If your dog makes a mess every time they drink water or eat, this is the article for you. Spill-proof bowls are becoming a choice for more and more pet owners, and once you try them, you can never go back.

Recognizing this popularity, we’ve looked for the best spill-proof dog bowl choices and reviewed them for you. Without further ado, let’s find out which bowls are in our top 5.

Editor’s Choice Top 6 Products

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Ono Bowls

Best Overall

  • Suction grip prevents the bowl from tipping
  • Efficiently catches spills
  • Easy to clean
  • Quality durable materials

UPSKY Dog Bowl

Best Quality

  • Keeps the water clean
  • Great bowl for messy drinkers
  • Prevents overdrinking
  • For all dog sizes

Frisco Double Stainless Steel Pet Bowl

Top Choice for Small Dogs

  • Comes with two bowls
  • Silicone mat included
  • Great for cats too
  • Suitable even for the smallest pets

Prestige Pets Road Refresher

Best for Travel

  • Velcro tape for added stability
  • Great for car trips
  • Lightweight
  • Tapered lid for extra no-spill protection

Petmate No Spill Bowl

Top Value for Price

  • Lightweight
  • Effective for dogs with long ears
  • Useful for traveling
  • Sturdy top

Top 6 Products in Detail

When you buy top-quality dog food, you don’t want it to spill or fall on your floor. That’s why we searched and tried out the dog bowls that will allow you to live a mess-free life. 

So, here are our reviews.

Ono Bowls

star 10

Best Overall

  • Capacity: 16oz to 32oz per bowl
  • Material: Stainless steel, Silicone
  • Compatible With: Dry food, wet food, water
  • Breed Size: Small to Large
  • Feature: Single or double bowls on a mat

Ono bowls come from the producers of ezpz kids bowls and use the same quality materials. The great bowl has already been a game-changer bowl for many pet owners. 

It’s the best dog bowl with a mat that can stop even the messiest dogs. It has two size options, the Good Bowl (small and medium dogs) and the Great Bowl (large dogs) that come as a single bowl on a mat or two bowls on a mat. 

What we especially liked about the Ono great bowl was its durability. The silicone is virtually impossible to break or chip, and the stainless steel bowl can last a lifetime even with the most aggressive pup. 

Although you would normally need to wash a metal bowl by hand, the Ono bowl is completely dishwasher safe. This can save some precious time and ensure that the bowl is completely clean and safe for your dog. 

The silicone mat sticks to any flat surface and keeps the bowl steady, preventing spills. There’s no chance you’ll get any liquids on your floor, plus, anything that does fall out is caught on the silicone mat. 

According to user comments, even the largest dogs are unable to unstick it from the floor. Of course, if you’ve properly applied it to a nice flat surface.

With that said, because it’s made to be steady and not move, it’s sometimes difficult to separate the mat and the bowl for washing. 

Both the small and large bowls are the perfect sizes. Their 16oz is idea for small to medium pets, while their 32oz option is perfect for large breeds. It’s a simple solution to prevent spills, messes, and the necessity of buying new bowls every time your dog destroys them.


  • + Suction grip prevents the bowl from tipping
  • + Efficiently catches spills
  • + Easy to clean
  • + Quality durable materials


  • Can be tricky to separate the bowl from the mat

UPSKY Dog Bowl

star 9.8

Best Quality

  • Capacity: 35oz
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Compatible With: Water
  • Breed Size: All sizes
  • Colors: basic, blue, pink, and white

Upsky Dog Bowl is a no-spill dog water bowl great for sloppy drinkers. So, if your dog drinks water too fast or drips water everywhere, this is a product for you.

It has a floating disc that distributes water once the dog presses the top. We’ve tried it, and it works flawlessly. It distributes just enough water to keep the dog from spilling or drinking too much too fast.

What we liked most was that the water could not get in contact with dust or pet hair. In short, the water your dog drinks is always clean. That being said, it’s still essential to clean the bowl thoroughly every day. 

If the water is left to stay in the bowl for more than one day, it will no longer be fresh and might start to smell. Fortunately, it’s easy to disassemble, and you can clean it with regular dish soap and a sponge.

Upsky Dog Bowl also has rubber caps on the legs, so it’s not easy to move. All of this makes it one of the most useful splash-proof and anti-spill bowls.


  • + Keeps the water clean
  • + Great bowl for messy drinkers
  • + Prevents overdrinking
  • + For all dog sizes


  • Must be cleaned thoroughly every day

Frisco Double Stainless Steel Pet Bowl

star 9.9

Top Choice for Small Dogs

  • Capacity: 14oz per bowl
  • Material: Silicone, Stainless Steel
  • Compatible With: Dry Food, Wet Food, Water
  • Breed Size: Extra small, Small, Medium
  • Color: light gray

Frisco’s Double Stainless Steel Pet Bowl is an excellent choice for dog owners that are tired of tipped and messy pet bowls. Those who’ve tried it loved how well the bowls fit into the silicone and the mat stuck to the floor. A dog can’t move the bowls nor make a mess.

There are two bowls that can serve either two pets, two types of food, or water and food. They are pretty shallow, but they are wide. This means that even the smallest dogs can get to their food or water.

Moreover, even though this is a review of dog bowls, we must mention that this product is great for cats as well. Since cats have very sensitive whiskers, they actually prefer shallow and wider bowls.

Customers only wished that these pet bowls came in larger sizes for bigger dogs.


  • + Comes with two bowls
  • + Silicone mat included
  • + Great for cats too
  • + Suitable even for the smallest pets


  • Customers wished for bigger sizes

Prestige Pets Road Refresher

star 9.8

Best for Travel

  • Capacity: 20-47oz
  • Material: BPA-free plastic
  • Compatible With: Water
  • Breed Size: All sizes

Prestige Pets Road Refresher is a mess-free dog water bowl that you can take with you anywhere.

The bowl distributes just enough water for a dog to drink slowly. With the floating mechanism and the tapered lid, there’s no chance the water will go anywhere. 

Moreover, we noticed that while the openings at the side of the bowl are convenient for picking it up, they might also enable more curious dogs to pick up the bowl and spill the water. This is where the velcro at the bottom comes in handy, though.

It can also be a great addition to the traveling essentials, such as the comfortable dog seat belt and the calming CBD treats. Also, the velcro allows it to be attached to almost anything in a car, providing additional stability. 

On the downside, even though it’s designed to be easy to use, some customers noted that it can be difficult to disassemble. Since it has to be cleaned thoroughly every day, some pet owners might find the design inconvenient.


  • + Velcro tape for added stability
  • + Great for car trips
  • + Lightweight
  • + Tapered lid for extra no-spill protection


  • Some customers found it difficult to clean

Petmate No Spill Bowl

star 10

Top Value for Price

  • Capacity: 48 oz
  • Material: Plastic
  • Compatible With: Water
  • Breed Size: Small, Medium

Petmate’s No Spill Bowl is an excellent solution for all owners that want the results but don’t want to spend a lot of money on their pet’s bowls.

This bowl comes with a sturdy top that stops the water from falling out. The top also helps dogs with long ears remain dry while drinking because of its shape. Since it’s tight, it’s a bit more difficult to take off when cleaning. 

Petmate’s bowl is lightweight and easy to use when traveling to reduce water spillage. But, since it’s lightweight, it’s easy to tip off. There’s no added no-tip security. So, if you have an energetic and curious dog set on turning it over, this bowl is not for you. 

It’s also more suitable for smaller to medium dogs than the large ones. It cannot take enough water that a large dog needs, and they’ll easily tip it over.

All in all, if you have a smaller dog that likes to spill but not tip off its bowl, this bowl might be a great solution for you.


  • + Lightweight
  • + Effective for dogs with long ears
  • + Useful for traveling
  • + Sturdy top


  • Not tip-off proof


How to Choose the Best Spill Proof Dog Bowl

Choosing the top-quality dog bowl for your messy pet can be quite a challenge. That’s why we’ve researched everything to help you. 

Here are some things you should pay attention to when buying a non-spill bowl. 


Top-quality food bowls are mainly made of stainless steel. To be spill-proof, the best dog bowl might come with a mat or a stand. 

On the other hand, spill-proof dog water bowls must be made of either stainless steel or BPA-free plastic.

All the materials used must be completely food safe.


The size you should choose depends on your dog. For example, you can’t expect a Dalmatian to use a 14-oz bowl. 

If you have a small dog, you should look for wide bowls that are not too deep. Bigger dogs, on the other hand, need larger bowls that can fit an entire meal.

Purpose & Use

Although food bowls can be used as water bowls, too, it’s better to choose a specialized water bowl if you want to avoid spilling. They make your dog drink slowly and spill and drip less.

The bowl cannot be too complicated to use and clean. If the bowl is overly complicated to use, the dog will be more interested in playing with it than using it for its actual purpose. If it’s too difficult to clean, you won’t clean it often enough, and it can become moldy.

Spill-Proof Design 

All no-spill bowls must have some part that prevents tipping and spilling. For example, some things that can help are:

  • A silicone mat that catches all the food or water that falls down
  • A tapered lid that stops the food/water from falling out
  • A mechanism that dispenses a small amount of food/water
  • An elevated rim, making it impossible for a pet to move tip the bowls


Do spill-proof dog bowls work?

Yes, they do. Spill-proof bows are specifically made to prevent your dog from making a mess.

Just don’t expect miracles. If your dog is energetic, loves playing with water, or likes chewing on everything, you might need to try a few different bowls to find one that’ll work for you.

How do no-spill dog bowls work?

No-spill dog bowls prevent a mess by using tapered lids, silicone mats, or specialized mechanisms.

But, the largest part of their success comes from the fact that they can’t be tipped over.

What do you do for a messy drinker?

For a messy dog drinker, the best solution is a non-spill water bowl. They come with a mechanism that distributes enough water to drink but not enough to spill. 

How to clean your dog bowl?

To clean your dog bowl, you should wash it like your own dishes. 

If it’s dishwasher safe, and most are, it’s the best way to clean them. If not, some dish soap and water will do the job.

How do you use a no-spill water bowl?

Most no-spill water bowls, including the ones we listed, have a floating part that limits the amount of water that is on the surface. This makes drinking less messy.

By pushing down the floating part, dogs can get access to more water.


These bowls are a lifesaver for most pet owners. By choosing them, you will no longer have food and water all over your house. 

If you’re one of the owners with a dog who is a messy eater/drinker, we hope our reviews and advice can help you find the best spill-proof dog bowl you can both enjoy.

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