Want to buy the absolute best parakeet food for your pet? You’re in the right place.

Our team has reviewed the highest-rated bird feeds and chosen the 7 best foods for a healthy and happy budgie. So, let’s take a closer look at which brands made the list

Want to buy the absolute best parakeet food for your pet? You’re in the right place. Our team has reviewed…

Want to buy the absolute best parakeet food for your pet? You’re in the right place.

Our team has reviewed the highest-rated bird feeds and chosen the 7 best foods for a healthy and happy budgie. So, let’s take a closer look at which brands made the list

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A Quick Glance at the Best Parakeet Food

Best parakeet diet for foraging
Naturally flavored & preserved
Nutrition + mental stimulation
Hand-inspected & lab-tested
Vet-recommended brand
Mixed shapes, textures, & colors
Contains fresh egg crumbles
Excellent price
Diverse & varied nutrient mix
Highly bioavailable
Encourages foraging behavior
Great value for money
FROM $6.73
Best-rated parakeet pelleted food
Naturally-sourced colors
Tropical smell
Made with highly cooked grains
FROM $11.67
A varied mix of seeds & grains
Supports skin & feather health
Rich in omega fatty acids
Enhanced with vitamins A & E
FROM $10.99
Fortified with a variety of vitamins
Hand-selected ingredients
Precise levels of nutrients
Minimizes waste
FROM $28.85
Parakeet food best for transition
Ideally sized pellets
100% satisfaction guaranteed
21 types of vitamins and minerals
FROM $44.52

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The Best-Rated Parakeet Food Reviews

Without further delay, let’s check out what the best bird feed brands have to offer. 

Lafeber Classic Avi-Cakes for Small Birds Review

Best Parakeet Food - Lafeber Classic Avi-Cakes for Small Birds Review 1

Best Parakeet Food for Foraging

Rating: 9.9

  • Weight: 8 oz 
  • Food form: cake 
  • Perfect “work-and-chew” diet
  • Price: from $5.85

Lafeber Classic Avi-Cakes contain 50% pellets & 50% wholesome, non-GMO grains for a balanced diet. 

The formula also includes omega fatty acids, sulfite-free veggies, and chelated minerals for even more health benefits and nutrients.

These natural, human-grade ingredients are bound by delicious cane molasses in a square shape. They are specifically designed to encourage and satisfy your bird’s foraging instinct as well as prevent boredom and feather picking. 

Users recommend Lafeber’s cakes as the most nutritious and delicious. They are undeniably the best food for a parakeet transitioning from an all-seed to a pellet diet. 

Main ingredients: Ground Corn, Canary Grass Seed, White Proso Millet, Hulled Oats, Wheat Flour

Other Lafeber products your pet will love:

Lafeber Parakeet Nutri-Berries — made with a healthy mix of pellets and berries

Lafeber Parakeet Pellets — one of the highest quality pellet diets for budgies


  • Vet-formulated 
  • No GMOs, artificial preservatives or flavors
  • Can be used both as the main diet and as a treat
  • Made in small batches 
  • Suitable for other small birds too


  • Some of the delivered bags were stale upon arrival 
  • Might get messy when broken up by birds

Kaytee Egg-Cite! Forti-Diet Pro Health Parakeet Food Review

Best Parakeet Food - Kaytee Egg-Cite! Forti-Diet Pro Health Parakeet Food Review

Best Parakeet Food Brand

Rating: 10

  • Weight: 5lb 
  • Food form: seed & grain blend
  • High in protein 
  • Price: from $14.21

Kaytee’s seed and grain-based parakeet food contains real egg crumbles — a fantastic source of high-quality protein, essential nutrients, and fatty acids. 

Besides farm fresh eggs, this food includes a variety of grass and plant seeds, working together to support the nervous and cardiovascular system and boost skin and feather health.

Kaytee reviews say this parakeet birdseed is particularly beneficial during breeding and molting, giving budgies the extra energy and protein they need during those periods. 

Main ingredients: Canary Grass Seed, White Millet, Oat Groats, Dried Whole Egg, Red Millet, Ground Wheat, Flax Seed, Ground Corn

Other Kaytee products to consider:

Kaytee Fiesta Parakeet Food delivering the same benefits with extra antioxidants for healthy immunity

Kaytee Supreme Parakeet Food contains natural seeds, grains, and pellets for a balanced diet


  • All-natural ingredients 
  • No chemicals or artificial flavors
  • Developed by avian nutritionists
  • Highly palatable food
  • Convenient and durable package


  • Some users complained about holes in the packaging 
  • Some users dislike the smell

Higgins inTune Complete & Balanced Diet Parakeet Food Review

Best Parakeet Food - Higgins inTune Complete & Balanced Diet Parakeet Food Review

Best Pellet Parakeet Food

Rating: 9.9

  • Weight: 2lb
  • Food form: pellets
  • Supports digestion
  • Price: from $11.67

Combining the power of science and nature, Higgins provides the best parakeet pellet food for your feathered friend.  

Formulated with highly cooked grains and protected probiotic, it promotes digestion of carbohydrates and maintains balance in the intestinal tract. 

Apart from being good for budgies, this organic parakeet food also looks and smells amazing. The vibrant colors are naturally-sourced from seeds, spices, and vegetables, while the tropical smell is derived from real bananas, pineapple, and citrus. 

Higgins reviews report that birds love the taste, aroma, and texture of this amazing parakeet food pellets

Main ingredients: Ground Corn, Brown Rice, Soybean Meal, Ground Wheat, Oat Meal

Other Higgins products to look at:

Higgins Vita Seed Parakeet delivers most of the same benefits, but it’s available in a seed mix for budgies that are still not used to a pellet diet.


  • All-natural ingredients 
  • Added protected probiotic 
  • No artificial colors & preservatives 
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals & amino acids
  • High in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids


  • A bit pricey
  • Some pets might not like the taste
  • A few complaints about faulty packaging

Wild Harvest Parakeet Advanced Nutrition Diet Review

Best Parakeet Food - Wild Harvest Parakeet Advanced Nutrition Diet Review

Best Parakeet Seed & Grain Mix

Rating: 9.8

  • Weight: 2lb, 4lb, 4.5lb
  • Food form: seed & grain blend
  • Boosts skin & feather health 
  • Price: from $10.99

Buy From:

Specifically created to promote healthy skin and lustrous plumage, Wild Harvest parakeet food is jam-packed with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

What’s more, the formula is enriched with the brand’s Color Amp Formula — an amazing source of antioxidants, carotene, and vitamins A and E. 

Wild Harvest’s seed and grain mix closely replicate your bird’s natural diet, encouraging the development of foraging skills and providing mental stimulation, as well as excellent nutrition. 

Parakeet seed reviews by bird owners say their pet birds love the combo of tasty grains and seeds, yummy fruits, protein-rich nuts, and nourishing vegetables. 

Main ingredients: Millet, Heat-Processed Soybeans, Oat Groats, Wheat, Cracked Corn, Flax Seed

Other Wild Harvest products you might be interested in:

Wild Harvest Daily Blend Nutrition Diet Parakeet, Canary & Finchpremium parakeet food available in many sizes and flavors to meet the needs of even the pickiest budgies. 


  • Natural ingredients 
  • Stimulates mental skills
  • Contains antioxidants, vitamins & minerals
  • Great value for money
  • Made in the US


  • A couple of parakeet bird seed reviews say that the pieces are too big for their birds
  • A few complaints about damaged packaging 
  • The official website isn’t very informative

Hartz Bonanza Parakeet Diet Review

Best Parakeet Food - Hartz Bonanza Parakeet Diet Review

Best Parakeet Diet For Overall Health

Rating: 9.7

  • Weight: 4lb
  • Food form: seed & grain blend
  • Great for overall well-being 
  • Price: from $28.85

Buy From:

Full of great-tasting, wholesome ingredients, Hartz Bonanza is one of the healthiest and best quality parakeet food available. 

The recipe contains a variety of vitamins, such as vitamins A and E that support the immune system, and vitamin D, which is a source of calcium.

The compounds in Hartz parakeet food are specifically selected for parakeets based on beak size, preferences, and nutritional value. 

In other words, this feed has ideal levels of protein, fat, and carbohydrates to keep your budgie in tip-top shape one of the reasons why Hartz users love this product. 

Main ingredients: White Millet, Red Millet, Oat Groats, Canary Grass Seed, Whole Wheat, Rape Seed, Ground Corn, Dehulled Soybean Meal, Flaxseed, Green Split Peas

Other Hartz products to choose from: 

Hartz Parakeets, Canaries, and Finches For Small Birds complete and balanced nutrition for small birds

Hartz Bonanza Parakeet Vegetable Blend a diverse mix of seeds and vegetables, stored in a jar to preserve freshness


  • 100% complete & balanced nutrition
  • Ideal levels of protein & carbs 
  • Convenient, resealable bag
  • Rich in omega fatty acids 
  • Plenty of positive reviews by parrot owners


  • A bit pricey 
  • Some complaints that the seeds at the bottom of the bag were crushed

ZuPreem FruitBlend with Natural Fruit Flavors Small Bird Food Review

Best Parakeet Food - ZuPreem FruitBlend with Natural Fruit Flavors Small Bird Food Review

Best Tasting Parakeet Food

Rating: 9.7

  • Weight: 14oz, 2lb, 10lb
  • Food form: pellets
  • Refreshing fruity taste & smell 
  • Price: from $44.52

Buy From:

ZuPreem FruitBlend is tasty and healthy offering the best of both worlds. 

This parakeet pellet food is packed with all the essential nutrients an active bird needs. Plus, it contains all the parakeets’ favorite fruits, like oranges, apples, grapes, and bananas.

The ingredients, the fruity aroma, the flavor, and the various shapes and colors are all specifically designed to entice parakeets and keep them coming back for more. 

There are numerous ZuPreem reviews online claiming that parakeets love the tropical taste. Professionals also recommend this as the best kind of parakeet food to help budgies transition from seeds to pellets. 

Main ingredients: Ground corn, Soybean meal, Ground wheat, Wheat germ meal, Sugar, Vegetable oil, Oranges, Apples, Grapes, Bananas, Calcium carbonate

Other high-rated products from ZuPreem:

ZuPreem Natural a well-balanced diet for small birds, including parakeets and finches

ZuPreem Smart Selects Parakeet Food enhanced with probiotics for healthy digestion


  • High in nutritional value
  • Made in the US
  • Highly palatable diet
  • Fruity flavors & varied texture 
  • Affordable price


  • High sugar content
  • Not a lot of information on the official website 
  • Some complaints of delayed orders

What We Considered While Choosing the Best Food for Parakeets

Here’s a brief list of the factors we used to rank the best-rated parakeet food available right now.

  • Ingredients
  • Variety
  • Health benefits
  • Price 
  • User reviews
  • Other similar products by the company

Only the best parakeet food brands that received the highest marks in each category were included in our final selection. 

What to Consider Before Buying Parakeet Feed?

Are you a first-time owner who is unsure of what to feed a budgie? Or a seasoned pet owner who simply wants to brush up on the latest developments in the area of bird nutrition? Our guide has all the information you need. 

What Can I Feed My Parakeet?

Birds are one of the most popular pets around the world. Taking care of them is a lot of fun, but it’s a big responsibility, too. 

To thrive, parakeets need a rich and varied diet that closely mimics their diet in the wild. All the while, the food needs to be adapted to the less active lifestyle of domesticated birds. 

The most common foods for parakeets include: 

  • Seeds these are small birds’ favorite food and the easiest for pet owners to buy and provide. However, seeds alone can’t provide a nutritious diet for a budgie.  

A 100% parakeet seed diet doesn’t meet calcium, protein, and amino acid requirements, causing nutritional deficiencies and health issues. In fact, a budgie’s diet should consist of 10 to 20% of seeds or about two teaspoons of mixed seeds a day. 

  • Pellets pellets are designed to provide the nutrients that a seed-only diet cannot. Ideally, they should account for almost 80% of your pet’s daily diet. 

Parakeet pellets should be introduced to your parakeet gradually, and even though it might take weeks to transition from seeds to pellets, it’s well worth the effort.  

  • Fruit and Veggies — as a great source of vitamins and minerals, vegetables (kale, spinach, Romaine lettuce, carrots, and broccoli) and fruit (pears, apples, oranges, grapes, melon, and berries) should be included in a parakeet’s daily diet.
  • Nuts nuts and legumes, like garbanzo beans and lentils, are nutritious and the best source of protein for a playful and healthy parakeet. 

What Parakeet Foods Aren’t Considered Safe?

Some foods are toxic to budgies or may cause health complications. These include:

  • Mushrooms
  • Food with caffeine 
  • Avocado
  • Onions and garlic
  • Potatoes and eggplants 
  • Tomato leaves

Avoid feeding your parakeet spoiled food or a seed mix that has been sitting out for too long.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to feed a parakeet?

Parakeets need a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids derived from seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

How much does parakeet food cost?

According to ASPCA, annual food costs for budgies amount to about $75. Food is one of the lowest expenses when owning a parakeet a high-quality bird cage, supplies, and vet visits cost much more. 

What is the best place to buy parakeet food?

Most of the best-rated bird feed brands can be found at most of the reliable online retailers. See which one offers the best prices (shipping, discounts), and place your order. 

Is human food a part of a parakeet food list?

Try to avoid giving your pet bird human food high in calories, fat, and sugar. Stick to natural and organic parakeet bird food, and you shouldn’t have any issues with your budgie’s health. 

What is the best parakeet seed mix?

Seeds like safflower, groats, millet, and sunflower seeds are considered the best because they’re the lowest in fat content.

The Bottom Line

Are you ready to buy the best parakeet food for your pet bird? Hopefully, our reviews have helped you make the right choice and brought you closer to providing the best possible care for your budgie.

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