Aging Cats Have Preferred Food Temperature — 98.6°F

Aging Cats Have Preferred Food Temperature — 98.6°F

Are you feeding your cat wet food at room temperature? A recent study has found that this is a mistake!

If you’ve noticed that your cat doesn’t eat the food even though you’ve chosen one of the top quality cat food options, this might be the reason. 

Although cats have adapted to receiving room temperature food during 4,000+ years of human-cat friendship, it appears that this is not their favorite temperature. This is especially true for older cats, which can be quite finicky with their food.

During the study on cat behavior and food preferences, the researchers have found the perfect temperature of the wet cat food — 98.6°F.

The study was performed on a group of 7+ years old cats who were given wet food that was cold, room temperature, and heated up. All the cats preferred warm food the most and cold the least.

The reason for this might come from their primal instincts. In nature, cats would rarely have food that’s only 70–72°F. They are hunters, and their food is normally alive before they hunt and eat it. 

The temperature of their prey would be somewhere around 98.6°F, so it’s not that surprising that this is the temperature they prefer.

Also, like most animals, cats start losing their senses as they get older. By warming the food, you are giving your cat something with a stronger taste and smell. So, if you have an older cat that doesn’t eat what they’re served, consider warming it up.

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