Looking for the best GPS dog collar? We’ve got you covered! We’ve chosen and rated the best GPS trackers on the market for efficiency, accuracy, and real-time tracking. Keep scrolling to learn more about them!

Take a Look at the Top 6 Brands in the Market

Fi Series 2 Product

Latest Tracker Device for your Pet in 2021

  • Sets safe zones and owners
  • Immediate text notifications
  • Tracks health goals
  • Works across the US
  • 30-day GPS trial and free shipping

Garmin T5 Latest Device

New Tracking Hunting Device

  • No subscription required
  • Rescue mode
  • GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • Incredibly wide range
  • Lights visible from up to 100yds

Tractive LTE Tracking Device

Top Tracking System Device

  • Unlimited GPS range
  • Dog-safe power button
  • Excellent customer service
  • Works in over 150 countries

Whistle GO Explore

Tracker used for Hiking

  • GPS, GLONASS, Wi-fi, Bluetooth
  • Proactive notifications and alerts
  • Tele-vet, health and fitness tracker
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • 90-day trial

Training Tracker & Activity Monitor

  • Tracking location and health
  • Remote sound and light activation
  • Vet records & health reminders
  • Great tech support
  • 90-day free trial

PetFon Tracker Device

Tracker with no Monthly Fee

  • Customizable voice command
  • Ability to define a safe area
  • Compact size, lightweight
  • Light and sound alarms
  • No SIM card or cell network required

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Top Products Reviews

With over 90 million pet dogs in the US, some will inevitably wander off or escape. No worries—real-time GPS tracking will help you find your lost pet or check in on them while they’re playing in a nearby field.

We found the best trackers on the market that will provide you with additional dog insurance. Our team used them with our pets, and came to a few important discoveries.

Fi Series 2 Product

star 10

Latest Tracker Device for your Pet in 2021

  • Subscription plan: annual ($99), biannual ($186), triannual ($248)
  • Collar: included (sizes S–XL)
  • Battery life: up to 3 months
  • Water-resistant: yes (IP68)

Available in four sizes and four colors, this collar uses an LTE-M cell signal, three GPS satellites, and a home base to maximize the accuracy and speed of data transferring. This dog-proof GPS collar also has Bluetooth.

Fi dog collar reviews state that owners really appreciate that the tracker notifies them immediately if their dog escapes.

However, the most outstanding feature is the collar’s battery life. The collar is smart—it detects bad signals and saves battery life, which can last up to three months, depending on the mode it’s in.

Another feature praised in Fi dog collar reviews is the LED light that makes night walks safer. It also flashes a red light in lost-dog mode so you can find your pet more easily.

The App

The collar connects to an app that also tracks your pet’s activity. It allows you to set steps and mile goals, and store history—useful when you need to provide your vet with health info.

What every Fi collar review, including ours, appreciates is that the app will also allow you to add as many dogs and members to your account as you wish.

You can also set restricted areas and connect with other Fi dog owners near you. You’ll get a free 30-day trial, but you’ll have to pay a subscription fee after.


  • + Sets safe zones and owners
  • + Immediate text notifications
  • + Tracks health goals
  • + Works across the US
  • + 30-day GPS trial and free shipping


  • Less accurate in cities with tall buildings
  • If the collar is out of service, it doesn’t show on the tracker

Garmin T5 Latest Device

star 9.8

New Tracking Hunting Device

  • Subscription plan: not required
  • Collar: included (regular and mini)
  • Battery life: 20–40 hours (regular), 16–30 hours (mini)
  • Water-resistant: yes (to 10 meters)

Garmin is a synonym for reliable GPS devices, and our Garmin dog collar review is here to assure you that their dog trackers are accurate and fast. There’s no monthly subscription or an app; you only need a handheld device to track your pet.

It’s equipped with a long detachable antenna, which gives it a wide range—4 miles (mini) and 9 miles (regular), and paired with LED beacons, noticeable from as far away as 100 yards.

For hunters and hikers, this is the best dog GPS tracker without a monthly fee.

However, high mountain ranges may reduce the GPS range. Every Garmin dog collars review will tell you that besides GPS, the brand also uses GLONASS—a Russian satellite system maximizing the precision and chances of locating your dog.

You can charge it through a computer, in a car, or via an AC port. There’s one major downside, though—you’ll have to buy the handheld device if you don’t already own one.

Other Products by the Brand

Our Garmin dog tracker review wouldn’t be complete without pointing out the device’s compatibility with Astro 430.

If you don’t already own Garmin’s handheld device, check out this bundle on Amazon—it comes with everything you need for tracking your dog successfully.


  • + No subscription required
  • + Rescue mode
  • + GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • + Incredibly wide range
  • + Lights visible from up to 100yds


  • Requires a handheld device to work
  • Weak battery life (compared to other trackers)

Tractive LTE Tracking Device

star 10

Top Tracking System Device

  • Subscription plan: Starts at $5.39
  • Collar: not included
  • Battery life: up to 5 days
  • Water-resistant: yes (IPX7)

Tractive GPS is a pet tracker that enables owners to pinpoint the exact location of their pets. It has an unlimited range and works in more than 150 countries, making it among the best GPS tracker for dogs.

Some of its great features include a virtual fence, which notifies you when your dog is no longer in the designated safe zone. It also has live tracking, which monitors your pet in LIVE mode and sends updates every few seconds.

Its compact and lightweight size fits any breeds from Chihuahuas to Bernese Mountain Dogs. This GPS tracker has a dog-safe power button that ensures your pet wouldn’t accidentally turn off any functions.

Despite Tractive being among the best GPS tracking devices for dogs, quite a few customers mentioned the battery requires frequent charging. It doesn’t last for a long time. Still, many buyers were quick to express how pleased they are with Tractive’s customer support’s professionalism.

The App:

When using the app, you’ll have peace of mind about your pet’s activity and live location. Want to keep a close eye on your dog’s health? It’s easy to do so when you set fitness goals for them and monitor their calorie consumption.

In case you have an escape artist, you’ll get alerted and receive a notification anytime they step outside their virtual fence. Another great feature is that the app shows you when the device battery is running low.


  • + Unlimited GPS range
  • + Dog-safe power button
  • + Excellent customer service
  • + Works in over 150 countries


  • Frequent charging to keep the battery alive

Whistle GO Explore

star 9.8

Tracker used for Hiking

  • Subscription plan: monthly ($9.95), annual ($95.40), biannual ($166.80)
  • Collar: not included
  • Battery life: up to 20 days
  • Water-resistant: yes (IPX 8)

Set up safe spaces and monitor your pet in real time with this tracker. Equipped with GPS, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and GLONASS, Whistle will inform you of your pet’s location via push, text, and email notifications as soon as your pet gets out of the safe zone.

Reviews on Whistle GO Explore GPS & activity tracker stress another highly positive feature: the device allows owners to see their dog’s whereabouts and activities from the last 24 hours. Also, the LED light will make it even easier to spot your dog.

You can attach the tracker to any collar or buy a Whistle collar. However, an occasional Whistle GO review claims that this device sometimes gives false signals or gets detached from the collar.

The App

The app will allow you to manage your pet’s day, set up safe zones, and track their health and fitness. It allows people to monitor their dogs’ sleeping, licking, scratching, behavior patterns and changes, and calculate portion sizes.

The best GPS dog tracker for training will (for a limited time) also give you unlimited access to on-demand vet help—via chat, phone, or email. The app will send you weekly and monthly wellness reports.

Other Products by the Brand

Whistle GO Explore may be the brand’s most advanced tracker, but they also offer Whistle GO and Whistle Fit trackers, which are somewhat cheaper and have slightly fewer features.

According to one Whistle GO GPS for dogs review, this device has a less durable battery and is rated IPX7 for water-resistance, while the Fit model only tracks health. You can find them both on Amazon (GO and Fit).


  • + GPS, GLONASS, Wi-fi, Bluetooth
  • + Proactive notifications and alerts
  • + Tele-vet, health and fitness tracker
  • + Durable and weatherproof
  • + 90-day trial


  • Some users complain the plastic attachment breaks easily
  • The tracker occasionally gives false signals
star 9.7

Training Tracker & Activity Monitor

  • Subscription plan: monthly ($9.95), annual ($95.40), biannual ($166.80)
  • Collar: not included
  • Battery life: up to 3 days
  • Water-resistant: yes (IP67)

Link AKC may be a cheap dog tracking system, but it’s incredibly good, and the American Kennel Club’s endorsement is proof enough.

Available in classic and sport versions, this stylish tracker will help you monitor, locate, and train your dog. The tracker can be attached to any collar, but you can also buy the brand’s matching genuine leather collar.

Some Link AKC smart collar reviews claim the tracker can sometimes be inaccurate, even though it employs GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-fi technologies.

Still, it’s worth the money, as it also has remote sound activation useful for dog training, and LED light for safe evening walks.

The App

Besides showing you your dog’s exact location, the app will also allow you to store and share adventures, hikes, and walks.

What every Link AKC GPS for dogs review also praises is the option of creating safe zones, storing vet records, activating health reminders, and getting timely alerts and notifications.


  • + Tracking location and health
  • + Remote sound and light activation
  • + Vet records & health reminders
  • + Great tech support
  • + 90-day free trial


  • Doesn’t work well in woods
  • Can be too slow, occasionally inconsistent
  • Weaker battery compared to the competition

PetFon Tracker Device

star 9.7

Tracker with no Monthly Fee

  • Subscription plan: not required
  • Collar: not included
  • Battery life: up to 8–16 hours
  • Water-resistant: yes (IP65)

Combining GPS, GLONASS, Bluetooth, and Wi-fi, this tracker offers up to 3.5 miles of coverage in open space and 0.65 miles in woods or city areas.

There’s one unique feature which no other tracker has and all PetFon (dog) GPS tracker system reviews admire—pre-recorded voice commands.

Record your voice and call back your dog with a push of a button if they wander off out of the safe zone.

Additionally, you can set sound and light alarms if your pet goes out of that zone.

However, the tracker’s only rainproof, so an accidental pond splash could affect its functioning. But, tracking your dog in real time, with no SIM card, cell network, or fees required, beats the weak battery life and poorer waterproofing.

Our PetFon (dog) GPS review has to note that the device is made only for tracking, not monitoring your pet, so it won’t work indoors. Moreover, bad weather and tall buildings may affect the tracker’s performance.


  • + Customizable voice command
  • + Ability to define a safe area
  • + Compact size, lightweight
  • + Light and sound alarms
  • + No SIM card or cell network required


  • Not designed for indoor use
  • Waterproofing and range could be improved


How We Selected and Ranked Each Tracker

Currently, there aren’t so many GPS pet trackers available on the market. Of course, this doesn’t mean just any of them will work perfectly well for your dog.

We combed through the market and found the best models available, then tested them to make sure they’ll work for you and your pet. Here’s what we took into consideration:

  • Tracker setup – a good tracker should be simple to set up and stay on your dog while they wander through fields, bushes, and woods.
  • Efficiency – the best GPS tracker for dogs is an efficient one, so our main focus was on whether the device lets you know your pet’s precise whereabouts.
  • Accuracy and real-time tracking are essential when you’re looking for a lost pet. We made sure every tracker on our list provides this.
  • GPS dog collar reviews by users are usually the most realistic, so we went through plenty of them to find out what other pet owners think of the devices.
  • Brand reputation – before we even considered writing a GPS dog collar review, we thoroughly researched the brands. Only transparent and honest brands with fair policies made it to our final reviews list.

What Is a Tracking Device and How Does It Work?

Selecting a good GPS collar might seem simple, but there’s much more you need to know besides your dog’s neck size. You need to consider different factors.

Our buyer’s guide will tell you all you need to know to select the right GPS tracker for your pup.

What Is a Tracking Device and How Does It Work?

It’s a device that’s attached or integrated into your pet’s collar to track their location at all times.

Depending on the tracker you have, you can access your dog’s location information via your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The tracker uses satellite signals via a Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate your dog no matter where they are and sends the coordinates to your device.

What Is a Geo-Located Collar?

GPS dog collars are similar to standard dog collars. They have an integrated tracker that works the same way as an ordinary GPS tracker.

Collars vs. Tags

As we’ve established, some GPS trackers are integrated into collars. However, there are also GPS tags that can be attached to your pet’s collar. They’re lightweight and shouldn’t bother your pet, but they can fall off or dislodge.

On the contrary, GPS for dogs reviews exhibit a general preference for collars as they can’t get displaced easily.

Tracking Devices Aren’t Only for Lost Pets

Many dog owners can benefit from dog trackers, not only those whose pets have escaped. They include:

  • Dog owners with extensive lands whose pets are free to wander through the grounds.
  • Dog owners with fast, active, and adventurous dogs who can bolt fences like no one. Equipping them with the best GPS for dogs will make exploring the outdoors carefree for both the dog and the owner.
  • Dog owners with pets who like to run away or hide behind beds, under laundry, and closets.
  • Hunters. If you’re in the woods with a hunting pack spotting your dog can be difficult. Dog GPS reviews claim that GPS collars can solve this problem, too.
  • Military and civilian rescuers who send rescue dogs beneath the rubble, searching for survivors.

Trackers vs. Microchips

A GPS tracker is under no circumstances a replacement for a microchip.

We recommend using some of the best dog GPS devices from our reviews list alongside a microchip. It stores your dog’s info and improves your chances of reuniting with your dog if they ever get lost.

Statistics say that chipped dogs are 2.5 times more likely to get reunited with their owner. As 99% of vet clinics and pet shelters have microchip scanners, your chances of reuniting with your lost pet are pretty high.

How to a Choose Tracking Device for Your Pet?

Here are some of the most important features you should consider when selecting a GPS collar for your dog:

  • Durability – a tracker that can endure the wear and tear, will last you a long time.
  • Range – make sure that the area you live in has a cellular or Wi-fi signal so the tracker can function.
  • Accuracy – go through every GPS dog collar review to make sure you choose an accurate tracker.
  • Subscription – check if you need to pay for using the tracker and whether the tracking system is worth the fee.
  • Water-resistance – water-resistant trackers will survive heavy rains, splashing in ponds, and rolling in mud.
  • Handheld device – helps you find your dog in areas with no cell coverage.
  • Battery life – again, go through dog tracker reviews to make sure you’re buying a device with a long battery life that can last until you find your lost dog.
  • Notifications and alerts – the more ways in which you can be alerted of your dog’s location, the better.
  • Real-time mapping – the best dog GPS tracker should show you your dog’s location in real time and make it easier for you to find them.
  • Additional features – safe zones, tracker scanning, and fitness and health monitoring will make your pet safer.

Selecting the Right Size

The best GPS collar for dogs should fit snugly around your pet’s neck. It shouldn’t choke them or slip off over their head. If you’re buying a tag, pay attention to the size and the weight of the device.

You shouldn’t purchase heavy and bulky trackers as they’ll burden or hurt your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download an app to use a tracking device?


Parakeets need a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids derived from seeds, nuts, fruits, and

It depends on the tracker you choose. Some will require you to download an app and possibly pay a subscription to receive data.

Others that use handheld devices or websites won’t require you to use an app, while certain trackers will only email or text you the data.

Do all devices require a monthly fee?


Absolutely not! You may not be able to find a GPS dog collar with no monthly fee easily, but they do exist.

Our list includes both a collar, the Garmin T5, and a tracker, the PetFon, so check out our reviews, as one of them will undoubtedly be right for your dog.

Which is the latest tracker for pets?


It depends entirely on your needs and your dog’s habits and behavior. Our list includes only the best trackers available on the market that cover all needs. Browse our reviews, and you’ll undoubtedly find what suits you best.

Does a tracker work?


As long as you buy them from trustworthy brands and follow the given instructions, you have nothing to worry about—the trackers will do their job.

Why should my pet have a tracker?


There are many reasons your pet should wear a tracking collar. The most common one is to find them quickly if they wander off or someone steals them.

GPS trackers also make life easier for people who own vast lands or go hunting in packs. They’re also great for locating dogs on rescue missions.

The Bottom Line

It’s important to say that there are no perfect GPS trackers, and you should always try to keep your dog safe and close to you.

Even the best GPS dog collar won’t prevent your dog from escaping or wandering off if they’re unsupervised.

However, it’ll make locating them much easier, so be sure to select one of the trackers from our list and keep your dog safe and sound!

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