The Newest High-Potency Products From Honest Paws

The Newest High-Potency Products From Honest Paws

Honest Paws introduced three new hot CBD products, enabling us to choose from the best CBD supplements with ease.

More precisely, they have launched three different extra-strong CBD products. Each, Wellness, Mobility, and Calm, covers all areas where favorite four-legged friends might need help.

Many pet owners might ask whether it’s worth buying a stronger potency product and Honest Paws has an honest answer.

First of all, they say, a stronger potency product can be generally more cost-effective. At the same time, the higher CBD dosage can be more useful in helping even those more special cases.

The first Honest Paws product, the Extra Strength CBD Oil for Dogs – Wellness is an extra-strong, 1000mg CBD supplement with organic full-spectrum hemp oil.

The second one, Extra Strength CBD Oil for Dogs – Mobility, is also a great supplement with some pretty worthwhile features:

  • A cost-effective supplement when looking at CBD concentration
  • The stronger-potency oil can also help pets with more specific needs
  • It also has added turmeric, which boasts loads of benefits

Lastly,  you have the Extra Strength CBD Oil for Dogs – Calm, which has:

  • 1000mg CBD
  • Added chamomile to soothe stress levels

This last product can help ease separation anxiety, help with fear of noises and large groups of people, and may also help with memory loss and confusion in older pets.

As you may know, CBD oils have more or less taken the pet care world by storm.  It has proven to be a great supplement to calm down nervous pets, help them with post-surgery aches and pains, and overall improve their quality of life and well-being in the long run.

Ever since introducing these supplements, pet owners have found great use for them. The market also underwent a bit of a transformation, now catering to a broader array of pet owners with specified CBD products for dogs (even treats) and CBD oils for cats alike.

Now, these Honest Paws products will give pet owners even more variety, high potency, and a cost-effective deal to keep their pets healthy and happy.

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