The holidays are almost upon us, and we all know what that means. It’s time for gift giving!

From delicious treats and catnip-filled toys to personalized mugs and totes — we have a ton of suggestions for the best gifts for cat lovers and pets alike.

Interested? Keep on reading to discover the perfect gifts to leave under a cat lover’s Christmas tree — if it’s still standing, that is!

The holidays are almost upon us, and we all know what that means. It’s time for gift giving! From delicious…

The holidays are almost upon us, and we all know what that means. It’s time for gift giving!

From delicious treats and catnip-filled toys to personalized mugs and totes — we have a ton of suggestions for the best gifts for cat lovers and pets alike.

Interested? Keep on reading to discover the perfect gifts to leave under a cat lover’s Christmas tree — if it’s still standing, that is!

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The Best Cat Gifts Ideas

All-in-one toys & treats package
Surprise items every month
Promotes a healthy lifestyle
Best cat gifts for humans & pets
FROM $19.99
A variety of mouth-watering flavors
Rich in nutrients
Can be used as a training tool
Strengthen the pet-owner bond
FROM $9.99
Keeps cats active & playful
Improves cognitive skills
Best gifts for cats of all ages
A wide variety of choices
FROM $29.00
Delicious and healthy
Available in a variety of flavors
Nourishing diet for cats of all ages
Convenient variety packs available
FROM $35.83
Natural pain relief
Ensured purity
Supports a sense of calm
A wide selection of potencies
FROM $37.99
Durable & easy to maintain
Great addition to your home
Wide range of designs and materials
Selections to suit any budget
FROM $38.99
Best older cat Christmas gifts
Prevent food spillage
Support digestion and promote overall wellness
Durable and stylish
FROM $39.95
All-in-one activity center
Engages and entertains
Saves your furniture from scratches
Perfect for multi-cat households
FROM $64.99
Ensures your pet is safe & protected
Wide choice of colors & patterns
Affordable and stylish
Pair it with a personalized ID tag
FROM $99.00
Perfect gifts for cats for Christmas
Affordable & fun presents
Countless selections of festive toys & treats
Promotes playfulness and exercise
FROM $8.49

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The Best Ideas for Gifts for Cat Lovers

A perfect bundle for people & pets
Reduces anxiety & stress
Combine the best items
High-quality hemp extract
FROM $19.99
Access to premium medical care
Unlimited coverage available
Perfect gift for new pet owners
Great for a multi-pet household
FROM $8.45/mo
Many coupons and ways to save
Fully customizable gifts
Choose your own photos
Good gifts for cat lovers
Perfect for preserving memories
FROM $19.99
Excellent home decor items
Cute and practical
Funny cat gifts
Available in all price ranges
FROM $59.95
Perfect for staying within budget
Generally affordable
Great savings with future discounts
Less expensive than mailing gifts
FROM $25.00
Fashionable cat gifts for people
Made from high-quality materials
Cute, comfortable, and practical
Great value for money
FROM $29.95
Many coupons and ways to save
Super-comfy & stylish
Premium quality, natural materials
Easy to maintain
Unique ideas for cat lovers gifts
FROM $24.99
Suitable for countless occasions
Never goes out of style
Easy to personalize
Carries emotional meaning
FROM $139.95
Traditional and fun
Excellent choice for bookworms
Can double as decorative pieces
Inspiring and educational
Entertaining gifts for cat people
Choose between card & board games
Endless fun for kids & adults
Affordable & quirky
FROM $17.95

Best Gifts for Cats: Top Ten Reviews

Let’s take a closer look at the top ten gift ideas that will make your cat purr with happiness. 

Cat Subscription Boxes: KitNipBox Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - KitNipBox Review

Best All-in-One Christmas Gift for Cats

Rating: 10

  • Provides mental & physical stimulation
  • A great number of different themed boxes 
  • Wide range of prices and goodies 
  • Price from $19.99

Cat subscription boxes make an excellent gift and not just for the holidays, but throughout the year as well. 

They provide a variety of toys, treats, and grooming items in a convenient, affordable package delivered to your door every month. 

What’s more, most subscription box companies offer a “gift option” in addition to regular plans — another reason why this category tops the list of “the best cat Christmas present ideas.” 

Our recommendation, the KitNipBox, is always packed with fantastic goodies — from handmade toys to grain-free, delicious treats. Fully customizable (you can opt out of treats due to pets’ allergies or sensitivities) and suitable for multi-cat households, the KitNipBox is a perfect present for cats and owners alike. 

More Cat Subscription Boxes:

  • CatLadyBox — One of the top-rated gifts for cat moms and their fur-babies.
  • Cattitude Box — Full of exclusive toys and accessories centered around an interesting monthly cat theme.
  • Pet Treater Cat Pack — The most affordable cat subscription box out there, giving you a ton of goodies for just $15 a month.


  • Customizable gifts 
  • A wide variety of items
  • Easy to cancel plans


  • Not all boxes offer customization
  • Some subscription box companies don’t offer a trial

Cat Treats: Pet Winery Pawty Pack Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - Pet Winery Pawty Pack Review

Best Cat Gifts for Dental and Overall Health

Rating: 9.8

  • Nourishing and healing 
  • Enjoyed by kittens and seniors  
  • Range of flavors and shapes
  • Price from $9.99

Use PETPEDIA for 20% Off at Checkout

From bite-sized crunchy treats to healing CBD morsels, the best cat treats are healthy, nourishing, and tasty. 

Don’t think for a second that treats are presents just for cats. In fact, they’re one of the best gifts for cat owners, too, strengthening the bond with their pets and serving as a perfect tool to help train felines. 

If you’re in the mood for an unusual cat treat, we recommend trying Pet Winery’s Pawty Pack cat wine. 

These all-natural cat treats are formulated with salmon oil, catnip, and other organic ingredients to ensure 100% safety and deliciousness. The pack comes with two bottles — Meowsling and Puurgundy, both of which are guaranteed to put your feline in the festive mood. 

More Cat Treat Options:


  • Training and behavioral motivation
  • Enjoyed by kittens and seniors
  • Rich in nutrients and vitamins


  • CBD cat treats might take longer to kick in

Cat Toys: Tuft & Paw Fish Bone Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - Tuft & Paw Fish Bone Review

Best Presents for Cats of All Ages

Rating: 10

  • Fun and interactive 
  • Wide range of prices    
  • Perfect for all cats 
  • Price from $29.00

Cat toys are the best way to keep felines engaged and physically active, as well as boost their cognitive skills. Not to mention that watching them chase after an electronic toy is beyond satisfying. 

Christmas toys for cats are also incredibly varied in terms of price, options, and styles. Ranging from old-fashioned wand teasers to ultra-modern laser toys — there is something for every kitty.

Despite the wide selection, sometimes the simplest toys are the best — one of the reasons why Tuft & Paw’s Fish Bone is our top choice.

Complemented by durable polyester fill and natural materials that are safe and soft on cats’ teeth and gums, this toy is sold with a bag of catnip to attract felines and keep them interested. 

More Cat Toy Options:


  • Keeps pets healthy and fit
  • Keeps cats busy when you’re not at home 
  • Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices


  • Some toys may get damaged in rough play 
  • Cats might lose interest after some time

Cat Food: Tiki Pets Tiki Cat Luau Variety Pack Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - Tiki Pets Tiki Cat Luau Variety Pack Review

Best Cat Gifts for Christmas Eve

Rating: 9.7

  • Yummy flavors
  • Appetizing and nourishing  
  • Suitable for cats of all ages and breeds 
  • Price from $35.83

Cats love food, and owners spend a small fortune on keeping their pets well-fed. Thus, one of the best cat Christmas gifts is a scrumptious holiday dinner of canned cat food

Delicious and healthy, top-quality cat food is available in a vast range of cat-enticing flavors and protein-rich blends, allowing you to find a product that will satisfy the palates of even the pickiest pets. 

Why is Tiki Cat Luau Variety Pack on our list of the best gifts for cat owners?

Continually rated as the best canned food brand on the market, Tiki Cat offers products that contain all the popular flavors for a whisker-licking feast felines will absolutely love. 

More Cat Food Options:

  • Wysong Feline Variety Pack — You can mix and match flavors to get the ideal combination of these high-quality nutrients. Use coupon code FREESHIPJX for free shipping on all orders over $50.
  • Fromm 4-Star Salmon Tunachovy Dry Cat Food — This grain-free US-made kibble will help feline friends to meet recommended nutritional levels. 
  • Freeze Dried Nuggets Turkey Formula — Feline foodies would love this formula that offers all the benefits of a well-balanced raw-food diet. Use coupon code PETSUPER10 for 10% off sitewide!


  • Best gourmet gift for cats
  • Rich in protein 
  • Dry and canned food options available


  • You might have to try several flavors to find the one your pet likes 
  • Might be not as special as other gift options

CBD Bundles and Products: cbdMD Cat Bundle Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - cbdMD Cat Bundle Review

Best Cat Presents for Wellness & Health

Rating: 10

  • Soothes and heals
  • Wide range of flavors and strengths 
  • Perfect for anxious felines  
  • Price from $37.99

CBD has been all the rage lately for a good reason. Known for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties, this extraordinary natural remedy is recommended for all types of pets — from the smallest parakeets to large-sized animals like horses

There are plenty of individual CBD cat products to buy, as well as a wide selection of bundles, mixing some of the best cannabidiol-infused feline items in one affordable package. 

Now, which one is our top-rated choice out of all the available CBD gifts for people with cats?

Meet PawCBD Bundle that combines chicken and catnip soft chews with cbdMD’s top-of-the-line feline 150 mg CBD oil. These third-party tested, broad-spectrum CBD products are 100% safe for consumption and absolutely delicious, as testified by thousands of satisfied cat owners. 

More Cat CBD Product Options:

  • Honest Paws CBD Oil for Cats — This high-quality full-spectrum CBD tincture is a perfect gift to promote overall health and wellbeing. Use coupon code PETPEDIA for 15% off sitewide!
  • Holistapet Bundle and Save — Get the brand’s top-notch CBD tincture and cat treats with this exclusive deal. 
  • Medterra Bundle and Save — This CBD company allows you to bundle over four products, giving you more bang for your buck and offering tremendous savings on Christmas gifts for your cat. Use coupon OFFER15 for 15% off!


  • Enriched with a wide variety of flavors 
  • Promotes wellness 
  • Significant savings on bundle deals


  • CBD products don’t take effect at once 
  • Requires being extra cautious with the dosage

Cat Beds and Houses: FurHaven Felt Cubby Cat Shape Cutout Pet Bed Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - FurHaven Felt Cubby Cat Shape Cutout Pet Bed Review

Best Luxury Gifts for Cat Lovers

Rating: 10

  • Superior insulating warmth and comfort  
  • Portable options available
  • Long-lasting & stylish  
  • Price from $38.99

Use FURHAVEN5 for 5% Off at Checkout

Did you know that cats spend two-thirds of their lives sleeping?

With this fact in mind, can you think of a better present for your feline friend than a warm, comfy bed or house? 

With a wide range of prices and designs, you can easily find something to fit your budget and taste. In fact, the options are limitless — from stylish houses that double as furniture pieces to heated pads for cold winter days. 

Our top choice as the best gift for cat lovers is FurHaven’s cat-shaped bed.

This small and portable pet bed is a perfect fit for any house and an excellent choice for traveling, too. More importantly, thick and cozy insulation materials turn this cat house into an ideal retreat for your feline friend. 

More Cat Bed and House Options:

  • PawHut Heated Cat Houses — Elevated and insulated, this heated cat shelter will keep your furry friend warm. Use coupon XMAS12 for 12% off!
  • PawHut Winter Portable Heated Cat Houses — An excellent choice for multi-cat households or pet parents who frequently travel. XMAS12 for 12% off!
  • Cat Bed Cave — A comforting cat bed and a stylish bag for cat moms — two products for the price of one. Use coupon PETPEDIA for 10% off!


  • One of the most durable cat lover Christmas gifts
  • Comfortable and cozy
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors


  • The more expensive models can be quite an investment 
  • Some beds aren’t machine washable

Cat Feeders: The Cat Paradise Elevated Cat Bowls Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - The Cat Paradise Elevated Cat Bowls Review

Best Presents for Senior Cats

Rating: 9.8

  • Keeps homes clean
  • Wide variety of styles and materials 
  • Supports healthy digestion 
  • Price from $39.95

Use PETPEDIA for 10% Off at Checkout

Cat feeders are more than just fancy bowls — they also provide weight management, prevent indigestion, and boost overall health. Pair them with some festive kitty food — and you’ve got the ideal Christmas gift for cats. 

These products are available in a ton of different colors, shapes, and styles. From automatic feeders that dispense food regularly to heated bowls that keep your feline friend’s feast warm in the coldest weather — the choices are endless. 

We, however, settled on the elevated cat bowls from Cat Paradise as our number one choice for unique cat gifts

These elegant, raised feeders not only look stunning, but they also slow down the absorption of food and improve digestion. What’s more, they reduce stress on the joints, making it much easier for older cats to get their dinner. 

More Cat Feeder Options:


  • Elegant & modern design
  • Durable, quality materials
  • Clean and practical


  • More advanced features hike up the price 
  • Automatic feeders aren’t always reliable

Cat Trees: Aosom PawHut 3-Level Plush Cat Tree Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - Aosom PawHut 3-Level Plush Cat Tree Review

Best Cat Presents for Active Felines

Rating: 10

  • Stimulate and activate your furry friends
  • Variety of materials and designs available 
  • Excellent for kittens and adult cats  
  • Price from $64.99

Use XMAS12 for 12% Off at Checkout

Do you have a cat fancier in your circle whose furniture is getting slowly destroyed by cats? If the answer is yes, a cat tree is just what they need. 

Engaging and entertaining, these products are a great way to make sure felines stay busy and active and keep their claws off your favorite couch. 

On top of that, you can choose from so many different sizes, materials, and designs, meaning you’ll find perfect gifts for your cat-obsessed friend in no time. 

For the best cat tree, check out PawHut’s plush tree tower. 

This multi-level, sturdy tree tower is encased in soft plush fabric and equipped with sticks and balls at the top, creating a perfect place for your pets to relax and play. It’s also incredibly well-priced. At $64.99, it’s well below similar items on the market that can go up to $200. 

More Cat Tree Options:

  • Milo Cat Tower — A unique jungle gym made of high-quality material, this luxurious Christmas gift for cats is well worth the extra cost. 
  • PawHut Wood Cat Tree — An excellent activity center and cat house — two for the price of one. 
  • Corrugated House Scratcher With Catnip — Meeting all your cat’s needs to scratch, rest, stretch, and play — all in one eco-friendly location.


  • Helps cats relieve stress 
  • Provides shy cats with extra security 
  • Great for active and playful cats


  • Some cat trees might be too bulky for certain homes 
  • Might not be suitable for senior cats

Cat Collars: Tabcat Cat Tracker Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - Tabcat Cat Tracker Review

Best Personalized Cat Gift

Rating: 9.9

  • Keeps cats safe and protected
  • A wide selection of colors and designs
  • Inexpensive and high-end options 
  • Price from $99.99

Cat collars are sold in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to tailor them to one’s preferences. On top of that, cat collars can be further personalized by adding an ID tag with the cat’s name or picture. 

Collars look stylish; plus, they provide a sense of security and are relatively cheap. You can find quality products under $10, but there are pricier options too — the likes of smart collars with GPS tracking if you want to go all-out. 

Our choice from this category of cat Christmas gift ideas, the Tabcat Cat Tracker, uses patented Radio Frequency technology to accurately pinpoint the location of your cat and train felines to return home. 

Its lightweight and durable design ensures it never comes off, helping you stay on top of your pet’s whereabouts at all times. 

More Cat Collar Options:


  • Custom cat gifts
  • Keeps your cat safe & protected 
  • Helps identify lost and wandering pets 
  • Convenient & fashionable


  • Smart collars can be quite expensive 
  • Not all cats love wearing collars

Christmas Themed Cat Gifts: Spot Holiday Cat Toy Stocking Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - Spot Holiday Cat Toy Stocking Review

Best Cat Presents for a Festive Mood

Rating: 9.8

  • Perfect for getting in the holiday spirit
  • Huge range of items
  • Great gift for cats and their owners 
  • Price from $8.49

It wouldn’t be Christmas time without some holiday-themed cat gifts. 

Lucky for Christmas shoppers, there is a wide selection of festive kitty items on sale — from Christmas stockings for cats to holiday-themed toys for feisty felines.

Best of all, most of these items are quite cheap, so you could probably buy more than one for your furry friend. 

Our suggestion: the Holiday Cat Toy Stocking by Spot.

Filled with five fantastic cat toys, this stocking is sure to put you and your furry friend in the Xmas mood. The variety of toys will keep cats entertained well after New Year’s, while owners will get the joy of including their pet in the traditional opening of gifts on Christmas morning. 

More Christmas presents for cats:


  • Most gifts are affordable 
  • Some presents can be customized
  • Perfect for playful kittens and adult cats


  • Some of the toys are not that durable 
  • A few reviewers complained that toys were smaller than expected

Best Presents for Cat Lovers: Top Ten Reviews

Now that we’ve seen gifts for our beloved furry friends, let’s check out the presents for their number-one fans.

CBD Bundles for You and Your Pet: Medterra CBD Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - Medterra CBD Review

Best Relaxing Cat Presents for Cat Lovers

Rating: 10

  • Natural remedy for pain and stress 
  • Wide variety of products 
  • A perfect combo of presents for people & their pets
  • Price from $19.99

Use OFFER15 for 15% Off at Checkout

CBD is widely known for its outstanding benefits for cats and humans. 

It’s available as individual products (gummies, tinctures, and more); however, many CBD brands provide combos of their best-selling products for people and pets in a cost-effective and unmissable bundle. 

With so much choice, picking the perfect CBD gifts for cat people is a piece of cake. 

Our number one choice: Medterra’s Bundle and Save.

Medterra has a fantastic product lineup of high-quality CBD items for both people and pets. Best of all, you can make your own bundle by selecting the products you want. 

As to our favorites, we highly recommend the CBD joint support treats for cats combined with the brand’s first-rate human cannabidiol tincture.

More CBD Bundles Options:


  • Cost-effective & cool gifts for cat lovers
  • Natural pain and anxiety relief  
  • Mix & match for a perfect present


  • CBD takes some getting used to if a cat is new to it
  • Might need to consult with your doctor and vet before taking

Cat Insurance: PetAssure Insurance Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - PetAssure Insurance Review

Best Gifts for New Cat Owners

Rating: 9.8

  • Covers almost all medical bills 
  • Monthly & annual plans available 
  • Great for new and experienced pet parents
  • Price from $8.45/mo

Use SC15 for 15% Off at Checkout

If one of your friends or family members is a new cat mom or dad, they will definitely appreciate this unconventional idea for gifts for cat people

Bear in mind that first-time owners still don’t have a full handle on things and often face health-related issues. Signing them up for a pet insurance plan will help cover medical bills and reduce some of their worries, making it one of the best gifts for cat lovers.

When looking for pet insurance, it’s crucial that you select the very best pet cat insurance company, which is why we recommend PetAssure. 

Offering extensive coverage for all in-house medical services and procedures for less than $10 a month, this insurance plan is accepted by thousands of vets, giving your feline the best possible care and protection. 

More Pet Insurance Options:

  • Petplan Pet Insurance  — Possibly one of the best gifts for cat owners during the pandemic; PetPlan provides COVID-19 coverage, as well as offers reimbursement for accidents and medical conditions.
  • Embrace Cat Insurance — One of the few insurance companies that cover breed-specific conditions and all related services and procedures.


  • Suitable for pets of all ages 
  • Flexible plans 
  • Significant savings on medical bills


  • Not the most exciting gift for cats 
  • Long-term investment

Pet Artwork: Snapfish Canvas Prints Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - Snapfish Canvas Prints Review

Best Gifts for New Cat Owners

Rating: 9.9

  • Preserves memories 
  • Customizable image and size 
  • Great art piece 
  • Price from $19.99

Many Coupons Offered By Site

What could be better for art lovers than a customized portrait of their favorite feline?

Allowing you to personalize everything from the image itself to its size and even the price of the canvas, this is a great way to surprise a cat lover in your life. 

The best thing about these personalized cat gifts — they’re incredibly easy to make. There are a ton of companies out there that will get everything ready for you, so all you have to do is upload the photo of a lucky furry friend.

We chose Snapfish as one of the most affordable and user-friendly providers. 

With Snapfish, you can choose from seven canvas sizes and create an unforgettable portrait of your own bundle of fur or upload a photo of one of your cat-obsessed friends and their fur-baby. 

More Pet Artwork Options:

  • Get Pet Portrait — In addition to regular customized pet portraits, the company offers a limited edition of Christmas prints and photos. Use PETPEDIA for 15% off!
  • Grumpy Cats Calendar — Enjoy the new year with pictures of everyone’s favorite Grumpy Cat.
  • West & Willow Custom Pet Portraits — Get high-quality prints featuring your favorite feline buddy.


  • An original gift 
  • Great addition to any decor
  • No technical skills required


  • Can get somewhat expensive for larger prints
  • Most artworks don’t come with a frame, which is an extra cost

Homeware: The Cat Paradise Cat Wine Bottle Holder Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - The Cat Paradise Cat Wine Bottle Holder Review

Best Cat-Themed Gifts for Home

Rating: 9.8

  • Brighten up your home 
  • A wide variety of items 
  • Suited to anyone’s budget
  • Price from $59.95

Use PETPEDIA for 10% Off at Checkout

There’s nothing feline fanciers love more than cat-themed novelty items around the house, which would explain the huge selection of cat-inspired homeware products available on the market. 

You can literally find all kinds of cat stuff for humans in this department, including personalized mugs, wine glasses with sassy messages, and somewhat weird, yet still cute, cat-butt magnets. Prices vary too, which means you can choose something even when shopping on a tight budget. 

Our top choice, a metal wine bottle holder, is a quirky item that combines two of people’s greatest loves — cats and wine. 

Adorable and beautifully crafted, it’s a perfect addition to any wine enthusiast’s kitchen. The metal cat secures your favorite bottle while keeping the space neat and organized.

More Homeware Options from The Cat Paradise:

  • Cat Mug Good Time — Available in four colors, this adorable cat mug is perfect for hot drinks, cold winter nights, and cat snuggles.
  • Cat Piggy Bank — Another one of the unique cat lovers gifts in this category, this exquisite, handcrafted wrought iron piggy bank will keep your coins safe.
  • Back Cats Shower Curtain — An elegant, mold-resistant, and odorless shower curtain to bring some purrsonality to your bathroom.

Don’t forget! Use our exclusive PETPEDIA coupon for 10% off!


  • Affordable options
  • Cute and functional
  • Perfect home accessories


  • These cute gifts for cat lovers might be too unconventional for some users 
  • Some items might not go well with the rest of the decor

Gift Cards: cbdMD Gift Card Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - cbdMD Gift Card Review

Most Universal Gift for Cat Lovers

Rating: 9.7

  • Provides great value for money 
  • Variety of price options
  • An excellent choice for an indecisive shopper 
  • Price from $25.00

If you can’t find a present good enough for the cat fancier on your shopping list, how about a gift card? 

Sold by most reputable shops out there, these great gifts for cat lovers give the recipient the freedom and flexibility to choose items from their favorite manufacturer or retailer. Another perk — you won’t have to stress wondering if they’ll like the present or not. 

cbdMD is our top pick in this category of Christmas gifts for cat lovers

Available in three price ranges from $25 to $100, the cbdMD card allows givers to stay on budget, while recipients can get more bang for their buck during seasonal sales. 

More importantly, this gift card provides access to some of the best cannabidiol products on the market — a purchase you won’t regret making. 

More Gift Card Options:

  • Tuft & Paw Gift Card — This brand sells high-quality, luxury, and unique gifts for cat lovers that pets (and owners) absolutely love. 
  • Get Pet Portrait E-Gift Card — There are a million ways you can use a gift card from this provider of custom pet portraits. Use our PETPEDIA coupon for 15% off!
  • Cherrybrook Gift Card — Available in a whopping ten values, a gift card by this pet supplier is bound to come in handy.


  • Not likely to be wasted
  • Best gifts for cat lovers which can be tailored to anyone’s budget 
  • Can be used online and at stores


  • Some gift cards are time-sensitive
  • Usually restricted to one store

Accessories: The Cat Paradise Multicoloured Cats Apron Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - The Cat Paradise Multicoloured Cats Apron Review

Best Gifts for Fashion-Conscious Cat Lovers

Rating: 9.8

  • Trendy and functional 
  • A wide selection of styles and prices 
  • Ideal for assertive cat lovers
  • Price from $29.95

Use PETPEDIA for 10% Off at Checkout

Incredibly varied in style, function, and price, these cat-themed gifts are guaranteed to win the hearts of cat lovers. 

Not only are cat-themed accessories generally affordable, but they are also incredibly easy to find. 

Unlike shopping for clothes, there is no need to look for the right size and fit. All it takes is finding an adorable but functional cat-related item — and you’ve bought a perfect present. 

Now, Cat Print Apron from Cat Paradise is our top pick among all the cool gifts for cat lovers in this category, 

Cooking will be a delight with this whimsical multicolored apron. Made from high-quality cotton linen, it’s also available in a child’s size, so that future generations of cat fanciers can share the fun in the kitchen. 

More Accessories Options:

  • Cat Tote Bag — Eco-friendly, foldable, and reusable, this large bag is one of the most practical gifts for cat owners and an ideal shopping accessory. Don’t forget to use our PETPEDIA coupon for 10% off!
  • Sketcher’s Women’s Sneakers – Who doesn’t want cats on their awesome sneakers!? What better way to show your love for them.


  • Stylish and practical 
  • Statement-making pieces 
  • Reusable items


  • Most of these unique cat gifts are targeting women 
  • Picking the right style might be somewhat difficult

Bedding: Snapfish Customized Blankets Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - Snapfish Customized Blankets Review

Best Gifts for Homeware Chic

Rating: 10

  • One-of-a-kind home decor pieces 
  • A lot of styles and materials available 
  • Ideal for cuddle sessions with one’s furry friend
  • Price from $24.99

Many Coupons Offered By Site

Can you think of anything more soothing than cozying up with your feline friend on a cold winter night wrapped in a comfy, soft, cat-themed blanket? 

Apart from providing unparalleled comfort, these blankets, throw pillows, and quilts add some quirkiness and personalization to any home decor. 

This is especially true when you choose custom-made presents for cat lovers featuring a pet’s photo or even a collage of cherished moments.  

If you’re looking for first-class, natural materials, try Snapfish and its extensive product lineup. 

The company offers a great variety of printed covers — from arctic fleece to woven blankets. You can design your own or choose one of the available prints — either way, we guarantee you’ll get a present you’re more than satisfied with. 

More Bedding Options:


  • Comfy and stylish   
  • Usually accompanied with holiday discounts 
  • Highly customizable to cater to the pickiest fur-parents


  • Potentially complicated selection process (paying attention to thread count, quality, etc.)
  • Customer complaints about somewhat pricey bedding

Jewelry: The Cat Paradise Cat Footprints Jewelry Set Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - The Cat Paradise Cat Footprints Jewelry Set Review

Best Gifts for Cat Moms

Rating: 9.9

  • Trendy and exclusive
  • A wide range of prices 
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Price from $139.95

Use PETPEDIA for 10% Off at Checkout

We all have at least one passionate cat mom in our lives. So why not surprise them this Christmas with high-quality cat-inspired jewelry?

Whether it’s a golden brooch, bracelet charm, or personalized paw rings, there are some amazing finds on the market that cat parents are sure to love. 

If you’re having trouble deciding on just one item, go for our top choice of gifts for cat moms — the cat jewelry set at Cat Paradise. 

This sterling silver gift set consists of a bracelet, ring, and earrings, all of which feature a simple and clean paw-print design. It might be costly, but it’s worth every cent thanks to the premium material quality.  

More Jewellery Options from The Cat Paradise:

  • Gold-Colored Cat Brooch — A perfect item to bring some color and cat love to your favorite suit, scarf, or sweater.
  • Silver Black Cat Bracelet — This stunning bracelet is bound to fit a wide range of your favorite clothes.
  • Silver Blue Moon Cat Charm — When it comes to unique gifts designed for cat lovers, you won’t find a better one than this beautiful silver charm.
  • Silver Blue Cat Ring — A unique and breathtakingly beautiful piece worthy of any cat-obsessed fur-mom.

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  • Jewelry that goes with a wide range of clothes 
  • Long-lasting pieces
  • Preserves memories


  • Mostly feminine designs might not be liked by some receivers
  • Have to consider the receiver’s skin condition before purchasing

Books: Bantam Books The Pill Book Guide to Medication For Your Dog and Cat Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - Bantam Books The Pill Book Guide to Medication For Your Dog and Cat Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers Under $10

Rating: 9.7

  • Educate and entertain 
  • A wide range of topics available 
  • Great for book and cat lovers 
  • Price from $8.99

Books make excellent gift ideas for Christmas and any other holiday for that matter.

They are classic, inexpensive, and enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or gender. What’s more, these gifts can range from fun, creative fictional works about felines to educational books on cat grooming and feeding regime. 

If you’ve settled on books as gifts for cat lovers this holiday, check out the Pill Book Guide to Medication For Your Dog and Cat. 

A must-have for new and even experienced pet owners, this medical reference book is there to give you all the information on pet medication. 

It also features a list of symptoms of the most common illnesses and includes tips on preventive care and alternative healing methods for a well-rounded grooming and caring routine

More Book Options:


  • Educational and entertaining
  • Available in a variety of topics and genres 
  • A classic, thoughtful gift


  • Might not be appreciated much by fur-parents that aren’t into books 

Cat Games: Chronicle Books Cat Tarot Cards Review

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers - Chronicle Books Cat Tarot Cards Review

Best Gifts for Game Nights

Rating: 9.9

  • Fun and exciting gifts
  • Wide range of games available
  • Perfect for kids and adults
  • Price from $17.95

Make every night a fun night with these delightful and unique gifts for cat lovers.  

A great choice for children and the kid inside every adult, cat-themed board and card games are authentic, competitive, and, most importantly, fun.  

Speaking of fun, take a look at our number one choice — a whimsical deck of Cat Tarot Cards. 

These 78 cat-illustrated cards will give you a glimpse into the past, present, and future, as well as provide you with some unique cat humor. Not surprisingly, this card deck is recommended as one of the best gifts for cat lovers by hundreds of users. 

More Cat Games Options:

  • CAT-opoly Board Game — A feline twist on the classic board game guarantees fun and good times for the entire family.
  • Cat Stax — Intended for children over the age of 8, this exciting brainteaser game encourages creativity and boosts cognitive skills.


  • Fun for the whole family
  • Usually inexpensive 
  • Adult- and family-style games available


  • Not customizable 

How to Choose the Best Gifts for Cat Lovers This Christmas

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your own precious fur-ball or a present for a cat lover on your “nice” list, here are a few helpful tips to consider before you start shopping. 

Make It Unique 

The most important thing when choosing presents for cat lovers and pets is personalization. Look for items tailored to their interests. If your friend or loved one is interested in tech, get them the latest gadget in the world of felines. 

Try to cater to their hobbies and passions, and you’re guaranteed to get a gift they’ll love. 

Make Sure It’s Safe 

This is particularly important if you’re buying CBD products, food, or treats, and it’s equally crucial for cat gifts for humans and felines. 

Inspect the ingredients list for possible allergic reactions, only buy from trusted manufacturers, and check the expiration date on the product before you wrap it. 

Follow these simple steps, and you won’t come across any issues. 

Go for Quality 

Try to find products made of first-rate, durable materials that will be in the recipient’s life for a long time. 

Premium quality and unique cat gifts for cat lovers typically come with a higher price tag. However, most retailers offer amazing deals for the holidays, so try to take advantage of as many saving opportunities as possible. 

Set a Budget 

With so many great choices of cat gifts out there, it will be harder than ever to stick to your budget, but you must make an effort. 

Set a price limit before you start browsing the net and try not to go over it no matter how many interesting and cute gifts you find.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to get someone who loves cats?

A perfect gift for cat lovers depends on their interests and hobbies, but in general, cat fanciers will love any cat-themed present, whether it’s a personalized T-shirt or a box of yummy treats for their precious pet.

What do you buy a passionate cat lady?

There is a wide variety of presents for cat-loving ladies — ranging from cat-themed jewelry to cat-printed clothes. There are even subscription boxes that include presents for you and your pet — a gift that keeps on giving even after Christmas. 

How do you give a cat a gift?

Even though your pet can’t open the presents, they will still enjoy everything about the gift, down to the box it comes in. 

What should I get my cat for Christmas?

There might not be as many Christmas-themed presents for cats as there are for dogs, but you can still choose from Christmas treats to festive collars and fun Xmas toys that will ensure your cat is entertained throughout the year. 

What is a good gift for a cat?

This depends on how your cat likes spending its time as well as its age and breed. If you have a kitten or a particularly active cat, consider buying an engaging cat tree or a fun interactive toy. 

If you have a senior feline, you could try a comfy, heated bed or a cozy window perch where it can rest and relax. 

If these ideas are not to your liking, you can’t go wrong with some delicious cat treats or yummy canned food.

Bottom Line

Are you all set for your Christmas shopping? 

We hope that our selection of the best gifts for cat lovers and felines will help you find the perfect present and bring joy to that special someone in your life.

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