It’s Five Paw’Clock Somewhere – Visit The Bark Social!

It's Five Paw'Clock Somewhere - Visit The Bark Social
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Has the pandemic stressed you out to the point of daydreaming about a getaway? Are you worried that you’ll have to leave your pet behind? Worry no more! Pack your bags, get your dog, start your car, and let’s take a ride!

The Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center welcomes not only humans but also their pets! They offer a complimentary one-day pass to a nearby amenity, The Bark Social — a heaven for both pets and their owners. 

This facility is an indoor/outdoor dog park, beer garden, and coffee shop, meaning that there is something for everyone. So, while you’re sipping on craft beer and watching a game, your pet is also having the time of its life.

Did you know that Bark Social also offers doga? Yes, that is yoga with dogs!

It might be illegal to give your dog whiskey in Illinois, but the first dog bar in the Mid-Atlantic, the Bark Social, has got them covered! They’ve got brews specifically for pets — no need to worry about breaking the law.

The pup menu includes tasty chicken strips, duck treats, sweet potato chips, puppy ice cream, and many other treats that will get your dog’s tail wagging.

If you are looking for more ideas on how you can spoil your pet, we’ve created a list of the best gifts for dogs that you’d enjoy too.

Before visiting the Bark Social, make sure to check which membership option works best for you, as their perks vary based on the package you purchase. A day pass is an excellent option for anyone visiting from out of town.

Keep in mind that all pets must be vaccinated before they’re allowed to take advantage of all the festivities. After all, safety always comes first.

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