6 Hidden Pet Dangers – Celebrate The Holidays Safely

6 Hidden Pet Dangers - Celebrate The Holidays Safely
Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

It’s Christmas and New Years’ time! A magical time when we share precious moments with our family and friends. For most of us, pets fit into that category as well. 

However, to keep everything equally magical for your pets, you need to make it safe as well. So, here are six things you have to keep in check to have a lovely holiday with your pets.

Christmas tree

You shouldn’t skip on your Christmas tree because of your pet, but try to make it less accessible. If possible, you should also anchor it to prevent it from falling.

Also, if you have a pet, a fake Christmas tree is much better than the real one, since real tree needles can cause choking and poisoning.


Anything shiny or colorful is sure to attract your pet. You should put your favorite decor pieces where your pet can’t reach them. Moreover, try avoiding tinsels altogether, since they can be an extreme choking hazard.

Also, secure your lights and anything connected to electricity or batteries to avoid electric shock.


Most holiday-favorite plants are poisonous to pets. Consuming holly, lilies, and mistletoe can lead to vomiting, stomach aches, and in some cases, kidney failure and death. 

Poinsettia is the plant with the mildest poisoning symptoms, but it should still be avoided if possible.


Candle lights make the magic happen, but your pet can get serious injuries or even start a fire if it accidentally knocks them down. Keep them in hard-to-access spaces, and don’t forget to blow them out when you’re not in the room.

Food and Alcohol

Fatty and salty food people typically eat for holidays is completely unsafe for pets. Chocolate and other sweets can even be poisonous. Alcohol poisoning is also not rare and can lead to serious health issues. 

Avoid giving your pets holiday food to prevent them from getting sick, and keep them away from the table.

Crowd and Noise

Although you probably want to keep your pet close, most pets don’t like huge crowds and noise around the holidays. So, you should find them a place where they can be safe from all the noise.

If that’s not possible, another thing you can do is give them one of the many CBD oil alternatives on the market that claim to help keep anxiety low.

So, be safe, keep your pet safe, and have a lovely holiday with your pet!

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