One of the best gifts for dog owners is, of course, their pet. However, you can never go wrong with giving them something useful and handy to make their lives easier. Or something that will always remind them of their faithful companion.

But what about dogs? Well, whatever we give them won’t be enough to match the unconditional love they give back to us.

Nevertheless, we have some suggestions that come pretty darn close. Read on to discover the best presents for both pet owners and their dogs!

One of the best gifts for dog owners is, of course, their pet. However, you can never go wrong with…

One of the best gifts for dog owners is, of course, their pet. However, you can never go wrong with giving them something useful and handy to make their lives easier. Or something that will always remind them of their faithful companion.

But what about dogs? Well, whatever we give them won’t be enough to match the unconditional love they give back to us.

Nevertheless, we have some suggestions that come pretty darn close. Read on to discover the best presents for both pet owners and their dogs!

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Top 10 Best Dog Gifts

Best Gifts for Dog Owners - BarkBox Logo
Creative gift
Unpredictable content
Toys, chews, treats
FROM $23.00
Best Gifts for Dog Owners - Honest Paws Logo
Enhances overall wellness
Improves health
A variety of flavors
Good snack option
FROM $24.95
Best Gifts for Dog Owners - Jinx Logo
Natural and healthy ingredients
Different meal options
Bundles and multi-packs
Convenient delivery
FROM $45.00
Best Gifts for Dog Owners - Bitch New York Logo
Fun and challenging
Improve cognitive skills
Promote mental health
FROM $28.00
Best Gifts for Dog Owners - Thundershirt Logo
For fashionable dogs
Classy and dapper
Supports physical & mental health
Different sizes available
FROM $39.95
Best Gifts for Dog Owners - FurHaven Logo
Unusual and fun gift
Basic collar improved
Selection of colors and sizes
Matching collar extension
FROM $12.99
Best Gifts for Dog Owners - FurHaven Logo
Warm and cozy
Relaxing and enjoying
Made from fake fur
FROM $30.99
Best Gifts for Dog Owners - PawHut Logo
Long-lasting and eco-friendly
Two rooms and a porch
Shelters from the heat and cold
Protects from insects
FROM $599.99
Best Gifts for Dog Owners - Furbo Logo
See and talk to your dog
Toss them a treat
Real-time smart alerts
Cloud recording
FROM $249.00

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Top 10 Best Gifts for Dog Owners

Best Gifts for Dog Owners - cbdMD Logo
Superior broad-spectrum extract
10mg CBD per gummy/chew
Enjoyment and relief
High-quality ingredients
FROM $64.98
Best Gifts for Dog Owners - Snapfish Logo
A cute and quirky gift
Preserves memories
For every price range
FROM $19.99
Best Gifts for Dog Owners - Uncommon Goods Logo
Handmade from recycled materials
Customized and personalized
Unique work of art
Beautiful memento
FROM $260.00
Best Gifts for Dog Owners - Bitch New York Logo
Relax and de-stress
Dog memorial
All-natural wellness
FROM $16.00
Best Gifts for Dog Owners - KipodiDesigns Logo
Quirky and cute
Handmade from wool
Perfect fit
FROM $20.00
Best Gifts for Dog Owners - FurHaven Logo
Meets major airline carry on rules
Can be used for car travel
Easy maintenance
Includes a weather guard
FROM $23.99
Best Gifts for Dog Owners - PetAssure Logo
Suitable for all pets & animals
No age limitations
No exclusions
No claim denied
FROM $10.00/mo
Best Gifts for Dog Owners - Embark Logo
Detailed breed information
Predict inherited illnesses
Incredibly accurate
Finds the dog’s DNA relatives
FROM $129.00
Best Gifts for Dog Owners - Proscenic Logo
Vacuums any pet hair
Custom cleaning schedule
Cleans all surfaces
Long-lasting battery
FROM $499.00

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Best Gifts for Dogs: Reviews

Subscription Boxes: BarkBox Subscription Review

Best Gifts for Dog Owners - BarkBox Subscription Review

Best Customizable Dog Presents

Rating: 9.9

  • Caters to allergies
  • Delicious treats
  • One-of-a-kind toys
  • Test out new products
  • Price from: $23.00 per box

If you want to surprise and treat your pet every month, subscription boxes are a prime choice. Your pet can get a monthly supply of toys, treats, food, apparel, etc. 

BarkBox is a fantastic example. It’s an affordable subscription service that offers healthy and high-quality treats, free from allergens and toxins. The box also comes packed with toys and chews.

It’s also a great option if you’re unsure what the dog in question likes as their owner can personalize almost everything.


  • Monthly surprise box
  • Variety of products
  • Customizable
  • Ideal for dogs that get bored easily


  • Some plush toys aren’t long-lasting

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CBD Treats: Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats Review

Best Gifts for Dog Owners - Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats Review

Best Wellness Dog Christmas Gifts

Rating: 10

  • Selection of flavors
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Numerous CBD benefits
  • Price from: $24.95

Use PETPEDIA for 15% Off at Checkout

CBD plays a major role when it comes to both mental and physical canine health. It provides numerous benefits.

From improving the overall well-being to easing more severe issues, such as alleviating arthritis pain, treating skin conditions, boosting the immune system, etc.

CBD treats are the tastiest way to improve your pup’s overall wellness while pampering them with a delicious snack. Honest Paws treats are among the best ones on the market.

They’re available in four tasty flavors and are made exclusively with high-quality ingredients.

Healthy CBD treats made from human-grade and all-natural ingredients also make for excellent birthday gifts for dogs.


  • Most dogs love these delicious treats
  • Ideal gift for a jittery or elderly dog
  • CBD has numerous health qualities


  • Not suitable for dogs who suffer from food allergies

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Full Honest Paws Review

Food: Jinx Bestsellers Bundle Review

Jinx Sampler Review - Gifts for Dogs

Great Dog Gifts for Any Occasion

Rating: 9.8

  • Delicious options
  • Rich in vitamins and nutrients
  • Celebrity favorite
  • Price from: $45.00

Treating your dog to a flavorful, healthy dinner is never a bad idea. It shows them that you care about them and their well-being. Better yet, it’s delicious food — they’ll love you even more for feeding them a yummy, flavorful dish!

Jinx is an excellent choice if you care about a holistic and healthy diet. Celebrities’ favorite brand offers kibble and treats you can buy separately or in bundles. Their bundles make for ideal dog gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions.

The Kibble Sampler contains:

  • Salmon, Brown Rice & Sweet Potato Kibble — packed with omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Great for dogs with chicken protein allergies.
  • Chicken, Sweet Potato & Egg Kibble — made with grain-free, lean, and human-grade ingredients.
  • Chicken, Brown Rice & Avocado Kibble — organic and grain-friendly. Packed with lean protein and healthy fats — an excellent option for picky dogs.

The bundle is an outstanding way for your pet to try a well-balanced diet. Plus, you get free shipping and satisfaction guaranteed with every order!


  • Fresh and canned options
  • Introduce more vitamins
  • Variety of flavors and textures


  • You may need to try a few companies to find what your dog likes best

Dog Toys: Bitch New York Nina Ottoson Twister Dog Toy Review

Best Gifts for Dog Owners - Bitch New York Nina Ottoson Twister Dog Toy Review

Best Relaxing and Educational Gifts

Rating: 10

  • Exciting and stimulating
  • Delicious reward
  • Improving behavior
  • Price from: $28.00

Nobody can say “no” to a cute toy; be it human or dog. What’s more, puzzle toys are especially useful for keeping your dog occupied and happy. They help stimulate the pup mentally and challenge them to solve specific problems (aka puzzles).

Furthermore, interactive toys are an excellent way to divert the dog from destructive behavior, keep them busy, and teach them problem-solving.

The Nina Ottoson Twister Toy makes for a great dog Christmas gift. The puzzle features drawers for treats or kibble and locks connected to them.

If your dog follows the steps, they’ll get a tasty reward. It will challenge your dog and reward them for their efforts.


  • Relax and entertain your pet
  • Challenge their intellectual capacity
  • Develop their mental skills


  • Heavy chewers may destroy plush toys quickly

Apparel: Thundershirt Grey Dog Review

Best Gifts for Dog Owners - Thundershirt Grey Dog Review

Best Dog Christmas Gifts for Stylish Pups

Rating: 9.7

  • Calming and de-stressing
  • Reduces fear
  • Looks stylish
  • Price from: $39.95

Dressing your dog up in cute outfits is loads of fun. However, it’s even better if the apparel is functional.

The Thundershirt is an excellent example of that. It looks like a neat gray vest, yet looks can be deceiving — it also applies light pressure on your pet’s body to calm and soothe them.

It’s useful for lowering anxiety, easing stress, and reducing fear. All the while making your dog look exquisitely stylish. 


  • Functional and fashionable
  • Protects from the elements
  • Keeps the dog warm and happy


  • Not all dogs like wearing clothes

Collars: FurHaven LED Safety Light-Up Dog Collar Review

Best Gifts for Dog Owners - FurHaven LED Safety Light-Up Dog Collar Review

Most Unique Dog Gifts

Rating: 9.8

  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Simple to use
  • Rain-resistant
  • Price from: $12.99

Use FURHAVEN5 for 5% Off at Checkout

If you like taking evening strolls with your dog where you let them roam around freely, you need something that will make them visible. Namely, you want to protect them from traffic and see them in the dark. Enter FurHaven’s LED collar.

This collar will keep your dog safe and seen (even in the dark). During the day, it looks like your average collar. However, when night falls, you can turn on the LED light that’ll make your dog visible from over 1,000 feet away.

The collar also comes with a water-resistant case that will protect it against rain. It’s the best present for dogs who enjoy evening walks with their humans.

You can also opt for an LED leash extender if you prefer it over the collar.


  • Fun and creative
  • Fashionable and functional
  • Good selection of colors and sizes


  • Can get a bit pricey

Dog Beds: FurHaven Calming Cuddler Long Fur Donut Bed Review

Good Christmas Gifts for Dogs Who Love Lounging

Rating: 9.9

  • Calming faux fur
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • High, pillowy bolsters
  • Price from: $30.99

Use FURHAVEN5 for 5% Off at Checkout

A soft, cozy, and comfy bed is an exceptional gift for dogs who like lounging around. Yet, a good bed can do more than just provide a good night’s sleep.

Take FurHaven, for example. The company has some of the best dog beds, yet their Donut Bed is something else. It’s designed to embrace your pet in a warm and cozy hug alleviating anxiety and promoting deep sleep.

The bolsters are quite high so as to create a “pocket” that keeps in heat and creates a self-warming effect. They’re also handy for hiding treats and toys.

Cuddly beds are great Christmas ideas for dogs as they’re perfect for nesters that like to cuddle into soft and pillowy edges.

They’re also extremely comfortable for belly-up sleepers and sprawlers.


  • Comfortable and comforting
  • Wide selection of styles and materials
  • Perfect for cuddling up


  • The more affordable options may not stay plump for as long

Dog Houses: PawHut Dog House Review

Best Luxury Gifts for Dogs

Rating: 10

  • Log cabin style
  • Durable and stable
  • Weather-proof construction
  • Price: $599.99

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If you have a spacious backyard where your pet spends a lot of time, a dog house can be their place for lounging and relaxing between fetch games. 

The PawHut cabin style house is an excellent choice. It’s eco-friendly, non-toxic, and made from fir wood.

Still, what makes this house the best gift for your dog is the elevated floor. Namely, this feature will protect your pet from moisture and insects.

Simultaneously, the vinyl curtains and side windows provide optimal air circulation and draft protection. It will also protect your pet from extreme heat and the sun.


  • Neat selection of designs
  • An excellent place to rest
  • Temporarily protects from the weather


  • Bulky and not the most affordable option around

Tech: Furbo Dog Camera Review

Best Presents for Independent Dogs

Rating: 9.9

  • Keeps the dog safe
  • Alleviates anxiety
  • Records important events
  • Price: $249.00

If you spend a lot of time away from home, working, and trying to provide for your beloved pet, tech gadgets can make both your lives easier (and happier).

Furbo is an awesome way to monitor their activities while away from home. It’s the best gift for dogs and owners who like smart gadgets. Namely, this device will keep your dog safe and happy even when you’re not around.

The camera distinguishes between a person and a dog, records all the important events, and stores them on the cloud. You can see your pup’s daily diary of activities and get real-time notifications about their barking, emergencies, and home intruders.

You can see your pet anytime, ease their separation anxiety by talking to them via the two-way audio or train them by tossing a treat.


  • Eases both the dog’s and the owner’s life
  • Multiple-purpose camera (fun, security, and training)
  • Track and spoil your pet from afar


  • Not the most affordable option around
  • Usually requires an app or a subscription

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers: Reviews

CBD Bundles for Pets & Owners: cbdMD Chewy CBD Bundle Review

Best Relax and Relief Gifts for Dog People

Rating: 10

  • Broad-spectrum hemp extract
  • Delicious pick-me-up
  • THC-free
  • Price: $64.98

CBD Wellness bundles will help you establish a healthy wellness routine while bonding with your best friend. You can create a pampering routine and improve your overall well-being together.

cbdMD delicious CBD gummies and chews bundle will provide both you and your pet with high-quality, THC-free gummies. The gummies are great for relaxing, lifting the mood, and easing any potential pain.

Both human and canine gummies are made from top-quality cannabidiol and are GMP certified. The products are also third-party tested to ensure safety, purity, and quality.

CBD bundles are luxurious and expensive gifts for dog lovers, so they’re the perfect gift for a partner, close friends, family members, or even yourself.


  • Provides a great bonding experience
  • Promotes health and well-being
  • Mix and match for a custom gift


  • You could choose the wrong potency

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Full cbdMD Review

Pet Prints & Portraits: Snapfish Canvas Prints Review

Best Dog Gifts for Humans Who Love Art

Rating: 9.9

  • Variety of sizes and options
  • Custom-made art
  • Superb decoration
  • Price from: $19.99

Pet prints, portraits, and collages are a fantastic way to give someone a custom-made gift. It’s also an excellent way to melt someone’s heart — particularly those you care for deeply.

Snapfish will allow you to upload your pet photos and select the size of your canvas. Get a canvas or a set of split or panoramic canvases. You can order a matching frame or have the canvas wrapped in color.

There’s even the option to add text and make personalized dog gifts for your fellow dog owners.

In addition, all canvases come with easy-to-install hanging hardware and are fairly lightweight.


  • Heart-warming and personal gift
  • Keeps the memory alive
  • Tons of styles and options


  • Some pet owners may not find it sophisticated

Home: Bitch New York Dog Candles Review

Best Dog Gift Ideas for Homebody Dog Owners

Rating: 10

  • Pet deodorizing
  • Light scent
  • Relaxing aromas
  • Price from: $16.00

Homeware is always a nice gift for homebodies and people who like to fill their homes with little things that remind them of their pets. 

Candles, in particular, are a great gift for any wellness-conscious dog owner. A lovely aromatic candle will keep any unwanted (dog) smells at bay while providing the full benefits of aromatherapy.

Bitch New York dog candles are incredibly efficient at this. They come in an extensive range of scents so that you can find the one for you. Best of all, they’re quite affordable.


  • Premium selection of home accessories
  • Brings fun to any home
  • Functional and decorating


  • The homeware may not match the home decor

Matching Apparel: KipodiDesigns Matching Beanies Review

Best Matching Dog and Owner Gifts

Rating: 9.8

  • Adorable design
  • Unique gift
  • Customizable hat and pom-pom color
  • Price from: $20.00

Coordinated and matching dog/owner outfits sound cheesy, but they can be super-adorable when done right. Matching gifts are best suited for quirky dog owners who adore their pets and treat them like their little fur babies.

The KipodiDesign matching beanies will keep you and your pup warm while looking like twinsies. Each beanie is handmade from wool and you can select the colors of the beanie and the pom pom.


  • Creative and fun gift
  • Cozy and convenient
  • For fashionable dog owners and pets


  • Some people and dogs are sensitive or allergic to wool

Carriers: FurHaven All Season Pet Tote Carrier With Weather Guard Review

Best Practical Gifts for People with Dogs

Rating: 9.9

  • Safe and secure
  • Washable base
  • Mesh panels for ventilation
  • Price from: $23.99

Use FURHAVEN5 for 5% Off at Checkout

Pet carriers, totes, and bags are an extraordinarily practical gift for people constantly on the go who don’t want to get separated from their pets.

FurHaven’s all-season tote is one of the best. It features a weather guard that’ll protect your pet from the elements. This pet carrier can be used for air and car travel, as well as a carrying purse.


  • Suitable for short weekend trips
  • Convenient for long airplane rides
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Higher-quality carriers can be expensive

Dog Insurance: Pet Assure Insurance Review

Gifts for New Dog Owners

Rating: 9.7

  • An alternative to the classic insurance
  • Covers all in-house medical services
  • No exclusions whatsoever
  • Price from: $10.00/mo

Newbie or senior, every dog owner needs pet insurance to cover medical bills for health issues and procedures or even wellness visits to the vet.

Pet Assure is one of the best pet insurance companies. Instead of paying monthly premiums and getting reimbursement for medical expenses, you pay for a membership. 

This membership will get your dog the best medical and wellness check-ups and procedures for a fraction of the price.

What makes pet Assure one of the best gifts for new dog owners is that there are no age restrictions, and all pre-existing conditions are accepted. There’s also no waiting period for any kind of coverage.


  • Great for new and experienced dog owners
  • Convenient plans
  • Superb vets and medical treatments


  • Can be costly in the long run

Dog DNA Test: Embark Breed ID Kit Review

Good Gifts for Health-Conscious Dog Lovers

Rating: 10

  • Detailed and accurate
  • Ancestry analysis
  • Genetic health conditions
  • Price from: $129.00

A dog DNA test is a fantastic gift for dog owners who want to discover more about their pet’s heritage. It can discover possible genetic diseases, details on all the breed genes the dog carries, and even parentage.

Embark DNA is one of the best pet DNA kits on the market. A simple swab will give you a detailed ancestry and breed analysis and check over 200,000 canine genetic markers for any health concerns.


  • Discover the breed of an adopted dog
  • Prepare for possible health issues
  • Learn more about your pet


  • Getting a swab can be uncomfortable for the dog

Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Proscenic M7 Pro Review

Best Cool Gifts for Dog Lovers

Rating: 9.9

  • Real-time mapping
  • Works on uneven surfaces
  • Intelligent dust collector
  • Price: $499.00

Robotic vacuum cleaners are the prime choice for dog owners with crazy work and life schedules.

Not everyone has the time to clean and vacuum pet hair every single day — hence why a robot vacuum cleaner will save you tons of time that you can spend playing and bonding with your best friend.

Proscenic M7 Pro is one of the best in its rank. It’s among the more expensive gifts for dog lovers, but it’s worth every penny. 

It creates a real-time map of your home and comes up with the most efficient cleaning plan. Its powerful suction will leave no pet hair behind, and your home will be dirt-free.


  • Excellent for busy pet owners
  • Schedule cleaning when convenient
  • Saves tons of time


  • Extravagantly expensive

How to Find the Best Gifts for Dog Owners and Dogs

It’s only natural that we want the best for people and pets we adore. That’s why choosing the perfect gift is the most challenging task there is. Luckily, our guide will help you choose the ideal gift for your faithful companion or favorite dog lover.

Choosing the Best Dog Gifts

Close to 80% of pet owners in the US buy their pets holiday presents. If you’re one of those people and you’re all out of ideas, think about these gifts:

Dog Toys

Dogs absolutely love toys, and you can never go wrong with getting one. Pick a toy that’s not only colorful and fun but also challenging to engage their brains and help sharpen their mental capacity and problem-solving.

Just steer clear from toys made from harmful materials or ones that contain toxic chemicals.

Fashionable Accessories and Apparel

Everyone loves looking cute and fashionable, and dogs are no exception. A personalized dog gift, such as a collar or collar tag, can make a huge difference when it comes to your pet’s appearance.

Accessories are not just for looks, they can also be functional. Rain booties will not only make your dog look extra cute, but they’ll also protect their sensitive paws, while a charming coat or a sweater will keep them warm and dry.


Wellness and pampering bundles might seem like ridiculous dog gifts, but dogs deserve to relax and live pain-free too. A bundle of CBD products can improve your pet’s overall well-being, promote health, and enhance their skin and coat quality.

Food and Treats

Tasty treats and delicious foods are never a bad idea. Some companies specialize in custom homemade cookies and treats and canine meal delivery services that will provide your favorite dog with a flavorful, healthy meal or snack.

However, make sure that they’re made from high-quality ingredients.

Choosing the Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

Finding the right gift for the people you love is challenging. Still, if you’re buying a gift for a dog lover, your options have just increased, considerably.

Depending on the type of dog parent, you could get:

  • A dog-themed gift, such as matching beanies, shirts, or coordinating bandana and a face mask.
  • Personalized gifts such as a memorial pendant so they can always remember their pet that’s no longer with them. Engraved jewelry or custom-made accessories are always trendy gifts for dog parents.
  • Gadgets and functional gifts are great for making your fellow pet owner’s life easier. A robot vacuum cleaner will save them valuable time that they can spend with their dog. A GPS collar will help them keep track of their pet too.

Similarly, a DNA kit will help them discover any illnesses their pet might have inherited. DNA kits can help them take better care of their dog’s overall health. Or, you could get them some pet insurance.

The Best Gift for Dog Lovers Should Be:


Match the gift to the recipient’s taste. Don’t buy a dog portrait or an engraved necklace pendant if your friend is not into art or doesn’t wear jewelry. Find the gift that matches their unique style and personality. Show them that you understand and care for them.


Don’t buy a coffee mug with “The World’s Best Dog Mom,” everyone can have that! Find a unique gift for dog lovers that will remind your friend of you.


If you’re buying a CBD wellness bundle, your friend and their dog can share food, treats, toys, and other stuff.

Still, pay close attention to the ingredients and the materials used to make the product in question. You want to endanger neither the dog nor your friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to get someone who loves their dog?

The answer to this question depends mostly on the type of dog owner. If they treat their pet like their baby, consider clothes, costumes, boots, fashionable accessories, and similar items.

If they’re on the go and travel a lot, get them a carrier or a car seat.

CBD bundles and wellness treats they can share are also a good idea.

The most important thing is to pay attention to the dog owner’s style and their dog’s character and match the gift accordingly.

What do you get a new dog owner?

New dog owners need everything, including a bed, a carrier, food, treats, and toys, as well as pet insurance and a DNA test kit to discover any health issues and protect their pet in a timely manner.

Our reviews offer a variety of ideas, and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for your specific needs.

What to buy someone who has lost their dog?

Losing a pet is a huge tragedy. Think of something personalized and custom-made. Pick a gift that will give the dog owner a sense of connection to their deceased pet.

For instance, you can choose something more affordable, like an engraved key chain or a pendant. Or, you can get them a portrait of their beloved pup.

Do dogs like gifts?

Absolutely — yes! Like humans, dogs love gifts. However, you need to think of the dog’s character in order to find the right gift for them. It can be as simple as their favorite snacks and treats, so do your homework beforehand.

Bottom Line

No matter whether you’re looking for an affordable but meaningful gift or you want to splurge and get the latest tech wonder, we’ve got the best gifts for dog owners and their pups.

Our list includes cheap and crazy expensive gifts for adventurers, tech nerds, dog parents, wellness, and health-oriented dog owners.

There are equally as exciting gifts for dogs. And they, too, deserve a gift every now and then merely for existing and bringing warmth to our hearts.

We’re sure that our reviews and buyer’s guide will make the search for the perfect gift easy and stress-free!

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