As Embark reviews describe it, DNA magic is the test kit that detects our pets’ genetic predispositions to certain diseases. DNA tests can also determine breed mixes — good news for many of those that adopted their doggie.

So, are you ready to find out if Embark is worth your money?

We researched everything you need to know in this Embark DNA test review

A Quick Glance at the Embark DNA Testing Kits

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Embark Breed and Health Kit

Key Features

  • The highest-rated DNA test across the board
  • Information on wild ancestry
  • Allows you to connect with your dog’s relatives
  • Partnered with University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Easily understandable test results

Embark Dog DNA Test Breed Identification Kit

Key Features

  • 98% coverage of US dog breeds
  • Testing for the ancestry of 350 breeds
  • Research-grade DNA testing
  • Free canine relative finder
  • Village dogs ancestry geographic identification
  • Free consultation with Embark vet geneticist

Embark for Breeders Dog Breeding Package

Key Features

  • Easily comparable results
  • Free breeder expert consultation
  • Inbreeding assessment
  • Fast delivery

Embark for Breeders Dog Litter Package

Key Features

  • Breed-relevant health risks assessment
  • COI
  • Affordable test kits
  • Easily comparable results
  • Up to 11 DNA tests
  • Free expert consultation

Embark for Breeders Dog DNA Test Kit

Key Features

  • Unlimited test kits per order
  • Affordable per kit price
  • OFA – Approved
  • Breed-specific tests

Embark Reviews of the Products in Detail

The first dog breed dates back to Ancient Egypt in 329 BC, dog facts reveal. Since then, people have been interested in dog breeding as much as they’ve been interested in enjoying this lovely creature’s company.

Per the national breeder clubs and OFA, Embark Veterinary developed special test kits that employ the latest technology to fit both dog-owners’ and breeders’ needs.

The CLIA-Certified Laboratory that conducts the tests, the highly qualified personnel and the collaboration with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine has earned this brand the envy-inciting reputation.

But what is the scope offered by each of these tests, and what is the price? Check out this Embark DNA test review of each of their products, and find out which one, if any, is the test that matches your queries.

Embark Breed and Health Kit

star 10

Key Features

  • 190+ genetic health conditions
  • 20 traits tested
  • 350+ breeds identified
  • Expert consultation with Vet Geneticist
  • Find dogs relatives through DNA

This Embark test kit is the star among the products of this brand, according to the Embark DNA reviews. The scope of this popular kit is vast, from tests for genetic health risks to breed mix breakdown and evaluation of more than 20 physical traits.

What we liked in this DNA test kit is how exhaustive it is. The results allow the owners to come up with a customized care plan for their dogs, whether they do this by themselves or with the help of a veterinarian.

Furthermore, the breed identification breakdown offered in this Embark dog DNA test kit will show the tested dog’s ancestry. This may perhaps explain some of the behavior traits that make it unique, which might help you train your pup more efficiently.

What’s more, by ordering this all-encompassing DNA testing, you will gain access to the database of dogs that are related to yours (if they’ve been tested as well).

In that way, you can construct a family tree for your pet or even meet the owners of your pet’s relatives and organize a playdate for the pups.

We loved this test because it tests for nearly 200 health conditions. It is ideal for helping the pet owner prepare for any health issues expected in their dog’s future.

This way they can take action early and reduce, or even prevent, potential health problems in the future.


  • + The highest-rated DNA test across the board
  • + Information on wild ancestry
  • + Allows you to connect with your dog’s relatives
  • + Partnered with University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • + Easily understandable test results


  • The predicted weight not always accurate

Embark Dog DNA Test Breed Identification Kit

star 9.8

Key Features

  • Expert consultation with Vet Geneticist
  • 20 traits tested
  • 350+ breeds identified
  • Find out your dogs breed
  • Ideal for rescues

As dog statistics reveal, more than 3.3 million dogs are abandoned or brought to US animal shelters every year, and only about 23% of them get adopted. If your dog is one of these, surely you’d love to know your dog’s breed.

This Embark dog DNA test breed identification kit is mainly used for this purpose, as user testimonials reveal. Moreover, it’s also used as a breeding tool since it can help breeders choose the best dogs for mating.

The genetic studies for the history of dogs have shown that over 400 dog breeds are descendants of the majestic gray wolf. Still, too high a “wolfiness” percent is not a favorable trait in the breeding community.

For that reason, this Embark dog test will block the dog-relative finder tool for dogs with high wolf content that is present in the last three generations.

Embark respects the user’s privacy, meaning that the customer can keep all of their results private if they choose to, which is something we really appreciate.

With that said, taking test samples and the overall process is straightforward. Once the results come in, it’s very simple to read them, plus you get guidance along the way if you have any questions.

On the negative side, as with the previously reviewed Health+Breed identification Embark DNA kit, this product’s popularity also influences shipment processing. This means that it can sometimes take longer than a week.


  • + 98% coverage of US dog breeds
  • + Testing for the ancestry of 350 breeds
  • + Research-grade DNA testing
  • + Free canine relative finder
  • + Village dogs ancestry geographic identification
  • + Free consultation with Embark vet geneticist


  • Some customers expected more details for the price

Embark for Breeders Dog Breeding Package

star 10

Key Features

  • Number of test kits: 2
  • Expert Consultation: Included (Expert Breeder)
  • Risk of genetic health conditions relevant to the breed
  • Coefficient of inbreeding
  • 20+ physical traits

There is a practical side of this test that we particularly value. Namely, breeders can use the test in different ways that lead to better-quality litters.

For example, with this Embark test, breeders can test their dogs to check whether they are carriers of mutations in their genes. If they are, this could lead to health issues in the next generation.

They can also compare the non-visible traits of two dogs to get an estimation of what their pups could look like. This makes this test a perfect tool for litter planning.

Additionally, a comparison between the DNA characteristics of two same-gender candidates for breeding can be made to determine which one has a better chance of producing healthier offspring.

The coefficient of inbreeding (COI) in the Embark results is significant for reducing the risk of potential deformities in the litter or the occurrence of other health problems.

To put it simply, this coefficient shows the extent to which the ancestors of a dog were inbred (bred between closely related individuals).

This is an undesirable characteristic since the higher this coefficient is, the greater the chances of pups being born with health issues.

All of this might sound confusing to an average owner. Fortunately, the Embark team offers its customers a free consultation session with an expert Embark breeder once they receive the results.

There is one downside, though — only one package can be purchased per order. Of course, you can buy more packages, but you’d need to either make separate orders or contact customer service.


  • + Easily comparable results
  • + Free breeder expert consultation
  • + Inbreeding assessment
  • + Fast delivery


  • Minimum and maximum of two packages

Embark for Breeders Dog Litter Package

star 9.9

Key Features

  • Number of test kits: 4–11 DNA test kits
  • Expert Consultation: Included (Expert Breeder)
  • Genetic health conditions relevant to the breed
  • Coefficient of inbreeding
  • 20+ physical traits

With this package, the Embark dog genetics test kits are used for same-litter puppy selection according to their carrier status, COI, and physical traits.

This test package can test the traits of up to 11 pups from the same litter.

This test results can be valuable both to breeders and buyers who want to make sure that they are choosing the pup with the most suitable traits for their needs.

Some of the physical attributes of puppies are not fully visible until their late adolescence. This can be too late if you need to choose a puppy while it’s still young.

Fortunately, the Embark DNA dog test for physical traits can help with this.

Several important characteristics can show up on the DNA test results, such as coat color, coat length and texture, muzzle length, tail length, body size, genetic diversity, and even altitude adaptation characteristics.

A free consultative Embark dog DNA test review is offered to help breeders choose the best puppy for their lineage. Together with Embark breeding experts, they can discuss the breeding plan for their dogs and get the best results.


  • + Breed-relevant health risks assessment
  • + COI
  • + Affordable test kits
  • + Easily comparable results
  • + Up to 11 DNA tests
  • + Free expert consultation


  • Kits can only be used within the same litter
  • Minimum of 4 packages can be purchased

Embark for Breeders Dog DNA Test Kit

star 9.8

Key Features

  • Number of test kits: Not limited
  • Expert Consultation: Not included
  • Scope of test: Health risk genetic screening relevant to the breed
  • Coefficient of inbreeding
  • 20+ physical traits

This modifiable package offers unlimited test kits for breeders to support them in their breeding plans.

Much like the other breeder-targeted packages, these Embark dog DNA tests provide information on breed-related health risks, physical traits, and the coefficient of inbreeding.

The health risks that are tested here are specific for the dog’s breed. So for the breeder to be able to fully benefit from these tests, the dogs tested should be purebred.

Customers can find out more about what kind of Embark DNA test sets will be performed on their dog’s DNA with the help of their breed-test search tool that shows the relevant diseases tested according to the breed.

The COI of these tests is targeted at the most frequently occurring mutations in the dog DNA and encompasses all tests recommended by national breed clubs in the US and UK.

What is great about these tests is that Embark results are accepted by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for those health conditions that they have in their DNA registry.


  • + Unlimited test kits per order
  • + Affordable per kit price
  • + OFA – Approved
  • + Breed-specific tests


  • No free expert consultation
  • Only for purebred dogs


The Company in Detail

Embark Veterinary has been in business for only 5 years and has already reached more than $3 million in sales annually. How did the two founders manage to do this?

Earning the trust of the ever-increasing number of customers had a lot to do with their solid scientific background. This enables the top-notch services that they offer today, including much more than just the Embark testing for breed mix.

Company History

Embark Veterinary, Inc was established in 2015 by the Boyko brothers in Boston, Massachusetts.

Both Ryan and Adam have an impressive scientific background in biosciences and computer sciences. They have participated in global studies that had dog genetics, their evolution, and diseases in focus.

They haven’t renounced scientific research. On the contrary, they still work in partnership with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and publish studies on dog DNA heritage.

This constitutes the solid background upon which Embark was created.

Testing and Certificate Information

The laboratory that Embark uses to conduct the Embark genetic testing is CLIA-Certified. This means that Embark results are meeting and exceeding industry standards in quality for clinical laboratory testing.

Furthermore, the Embark scientific team and collaborators from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine are composed of highly qualified staff. In turn, this reduces the risk for human error while conducting the Embark dog DNA test.

This explains their pricey side and justifies their claim that most of the tests are accurate at a 99.9% rate.

Shipping, Return Policy, and Money-Back Guarantee

Another plus is that both the shipping of the test kits and the return shipment are free within the continental US. For all others, the prepaid return is not applicable, and a flat shipment rate fee of $10 applies.

Embark DNA testing kits’ usual processing time is 3-5 business days, while the delivery takes from 7-14 business days.

However, the processing time for the most popular test kits like the Embark Breed + Health Kit and the Embark dog DNA Breed Identification Test may take up to 7 business days. On the bright side, there are also expedited shipping options available.

From the moment of the shipment, Embark tracking for the packages is available for customers. For all the issues regarding shipping, the provided email address from Embark is [email protected]

There is a possibility of returning the DNA test kits that you’ve ordered, but only within 30 days, and only if they are unopened and not damaged.

What we also considered good is the fact that you can get a free replacement swab if your first DNA sampling is unsuccessful.

Embark customer service is elaborate and well organized. If you are a breeder, a research institution, a veterinarian, shelter, or press representative, you won’t be stuck waiting in one communication channel.

Embark customer service is primarily email-focused, but they also have a hotline.

Embark DNA Reviews & Testimonials

Customers are pretty happy with the simplicity of the test sampling process and how Embark test results are displayed to them.

The Embark activation process is what customers should pay attention to if they want to ensure that their test results don’t get mixed up. Luckily, this is super-easy, and Embark reviews confirm this.

Most frequent complaints are due to the misalignments between what pet owners think their dog’s dominant race is and what they get as a result. Luckily, the expert vet geneticist is available for checking and interpretation of Embark test results.

Embark DNA Coupon Codes and Savings

Embark DNA discount coupons are frequently available, some of which can get you as much as $50 off.

Multipack discounts are also offered, which can go up to 20% for 4 kits or more, 15% for 3 packs, and 10% for two packs.

Embark DNA testing for breeders is offered with even more significant discounts. The lowest price of their test reaches $119 pet kit for more than 20 ordered breeders kits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Embark test for hip dysplasia?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any available DNA tests for the risks of developing hip dysplasia proposed by Embark — nor by any other brand for that matter.

However, research is still being done, and markers that can point to a higher risk of developing hip dysplasia have been identified. Still, not all of the dogs that have this predisposition develop the disease.

In short, while there is no test for it at the moment, we are confident that scientists will find a way to test for hip dysplasia in the future.

Is Embark DNA accurate?

Independent studies have shown that DNA test kits for dogs are 93–99% accurate. Embark DNA health tests, according to their website, offer 99.9% accuracy.

The rigorous and regular quality control that they practice and the professional team that they employ keeps the accuracy levels high.

Is Wisdom Panel or Embark better?

This mainly depends on what the customer is looking for.

Both brands offer the same features if the dog owner is looking to determine their dog’s breed profile or their pup’s physical traits.

They both evaluate origins expressed in percentages of the 350+ detectable breeds and categorize over 20 physical characteristics.

When it comes to health, Wisdom Panel tests scan for about 200 genetic markers, while the Embark tests for around 190 potential diseases. However, Embark reports higher accuracy of those tests.

Embark genetic testing is based on 200,000 markers, whereas Wisdom Panel offers around 100,000 DNA markers and database cross-referencing.

All in all, both companies boast impressive ratings, so it’s really up to you to choose the one that fits your needs just a tiny bit better.

How long does it take to get Embark results?

Depending on the type of test you buy, it takes about 3–5 weeks for your dog’s DNA results to be ready, counting from the time Emark receives your sample.

But don’t worry. If there is any issue with your sample, they will contact you. And even if everything goes according to plan, you will still get updates, and you’ll always be able to use the Embark tracking tool for your package.

Can dog DNA tell age?

In short, no.

A DNA test can determine a dog’s genetic age. Where it stands in life compared to an average human. However, there aren’t any tests that can tell you exactly when your dog was born.

What diseases does Embark test for?

Embark test kits can determine the health risks for over 190 health conditions that encompass almost all canine body systems.

These include blood, heart, hormonal, multi-systemic, neurological, muscular, metabolic, gastrointestinal, neuromuscular, skeletal, kidney and bladder, and skin and connective tissue diseases.


After our extensive research of Embark DNA test kits, our opinions aligned with the Embark DNA reviews from customers that are in large part satisfied with the overall customer experience.

Regardless if you are a breeder or have just one dog, Embark reviews confirm that you are on the right path to get to know your dog better by using the Embark brand.

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