely, Chippin produces high-quality food and treats made from sustainably sourced plants and protein.

The first on the list of daily products is Silver Carp Daily Food. That includes fresh fish sourced directly from US fishers. This anti-allergen meal also contains oats, pumpkins, various vitamins, and more. If you’re wondering why silver carp exactly, the brand explains that it’s an overpopulated fish in the USA. So by fishing for it, they are helping to restore biodiversity.

When it comes to dog treats, there are three kinds:

  • Smokehouse BBQ
  • Spirulina Dailies 
  • Antioxidant 

These mostly promote gut health. You should know that Spirulina Dailies is a vegan but tasty option. These treats are easily breakable and highly digestible. The final product available is a cricket food topper. Chippin claims this is ideal for added protein variation and flavor boost. Why cricket protein? It reduces your carbon footprint, or as Chippin calls it, carbon pawprint (so creative!).

Last but not least, there are two types of jerky. Once again, the flavors are silver carp and cricket. The company points out that these are perfect for training puppies and senior dogs. To calculate your plan, just answer several basic questions about your pet.

To motivate you to spread the word, Chippin has a referral program where you can give your friends $10 off to try the brand. You get a $10 credit once your referral makes their first purchase as a reward. At the time of writing this article, the company is also selling Holiday bundles. We think that’s a fantastic present for anyone with a four-legged companion.

You may think the brand couldn’t be more awesome but listen to this: they offer free shipping. The shipping time is usually 1-3 days, and the delivery time is 3-7 business days. So if you subscribe, you get to save 10%. Shipping frequencies vary depending on the product, but every four weeks is the minimum.

There’s no return policy since these are consumable products, but if your pup doesn’t like the food, Chippin will refund you the purchase price. Just make sure it hasn’t been more than 30 days since your purchase. Unfortunately, as usually is the case, this doesn’t cover the shipping cost.

The way to contact Chippin is through the email address or the contact form on the site. They’re also available on a few social media websites. As for customer feedback, negative comments about this brand are extremely rare. Therefore, it’s a big yes from us!


  • + Low carbon footprint
  • + Variety of delicious options
  • + Transparent ingredient sourcing
  • + Vet-developed and supported


  • Only one recipe of dry dog food


star 9.7

Best for Picky Eaters

  • Founded: 2015
  • Product categories: Fresh food, treats, and supplements
  • Shipping time: Depends on location
  • Standard shipping fee: $5.95

Definitely one of the top freshmade dog food delivery services, PetPlate is ready to prove that even picky pups will adore it. But, of course, we did say that many of the previous brands are good at that, too. Still, this one appears particularly successful in that respect.

PetPlate’s fresh-cooked food comes in three categories: entrées, organic treats, and supplements. Let’s take a close look at these vet-designed recipes. Firstly, the seller offers so-called signature entrées (beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb flavors). Secondly, there are therapeutic entrées (pork and venison flavors). All of these are rich in proteins and easy to digest.

The organic treats category currently includes Chicken Apple Sausage Bites. We’d say these are probably the best for small dogs, but bigger ones can enjoy them, too. The supplements are outstanding, as well. For example, Tummy Ticklin’ Digestive Cookies contain useful probiotics. Joint Jumpin’ Mobility Cookies ease arthritis issues and hip and joint pain.

As with previous companies we mentioned, you must share all the relevant information about your dog. Then, PetPlate will develop a personalized plan and portion the meals delivered to you according to the agreed schedule. You can choose between a full meal plan (starting from $2.85/day) or a topper plan (from $1.11/day).

According to the brand’s site, these are the main benefits:

  • Mealtime excitement
  • Healthier weight
  • More energy
  • Shinier coats
  • Allergy relief
  • Better digestion
  • Fewer vet visits

Unfortunately, it appears that free shipping isn’t an option. Also, the company doesn’t allow the return or exchange of its products because those are perishable foods. Therefore, no refunds are possible either. The only exception is the money-back guarantee policy. If you aren’t satisfied after a week of feeding, you can get a refund of the cost of your first order in that product category (minus any shipping charges).

But don’t worry, PetPlate gives you other perks. For instance, you can join the PetPerks Loyalty Club. You collect PupPoints, redeemed for cash discounts and exclusive rewards for you and your pet with every purchase. Another way to get points is to refer a friend. They get a spectacular 60% discount on their first order while you grab 600 PupPoints!

Should you have any questions or doubts, contact PetPlate specialists via email or telephone. They’ll be more than glad to chat with you. This is confirmed by lots of user reviews on their website. Also, don’t forget PetPlate’s social media pages.

What fascinated us the most was that we could barely find comments about a dog refusing any of PetPlate’s food items, which is pretty rare. Still, the support staff always addresses these comments and provides explanations and advice.


  • + Meal and Topper plan options
  • + Fresh-cooked meals
  • + Flash frozen to preserve freshness
  • + Variety of delicious options


  • Storage requires refrigerator or freezer

Nom Nom

star 10
  • Founded: 2014
  • Product categories: Fresh food and treats
  • Shipping time: Depends on location
  • Standard shipping fee: Free

As soon as you enter Nom Nom’s website, you can see how much love and hard work goes into these foods. As a result, the brand is highly praised by pet owners and vets across the USA.

The company offers four recipes for dogs, all crafted by top-notch professionals: 

  • Beef Mash
  • Chicken Cuisine
  • Pork Potluck
  • Turkey Fare

Apart from the four types of meat, these meals also have eggs, brown rice, and vegetables like potatoes, carrots, spinach, kale, green beans, and others. In addition, there should always be room for healthy treats. Here, you can find beef jerky and chicken jerky containing no preservatives or additives. 

The personalized plan process is pretty typical. Immediately after obtaining standard info about your pet via a questionnaire on the website, Nom Nom offers a meal plan. The price primarily depends on your dog’s size. You can mix recipes, but it’s recommended that you closely follow the feeding instructions to avoid over-or under-feeding. We feel it’s also important to emphasize that the company oversees each step of the food production process. Its researchers are constantly working on making sure everything’s as good as possible.

As for the results of consuming these foods regularly, this is what pet owners ordering from Nom Nom have reported:

  • Week 1: Excitement at mealtime
  • Week 2: Smaller stools
  • Week 3: Better breath
  • Week 4: Softer coat, less shedding
  • Month 3: Weight goals reached, improved stamina
  • Month 9: Better health overall

If you’re still having your doubts, you can try a two-week trial. Furthermore, anyone who refers a friend receives an email to redeem their free Variety Pack for Dogs. That means 150 grams of each of the four recipes.

Another thing we like is the free shipping policy. The standard 30-day money-back guarantee is valid for your first offer only. Nom Nom doesn’t accept return requests regarding perishable products or opened items. However, if it’s about non-perishable foods within two weeks of receiving the order, you’ll get a refund minus a $5 restocking fee.

To get in touch with the company, you can email or phone them, use the live chat feature, or turn to their social media accounts. The only drawback for some people is that Nom Nom isn’t the cheapest option out there, but those who decide to make the purchase never regret it. In sum, if you want to see your dog get healthier and happier, pick Nom Nom. Expect lots of excitement from your pet before every meal, and say goodbye to stomach sensitivity!

Update: Our lucky puppy Ron also got a chance to test out Nom Nom, and boy did he love it! Since he was used to home-cooked food, we figured that he’ll likely enjoy this more than the kibble she’s tried in the past, but we were blown away by how much he liked it.

The registration process and questionnaire are straightforward. Within days, you receive a full week’s worth of food that offers variety with texture and great ingredients. The transition process was very easy since he’s used to mixing things up and testing different foods. Still, we expected a change in his stool as there are different ingredients than he’s used to. However, there was little to no difference.

The food comes in frozen daily packs, and initially, we had a hard time deciding how to best prepare it. Finally, we opted to defrost it in a bowl of hot water, and in no time, we were ready to open and serve. All in all definitely would order again!


  • + Ideal for sensitive stomachs
  • + Long-term results if used regularly
  • + Great for weight control
  • + Exceeds AAFCO standards


  • More expensive than similar options

Bixbi Pet

star 9.8

Best Freeze-Dried Option

  • Founded: 2009
  • Product categories: Dry food, wet food, freeze-dried food and toppers, treats, supplements
  • Shipping time: Same day
  • Standard shipping fee: $10.00

BIXBI’s website says the brand is “damn near perfect.” Let’s see why it is so! First, the product range is wide. To begin with, dry dog food items are the perfect source of everyday nutrition. Then, you can choose several minimally processed foods.

Firstly, there are grain-free recipes with chicken, duck, lamb, pork, and turkey flavors.  Secondly, we have recipes by BIXBI Liberty, and the flavors are crazy versatile: beef, chicken, fresh lamb, fresh fish, flavor combos, recipes for puppies, and recipes for small breeds. Lastly, there are so-called ancient grain recipes with two Liberty products: Game Bird Feast (turkey, quail, and duck combo) and Rancher’s Red (beef, lamb, and goat combo).

BIXBI’s wet dog food products are our favorite. With 87-94% meat, these can be consumed as a standalone or as a nutritious topper to dry food if you have a picky eater. In addition, since we appreciate efforts to be eco-friendly, we love that this wet food is packed in recyclable cans.

It comes in five variations:

  • Beef Recipe
  • Chicken Recipe
  • Game Bird Feast
  • Lamb Recipe
  • Surf ‘n Turf

We highly recommend these products for dogs that don’t drink enough water, especially if they have urinary tract conditions. If you’re looking for raw nutrition, consider Rawbble and Liberty freeze-dried foods and Liberty freeze-dried toppers. To be honest, there are too many flavors and variations to list here. Still, they are very similar to the ones we already mentioned.

BIXBI dog treats are perfect for rewarding your good boy or girl. You can’t go wrong with any of these: jerky, training, or crunchy treats, all available in several tasty varieties. Finally, you could get some mushroom supplements to make sure your pet is in top shape. BIXBI has four kinds, aiming to improve digestive health, the immune system, joint health, and skin and coat.

Given the outstandingly rich offer, we suggest getting a BIXBI sample box if you’re feeling unsure. For only $10, your pawtner gets to try several products. The company is super vocal about never using meat meals (made from the parts of animals that humans don’t consume). 

BIXBI is a bit different from most brands on our list. Namely, it doesn’t offer personalized meal plans. However, we still decided to include it due to the mentioned range of products. Nonetheless, you can still subscribe and get 10% off.

The standard shipping rate is $10, but if your order totals $70.00 or more​, the company will reward you with free shipping. What’s incredible is that your order will be shipped the same day it was placed if you do it before 9 a.m. If not, no biggie, it’ll be sent out the next business day. 

If you aren’t fully satisfied, you may return any item within 30 days from the purchasing date and get a refund within two weeks, less the shipping charges. To get in touch with BIXBI, fill out a contact form on their site and choose to be contacted via email or phone call. You could also try reaching out through social media. Finally, don’t forget their FAQ page since it’s the most comprehensive one we’ve ever seen.

The only complaint we noticed is that the supply often lasts shorter than suggested by the seller. But that must mean that pups simply can’t get enough!


  • + Widest array of products
  • + Sample package available
  • + Grain and gluten-free options
  • + Third-party tested


  • No personalized meal planning service

Bonus: Cooper’s Treats

star 9.9

Best DIY Treats Delivery

  • Founded 2020
  • Product categories: Baked biscuits and popsicle mix
  • Shipping time: 1-2 business days
  • Standard shipping fee: Free

This is the youngest company on our list. Since we were happy with our Cooper’s homemade dog treats review, we decided to include it as a bonus. Let’s discuss the company’s baked biscuits first. Don’t worry, you can prepare these even if you’re not that good of a cook. The instructions are simple: add water, form the dough into cookies, and bake in your oven. 

Of course, the ingredients are of high quality, including real meat. There’s no added salt, sugar, preservatives, color, or artificial flavors. If it’s your first time trying these, the seller recommends going for the Baked Biscuit Starter Kit. There are also beef & cheddar, lamb & mint, and turkey & cinnamon mixes.

The second product is the so-called Pupsicle Mix. These frozen treats are effortless, and we may even say fun to prepare: add water, pour into an ice cube mold (which you can also buy here), and freeze for a few hours. Once again, there’s a Starter Kit, as well as beef & cheddar and turkey & cinnamon mixes.

If you wish to spoil your pet a bit or give a great present to another dog owner, you could buy the Doggie Deluxe Box. It includes:

  • 2 jars of Pupsicle Mix (one of each flavor)
  • 2 jars of Baked Biscuit Mix (one of each flavor)
  • 2 paw- and bone-shaped silicone ice cube molds
  • 1 silicone lick mat 
  • 3 bone-shaped cookie cutters + a plush toy

As you can tell from the company name, it focuses on treats instead of full meals. Therefore, there’s no option to create a personalized meal plan. Still, we had to mention Cooper’s Treats because you can subscribe, receive orders monthly or every two months, and save 10%.

The brand’s website states that orders get sent out in 1-2 business days and typically arrive in 2-3 days. As for the money-back guarantee, Cooper’s Treats only requires a video of your dog turning down a treat, after which you can get a refund. It just needs to be within 30 days of the original purchase date.

To speak to the support staff, customers can use email or telephone. The company also has accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Some users have said these products are on the pricier side, but they admit their pets can’t get enough. Of course, you also have to consider how easy they are to make and feed to your dog. That way, everyone’s happy!


  • + Fun baking process
  • + You can be creative with shapes
  • + Quick delivery
  • + Deluxe Box is a great present idea


  • Requires baking

Selecting the Best Dog Food Subscription: A Short Guide

Did you know that around 63.4 million US households own at least one dog? Considering the unconditional love they give us, the number doesn’t surprise us. When looking for a company providing a subscription for dog food, you should have a couple of things in mind to make the right choice for yourself and your dog.

Product Assortment

Just like us humans, pets have their favorite foods and treats but need some variety to ensure a healthy and balanced diet. As the Dogs Naturally Magazine points out, using the same food all the time significantly limits nutrition.

That is why we advise you to opt for food delivery services whose product range can offer a bit of everything: standalone meals, food toppers, vitamins, supplements, and so on. Of course, some brands focus on one kind of dog food to perfect it, and you can buy food items from several different sellers, but it can be nice to find everything in one place.


This aspect can really make the entire feeding process a lot more convenient or difficult. For instance, some brands will provide you with a reusable container and/or a super handy scoop. Additionally, we’re really keen on bags with resealable zippers or any other way to prevent moisture, oxygen, transfer, etc.

If you’re passionate about environmental protection, you can seek companies whose dog food comes in eco-friendly packaging. According to Packaging Gateway’s article on sustainability in the pet food packaging sector, health-conscious consumers are becoming more numerous, which has forced the pet industry to make some changes in terms of packaging and ingredient sourcing.

Personalized Meal Plans

Many dog food delivery services offer to craft personalized meal plans based on a few short questions about your pet. Namely dogs of different ages, sizes, and energy levels need different diets.

A dog’s breed is also a big factor. Tufts University experts point out that different breeds of dogs tend to have different health conditions. We all know food can have a notable impact on anyone’s health. Moreover, this feature normally involves the delivery of pre-portioned meals, so it’ll save you tons of time.

If you already know your dog’s needs, having a customized plan isn’t a must. Still, the auto-ship/subscription service is very convenient, not to mention money-saving.


Everyone’s aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions in many areas. That’s also the case with the pet food industry. It appears that higher pet food prices can be expected in 2022 due to supply issues. As we mentioned in the previous subsection, an excellent way to save on dog food is to get a subscription/auto-ship deal. The accompanying discount can be quite impressive.

We’d also like to highlight that setting aside a few extra bucks can be more cost-effective than picking the cheapest option. A higher price typically means higher quality, so your doggie is less likely to refuse the food in question.

Shipping and Delivery

We all want our orders to reach our homes ASAP. Nowadays, most companies have effective shipping services. However, not all of them process orders equally fast. You can typically check this kind of info on the company’s website.

It might be important to emphasize that shipping and delivery times usually don’t mean the same. The first is the amount of time needed to send out your order. On the other hand, the other is the time a delivery service (usually a different company) needs to get the package to you.

Reward and Loyalty Schemes

This may not be the essential feature, but it’s certainly satisfying to get rewards or gifts from time to time. Some dog food delivery services have reward and/or loyalty schemes for their best customers. If you plan to be a regular, we recommend joining the program. By purchasing a brand’s food items regularly, you typically collect some kinds of points that can be redeemed for freebies or discounts. How wonderful is that!


What are the advantages of home-delivered dog food items?

The most obvious advantage is that pet owners don’t have to buy ingredients and prepare the food themselves. However, the health benefits are much more important. Dog food delivery services will typically design a meal plan for your pet specifically, which means they’ll consider allergies, caloric requirements, and more.

How much does dog food delivery cost?

The price depends on many things, primarily your dog’s unique needs. Still, according to what we’ve seen, the cost typically starts from approx. $50 a month for small dogs.

Is fresh dog food worth it?

Generally speaking, fresh dog food is worth it because all the valuable nutrients are minimally processed. However, we must acknowledge that dry food can also have many health benefits. Just know that these products tend to be heavy in carbs.

How is dog food delivered to customers?

This depends on the kind of food. Dry food will usually come in simple cardboard boxes, while fresh meals are delivered in chilled boxes and must be placed in the freezer as quickly as possible.

Where is the best place to order dog food online?

The answer depends on several aspects, as explained in our guide. However, having done a lot of research, we wholeheartedly believe that the brands we listed will make you and your dog happy.


We can frankly say that dog food delivery is one of the pet industry’s most ingenious inventions. Pet owners enjoy its practicality while their little friends get healthy and tasty meals. So the decision shouldn’t be that difficult. Just think about your dog’s needs and preferences before picking the best dog food delivery service from our list.

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