Canadian Pet Food Import and Export Grow Despite Drawbacks

Canadian Pet Food Import and Export Grow Despite Drawbacks

New statistics show that although there were many challenges, such as the shipping and supply issues due to the pandemic, the Canadian pet market grew compared to the pre-pandemic times.

The market started to grow in 2016 and hasn’t stopped. The experts predict that it will grow by 4.75% yearly until 2025.

Since the market has been thriving, the Canadian pet food export has grown by 11% since 2016. Canada is currently exporting pet food to various countries, but two countries are its two largest buyers — US and China. 

But, because of the growing market, Canada is also importing a lot of pet food, mainly from its southern neighbor. In fact, 90% of all Canadian imports come from the US.

In 2021, Canadians bought pet food worth around $950 million (CAD1.202 billion). This is an increase of 36% compared to 2016, when the imports from the US were worth around $595 million (CAD775.1).

But, although the number seems huge, all the pet food Canada buys makes only around 1% of the sales of the $99 billion worth American pet food industry.

During the pandemic, the Canadian market mainly suffered from supply issues due to trailer, driver, and container shortages. 

But, they still haven’t had any problems with the shortages of ingredients, except during the flooding in British Columbia. But due to the US and Canada’s good neighbor relations, the situation was quickly solved.

Unfortunately, with more problems on the horizon, It’s unknown how the profitable and high-potential Canadian pet food market will be affected. 

For example, the current situation in Ukraine has led to increased ingredient shortages and additional supply problems, which could seriously affect this growing market.

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