Seeing how a whole plethora of Just CBD reviews names it one of the most reliable companies in the industry, we’ve decided to team up with our pets. We tested all of their products, and are ready to give you our honest opinion regarding their quality. To get the latest ways to save check out our Just CBD Coupons and Deals page!

A Quick Glance at Just Pets CBD Products by Just CBD

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JustPets Tincture

Key Features

  • Choice of potencies and flavors
  • Pets seem to adore the taste
  • All-natural and organic
  • Non-GMO and pesticide-free
  • Pretty fast-acting

JustPets Dog Treats

Key Features

  • Great choice of flavors
  • Different, fun shapes
  • Dogs love them
  • Pesticide-free and non-GMO
  • Time-saving and hassle-free

JustPets Cat Treats

Key Features

  • For a variety of health issues
  • Cats adore both flavors
  • No artificial flavoring or colors
  • Free from pesticides and GMOs
  • Hassle-free and time-saving

Just CBD Reviews: The Products in Detail

Our reviews are based on thorough research of both the company and its products. We tested each and every product on a pet that fits the product description while being under constant surveillance. Not only did we test the products, but we also went through a significant number of customer reviews and testimonials to determine the most objective outlook.

Here’s what we found:

JustPets Tincture

star 9.9

Key Features

  • CBD per bottle: 100mg, 250mg, and 500mg
  • Flavor: Five flavors
  • Extract type: Isolate
  • Price per mg CBD: $0.17 – $0.49 per mg of CBD

You treat your dog like a king. You take them to the vet, and you groom them regularly. Yet, have you ever thought about making their anxiety or old age easier? Our pets, too, can suffer from anxiety attacks, painful old arthritic joints, and muscle inflammation. With that said, you need something beyond basic dog care to solve these problems. Luckily, CBD oil can make our furry friends’ lives much easier.

Naturally, this is not a miracle cure by any means, but Just CBD oil can make your pets’ life quality much better. The oil is suitable for both cats and dogs and comes in five delicious flavors:

  • Bacon
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Salmon
  • Tuna

Each flavor comes in a 30ml bottle, and you can choose between three strengths, 100mg, 250mg, and 500mg, depending on your pet’s size and overall health.

The oil is supposed to calm your pet down and is excellent for treating separation anxiety. It’s beneficial for those days when the neighbor next door decides to light off some fireworks and traumatize the whole block. While researching for our Just CBD oil review, we gave the oil to our faithful furry testers — Luna, our old cat with appetite issues, and Bruno and Max, anxiety and stress-ridden pug puppies.

Now, animals can’t really say how they feel, right? Whether they like the oil or not, or whether they feel less pain. Nevertheless, we did, in fact, notice that our two helpful pups were more relaxed and cheerful. On the other hand, Luna’s appetite greatly improved after consuming the oil.

All five flavors are labeled as “Just CBD tinctures for dogs and cats.” We assume that the fish flavors were made for cats, but a few reviews claim that dogs also love them. As far as our furry testers are concerned, they seemed to like all the flavors, but the CBD pet tincture with bacon was the ultimate winner.

Overall, the oil is excellent for anxiety, stress, inflammation, and pain. Still, if your pet doesn’t have health issues, it’s great to treat them to an all-natural, high-quality CBD oil to improve their overall well-being and fur quality.

We loved it so much that we made sure we added it to our best CBD oil for dogs list, so that should tell you something! Administering the Just Pets CBD oil was easy due to its delicious taste. However, despite this, there will undoubtedly be some pets that won’t let you meddle with their mouth and administer the oil so readily. In that case, we recommend mixing the oil with your pet’s wet food; they won’t even notice the difference.

Something that all Just CBD oil reviews agree on is the dosage. Even though your pet can’t overdose on CBD oil — seeing how there are no dangerous chemicals and ingredients — you should always start slowly and increase the dosage gradually. Generally, both dogs and cats need about 1mg–5mg of CBD per 10lbs of their weight. Naturally, larger pets will require a higher dosage, while smaller ones require less CBD. Keep an eye on your pet, adjust the dosage based on their behavior, and consult your veterinarian.

Ingredients: MCT oil, industrial hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD), natural flavoring


  • + Choice of potencies and flavors
  • + Pets seem to adore the taste
  • + All-natural and organic
  • + Non-GMO and pesticide-free
  • + Pretty fast-acting


  • Too little information in the product descriptions

JustPets Dog Treats

star 9.8

Key Features

  • CBD per container: 100mg
  • Flavor: Five flavors
  • Extract type: Isolate
  • Price per mg CBD: $0.19 per mg of CBD

As we mentioned, administering CBD oil to your pet can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Some pets won’t like the taste, some won’t let you touch their mouth, and some are just plain stubborn. Luckily, Just CBD has a solution for these issues, as well — Just Pets CBD dog treats. Just like the CBD oil, the treats are also available in five delicious flavors:

  • Steak bites
  • Liver meatballs
  • Chicken biscuits
  • Bone treats
  • Chicken meatballs

Also, just like with their quality CBD oils, we’ve included their delicious treats in our list of companies offering high-quality CBD treats. Now all treats are shaped differently to match the flavors. So, depending on the shape, you’ll get between 13 and 17 treats per container. As all treats come in one strength only — 100mg CBD per container, you’ll get 5.5mg–7.6mg of CBD per treat.

According to some general guidelines, we recommend the following dosage:

  • Dogs smaller than 25lbs should get one treat a day or about 5mg of CBD
  • Dogs between 25lbs and 50lbs should get two Just Pets CBD oil-infused dog treats a day, or about 10mg of CBD
  • Dogs over 50lbs should get three treats a day, or about 15mg of CBD

Don’t stress too much about the precise dosage, as CBD won’t harm your dog if you give them 0.5mg more. These are just some general guidelines. Bruno and Max loved the treats and practically inhaled them! As with the oil, they loved all the flavors, but Just Pets CBD infused treats liver meatballs were their favorite ones. We noticed the same effects as with the oil — they were much more relaxed and seemed less stressed after munching on the treats. They also seemed peppier and happier. All in all — dog-approved!

As we read in some Just Pets CBD treats customer reviews, the treats are also great for older dogs. The treats can significantly improve their quality of life and ease some issues that old age carries — like painful joints, mobility difficulties, and so on.

Ingredients in Just Pets CBD infused treats liver meatballs: Beef Liver, Ground Wheat, Gelatin, Wheat Flour, Fish Meal, Salt Sorbic Acid, Corn Syrup, Chicken Meal, Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabidiol (CBD), Pregelatinized Corn Starch, Calcium, Glycerin, Carbonate, Citric Acid, Poultry Fat, and Soy Flour

The ingredients list is similar for all flavors. We just singled out the liver meatballs since they were Bruno’s and Max’s favorite. Now, there is also some artificial coloring, and we concur with other Just Pets CBD dog treats reviews that the company deserves only praise for being so transparent about it.


  • + Great choice of flavors
  • + Different, fun shapes
  • + Dogs love them
  • + Pesticide-free and non-GMO
  • + Time-saving and hassle-free


  • Only one potency
  • Some treats may have artificial coloring

JustPets Cat Treats

star 10

Key Features

  • CBD per container: 100mg
  • Flavors: Two flavors
  • Extract type: Isolate
  • Price per mg CBD: $0.19 per mg of CBD

As with dogs, the perfect cat care goes way beyond basic cat grooming. Now, we’re speaking from our own experience, but cats can be as equally stubborn as dogs and won’t let you touch their mouth. If you don’t have the time to chase them around the house trying to administer the oil, try out Just Pets CBD-infused cat treats. We bet they’ll love them!

The treats are available in only two flavors, so Luna was a bit jealous of her dog brothers who enjoyed five different treats, but she munched on:

  • Purr treats (salmon)
  • Chicken, liver, turkey, and fish mix

Unlike the dog treats, cat treats are pretty small, so at 340g you’ll get approximately 100 treats per container or 1mg of CBD per treat. As with the oil and dog treats, there’s no official Just Pets CBD cat treats serving size, and you’ll have to figure it out yourself.

However, this is not so bad, as you can treat your fluffball several times a day and spoil them (even more). We recommend starting slowly and giving them 3–4 treats per serving, but don’t give them more than two servings in the span of 12 hours.

Watch your pet, see how they behave and adjust the Just Pets CBD cat treats dosage according to your observations. Luna liked both flavors equally and seemed exceptionally happy while snacking on the treats. Her appetite did seem to improve, although not as much as with the oil. Still, as other reviews also claim, in addition to improving your pet’s overall wellness, and relieving pains and aches, Just Pets CBD cat treats are best suited for anxious and nervous cats.

Ingredients in the Purr Treats: Cornflour, Natural flavor, Natural fish digest, Wheat flour, Cellulose, Corn syrup, mono and diglycerides, Vitamins (vitamins A, D, K, and B12, Thiamine, Riboflavin Supplement, Pantothenic Acid, Niacin, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Folic Acid, Biotin), Pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol (CBD), Minerals (Calcium Iodate, Copper Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Sodium Selenite, Manganese Sulfate), and Lecithin


  • + For a variety of health issues
  • + Cats adore both flavors
  • + No artificial flavoring or colors
  • + Free from pesticides and GMOs
  • + Hassle-free and time-saving


  • Only two flavors


Just CBD Brand Review: The Company in Detail

Offering a high-quality product is not enough for a company to be trusted and successful. People want to know from whom they’re buying, not just what they’re buying.

Ingredient sourcing and quality, third-party lab testing, company policies, and customer service are equally important. They can help a company climb to the industry’s top or wreck its reputation.

Just CBD Brand History

Even though Just CBD is a relatively young company, they’ve managed to gain trust by being totally transparent about their products, ingredients, production methods, and lab testing. That being so, there’s not too much information about it yet. It was established in 2017 with headquarters in Florida, US, London, UK, and County Armagh, Northern Ireland.

Seeing how many people out there still don’t understand all the benefits of using CBD products, their primary goal is to be crystal clear about their products to avoid misinterpretation. As we already mentioned in our Just CBD review, the company’s transparency and unique business practices have put the company in the spotlight from the very beginning.

Ingredient Sourcing

Hemp-sourcing is one of the essential factors in the quality and safety of CBD products. Just CBD uses Oregon-grown hemp, which is one of the purest in the US.

The hemp is grown organically, without any GMOs and pesticides. Still, as we promised you a completely honest Just CBD company review, we have to stress that the hemp is not considered vegan or kosher.

Just CBD is in the process of getting the USDA Organic certification, which is an excellent sign and shows that their products really are of the highest quality. However, this process is extremely long and slow.

In addition to the high-quality hemp, the company also uses the CO2 extraction method. It is one of the purest extraction methods that preserve all the vitamins, minerals, and other valuable plant compounds. Human-grade products are equally important for pets, and this is often overlooked. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that with this brand.

Just Pets CBD Review: Active Ingredients Found in Just CBD Products

Apart from the ones we already mentioned above, there is artificial coloring in some of the treats. Still, the company doesn’t hide that fact, and we, like other Just CBD reviews, appreciate the honesty.

Testing and Certification Information

Another crucial thing when selecting the best CBD product for your pet is third-party testing. Many companies test their products in their own laboratories, but that’s like grading your own homework.

Always go for companies that use independent, third-party labs to test their products. The results are far more objective and realistic. Just CBD tests all their products in independent labs, and all the tests are public. You can access them on the Lab Reports page on their website.

You just need to enter your product’s batch number in the search bar, and you can read, download, or print the test results. However, we have to mention one thing, or this Just CBD review won’t be sincere. The company doesn’t test its products for heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemicals, which is a shame.

Nevertheless, since they source their hemp from Oregon — one of the states with the purest soil and harshest farming policies, we’re sure that the hemp is of the highest quality.

Shipping, Return Policy, and Money-Back Guarantee

Just CBD is really trying hard to satisfy all its customers. Their customer service team is praised all across the internet for being super helpful, kind, and above all — well-informed. Still, this Just CBD brand review wouldn’t be complete without our commentary on the company’s shipping and return policies, so let’s see what they practice.

Shipping Policy

  • The company offers free USPS ground shipping on all $20+ US orders.
  • For an additional $5 fee, you can select FedEx and have your order in 2 business days.
  • International shipping fee depends on the country you live in.

Return Policy

Just CBD has a 30-day return policy. You can return any unopened and unused product within 30 days after making a purchase. Once the company receives and inspects the product, they will fully refund you. Note that the shipping costs are non-refundable and that you’ll have to cover the return shipping fees.

Just CBD Reviews and Testimonials

We went through every independent review, sponsored review, forum, and discussion to see what people really think about Just CBD. What we found didn’t surprise us at all. The majority of people share our opinion on the company and its products — which is very positive.

People love the products, both for humans and pets, and are more than satisfied with the customer support team’s expertise and kindness. Naturally, there were a couple of angry and negative Just CBD oil reviews. They mainly were regarding late orders, orders that were not received, or damaged orders during transportation.

Apart from this, the brand quickly responded to every complaint in a professional and civilized manner, providing screenshots and facts as proof. Based on the discussions we have seen, all misunderstandings and issues were quickly resolved. The company even sent complimentary products as a means of apologizing.

Discount Code and Savings

Just CBD regularly offers discount codes on their social media pages. Be sure to follow them on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, for a chance to score a nice discount. Of course, don’t miss out on any of their latest deals, coupons, sales, and ways to save by checking in on our Just CBD Coupons and Deals page. We keep up with the latest deals that you won’t find anywhere else.

The brand also hosts giveaways on all social media platforms, yet another neat way of saving money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Just CBD?

Just CBD is an international CBD company, primarily based in the US, that uses American-sourced hemp to create some of the highest-quality products for humans and pets. They offer a great range of unique products making their website a fantastic one-stop-shop for all CBD fans.

Is Just CBD legit?

With Oregon-sourced hemp, the purest extraction process, and natural ingredients, Just CBD has gained tens of thousands of people’s trust. Moreover, their superb communication skills and how they treat their customers show that they are definitely legit.

Is Just CBD a good brand?

Just CBD is a great brand! And we don’t claim that only because of their exceptional pet products, but because of their amazing CBD products for humans, too. The effort and dedication they invest in the production of each and every product, the transparency, and company policies make them one of the top brands in the industry.

Is Just CBD safe to use?

As we’ve mentioned in our Just Pets CBD treats and oil reviews, the brand is absolutely safe to use, and they even have Certificates of Analysis to prove their product safety. However, if your pet is pregnant or nursing, you shouldn’t give them CBD products, and you should always consult a vet before giving them new products.

What could Just CBD improve?

Just CBD is generally a good brand with a strong social media presence and a community. Their website is user-friendly and also has an informative blog. The only thing we believe could be better are the product descriptions, especially for pet products. There’s too little information on the products themselves, and the website would look even better if there were full ingredient lists for each pet product.

How many Just Pets CBD cat treats should I give my cat?

As we’ve mentioned, start slowly with 3–4 treats per serving. Observe your cat, watch how they behave, and gradually increase or decrease the dosage. But, be careful not to give them more than two servings in 12 hours.

Bottom Line

Considering all our thoughts on the products and the company, we believe this is an excellent brand for every pet. No matter whether your pet has health issues, or you just want to improve their quality of life and pamper them with tasty CBD oils and treats, Just CBD is the brand for you.

With a wide selection of flavors and potencies we presented in our Just CBD reviews, every kitten and puppy will enjoy their products. And with more than affordable prices and our discount coupon, every pet parent will also be happy. So, don’t hesitate and give Just CBD a chance, because they definitely deserve it!

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