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written by Martina Vasilev Last Update: August 5, 2022

About 1800PetSupplies

1800PetSupplies is a one-stop shop for pet owners and animal lovers. Whether you are looking for supplies for a dog, cat, bird, fish, or ferret, 1800PetSupplies can...show more

1800PetSupplies is a one-stop shop for pet owners and animal lovers. Whether you are looking for supplies for a dog, cat, bird, fish, or ferret, 1800PetSupplies can help you to find exactly what you need for your animal. You can find high-quality pet supplies from respected brands at the most competitive prices on the Internet.

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Are you looking for pet supplies, food, clothes, toys, or medication? 1800PetSupplies is a division of TABcom, LLC — a company that’s been in the pet industry for over 50 years.

This company’s website is truly a one-stop destination for pet owners and animal lovers. With 1800PetSupplies coupons, you get to spoil your pets while getting fantastic discounts on a wide variety of products.

Discount Codes for 2022

We’ve all added things to our shopping cart and wondered whether we could find the product at a lower price or perhaps wait for the next seasonal discount.

However, there is a way to save money without waiting. Before finalizing those purchases, be sure to check all the coupons and promo codes for 1800PetSupplies.

After all, why not enjoy the benefits of paying less than the full price?

Types of Offers

Being a brand new customer comes with its perks. For example, you get to enjoy a generous discount when using 1800PetSupplies 30 off on your first shopping spree.

Once you start browsing the website, you’ll get various promos on different products. In the past, we’ve seen anywhere between 20% to 50% off most items.

Between seasonal sales, clearance items, and frequent free shipping, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that come with using a 1800PetSupplies coupon code.

How to Find Discount Vouchers

If you’re looking for a 1800PetSupplies coupon code, you’ll quickly see it displayed on the website’s main page. Moreover, you can also find some coupons on third-party sites.

Rewards for Subscribing to a Newsletter

Are you worried that you might miss out on a great deal? Don’t be! Signing up for the weekly newsletter guarantees you that you’ll always be the first one to know about the best  1800PetSupplies promo codes, offers, and products.

How to Redeem your Discount

  1. Go to the official 1800PetSupplies website.
  2. Find a product you like, and click on “Add to Cart” when you’re ready.
  3. Click on the cart icon in the top-right corner of your screen.
  4. Select “Checkout.”
  5. The 1800PetSupplies discount code will apply automatically.

How to Save Without and Discount Vouchers

Using 1800PetSupplies promo codes and coupons is not the only way to get the best offers. There are plenty of other options to save money while shopping on the website.

Seasonal and Holiday Sales and Discounts

The website offers some of the best discounts for most holidays.

Some of the recent sales include more than 100 discounted items for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. During those sales, there were coupons from 20% off up to 60% off. So, make sure to check the official website around the holiday season.


An auto-ship program also helps customers save valuable time and money without using the 1800PetSupplies coupon.

When you schedule a weekly or monthly door delivery purchase, you also get 10% off at the same time. Note that some products are excluded from this program due to the manufacturer guidelines.

Of course, you can always modify the quantity, frequency, and method of your payment and cancel your order at any time.

Free Shipping

There is free shipping, but unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to all products on the website. To avoid paying an extra fee, you would have to look for the 1800PetSupplies free shipping code on qualifying items.

Keep in mind that the offer is only valid for continental US states, and it costs $29.95 to ship products to Hawaii or Alaska.

Also, know that international shipping is available, but special prices apply. So, if you’re ordering from across the globe, there might be some extra taxes you’d have to pay.

Return Policy

One of the great things about 1800PetSupplies is the simplicity of their return policy. If you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days from the day you receive your order to send it back. However, the product has to be unopened and unused.

Also, keep in mind that certain products, such as prescription medications and vaccines, are ineligible for a return.


What is the 1800PetSupplies contact number in case I have a question about my purchase?

First, you can check the “order support” section at the bottom of the official website. If you can’t find an answer to your question there, you can also contact the company at (888) 809-0748.

Do I need a free shipping code to get free shipping?

Most of the products automatically qualify for free shipping without any discount codes. All you have to do is click on the specific item and see if free shipping is in the description. If the product doesn’t qualify, you can also find a 1800PetSupplies free ship coupon.

What is the best Discount Available?

For higher-priced items, such as medication, yearly flea and tick control, or dog houses, it is best to seek 1800PetSupplies 30 off coupons. For regular monthly purchases, such as food, the most useful coupon would be the free ship coupon mentioned above, or you can save with the autoship option.

Do the Promotion Vouchers ever expire?

Yes, promo codes have an expiration date, and they change based on different inventory. Reading the fine print will always give you the information needed.

Are there other ways to save?

You can find a lot of different products in the sale and clearance section. Seasonal sales are another great way to save a few dollars without using any 1800PetSupplies coupon codes. Also, you can redeem 10% when you register for auto-shipping.

Never Run Out of Supplies Again!

It’s never been easier, more convenient, and more fun to do online shopping. When you use 1800PetSupplies coupons, you get to not only purchase high-quality products but also do it without worrying about overspending.

Remember to sign up for the weekly newsletter so you can stay informed about the latest sales, deals, and 1800PetSupplies discount codes.

Auto-ship, coupons, and seasonal sales are a perfect combination to stock up on necessary items.