Freshpet Recalls Dog Foods Due to Salmonella Risk

Freshpet Recalls Dog Foods Due to Salmonella Risk
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On June 13th, 2021, Freshpet Inc. recalled a single lot of their Select Small Dog Bite-Size Beef & Egg Recipe Dog Food (1lb bag) because of potential Salmonella contamination.

The recall includes: Freshpet Select Small Dog Bite-Size Beef & Egg Recipe

  • Retail UPC Code: 627975012939
  • Lot Code: 1421FBP0101
  • Sell By Date: 10/30/2021 L2

Salmonella can infect animals that consume the contaminated product. There is also a risk to pet owners that handle the infected item. Particularly if they washed their hands after coming in contact with it or surfaces that were exposed to these products.

Salmonella infections in dogs can cause lethargy, diarrhea, blood in stool, vomiting, and fever. Some will just have a loss of appetite, fever, and gastrointestinal pain.

Dogs that are infected but otherwise healthy can act as carriers and pass it on to other animals or people.  

Please contact your veterinarian if your dog has taken the recalled product and is experiencing these symptoms.

According to Freshpet, the recalled lot had been selected for destruction.

However, they mistakenly distributed it to retailers in a few geographic locations between June 7th and June 10th, 2021. This recall does not affect any other Freshpet products or lot numbers.

A small number of compromised products were likely sold at Publix stores in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, and Target in Southern California and Arizona.

The majority of the merchandise was intercepted at the distribution center and was not transported to retail stores.

Freshpet has received no complaints of illness or adverse reaction so far, but they are issuing this recall out of concern for the safety of our pets and their owners. 

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Freshpet requests that anyone who purchased the product contacts the company for a refund. 

That could be done by either going on their website or calling 1-866-789-3737, Monday- through Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Eastern time.

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