A Study Finds That Dogs Help Lower Depression Symptoms

A Study Finds That Dogs Help Lower Depression Symptoms

With constant stress and social distancing, life during a pandemic isn’t easy.

However, some surveys have shown that pets help their owners feel less lonely during the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent study has also found that having a dog helps people cope much better during difficult times.

The study tested dog lovers with and without dogs to find the correlation between dog ownership and depression levels and anxiety during the pandemic. 

People who are not dog lovers weren’t included in the study, since the researchers assumed that somebody who doesn’t want a dog wouldn’t benefit from having one.

The study was based on a survey during which participants answered different questions about their feelings, depression levels, and how emotionally supported they felt.

More than 750 responders from each group were tested, and the final results confirmed the presumptions. According to the research findings, dog owners felt more supported and exhibited fewer depression symptoms than dog lovers that don’t own a dog. 

However, the results also showed that although dog owners expressed fewer depression symptoms, they weren’t less anxious or happier than those without a dog.

The result between the two didn’t differ much in these two aspects, but this doesn’t mean that the effect of dog ownership on people’s emotional health should be underestimated. 

Previous surveys found that dogs at workplaces are a great way of lowering stress and anxiety and increasing productivity, so the results on anxiety differ.

So, if you needed an extra reason to adopt a new puppy today, we hope we’ve given you one.

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