Celebrate the Beauty of Bulldogs on April 21

Celebrate the beauty of Bulldogs - Featured Image
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Did you know that there is a day celebrating the Bulldog breed? Indeed, on April 21st, we celebrate this great wrinkle-faced breed. That includes American, French, and English — all beautiful in their own way.

We should start by learning a bit of the history of the breed:

  • It begins around the 5th century in England, with some reports suggesting even earlier. In the early days, the dog was used for controlling livestock. It was also used for bull-baiting until that was made illegal in 1835.
  • In the 1600s, the Bulldog sailed to the US. In 1886, the American Kennel Club officially recognized it as a breed. 
  • The “Bulldog Club Incorporated” was established in 1875 in the UK, and it’s the oldest breeding club.

Bulldogs are a very popular breed in the US. With over 150 breeds globally, the French Bulldog ranks as the 4th most popular breed, and the Bulldog (technically separate breed) ranks 5th.

We can see why. While it was bred to be aggressive in its early days, the modern bulldog is a loving, wrinkly, and slobbering companion. They are strong and super-protective of their human companions, especially children.

So, how can you celebrate this wonderful breed?

  • Simply show your love and appreciation. Give them extra treats, let them sleep in your bed. 
  • Buy them a new toy. We’ve created a list of the best toys, and you can check it out if you’re unsure what to get.
  • Another way to showcase your pup is by taking it to Drake University’s Most Beautiful Bulldog Contest. Home to the Bulldogs, the university has held the event for over 40 years. You can enter the pageant and win prizes. 

However you choose to celebrate your furry friend, we have no doubt they will be grateful for it. Just make sure to show your dog the same love it shows you every day. And don’t worry about the saliva. It’s all fun. 


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