Celebrate With Us—It’s the World Animal Day

Celebrate With Us-It’s the World Animal Day
Photo by Richard Brutyo on Unsplash.

October 4 is the day dedicated to all the animals in the world and their welfare. 

It started in 1925 in Germany and 4 years later, it was celebrated only in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Czechoslovakia. During the years, it has expanded, and it became an actual “world” day. Now, it’s celebrated in over 56 countries around the world.

It’s a day when organizations and individuals try to spread the word and educate others on animal welfare and preservation. Different educational events, fundraisings, peaceful protests, pet adoption events, and workshops are held each year.

Since animals are mistreated, killed, and left without their natural habitats every day, it’s important for everybody to participate in their protection. 

There are already between 200 and 2,000 extinctions every year, so the situation is quite urgent.

If you’d like to participate, here are some things everybody can do to help the animals:

  • Adopt, don’t shop. Buying an animal from a shop means that you’re supporting puppy mills, where animals live in inhumane conditions.
  • Donate to a non-profit animal rights organization. If you can, it’s helpful to support an organization fighting for animal rights.
  • Volunteer at a local shelter. If you have time and want to help, you can spend time taking care of shelter animals.
  • Avoid buying products tested on animals. Each year, over 75,000 animals are killed by only one testing company.
  • Take care of the environment. If nothing is changed, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050
  • Spread the word. Read more about animal protection and share your knowledge.
  • Give your pet a little love. Celebrating your connection with your pet animal is what this holiday is all about.

Even small actions can mean a lot. So, use this day to show animals how much you appreciate them. 

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