COVID-19 Pandemic Has Led to the Rise in Pet Food Subscriptions

COVID-19 Pandemic Has Led to the Rise in Pet Food Subscriptions

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, people have grown used to the convenience of e-commerce and food deliveries. 

Like food e-commerce, pet food delivery services have expanded too. Many pet food companies have launched new or made deals with already existing subscription services. 

Although this type of food is much more expensive than bagged kibble, there are a few reasons why people have chosen to commit to regular pet food deliveries during the pandemic:

  • People have been at home more (lockdowns, working from home), so they’ve bonded with their pets more.
  • Pet food subscriptions offer stability, while stores are struggling with pet food supply issues.
  • Many new dog and cat food delivery services providing high-quality food have entered the market.
  • Pandemic pet adoptions have led to a massive increase in pet ownership, and now, around 84.9 families in the US own at least one pet, the highest number to date.
  • Pet subscriptions are more convenient, since food is delivered directly to your door.
  • Many healthy options are available, such as fresh food, raw food, and similar.

This has led even the Baby Boomers, a demographic least interested in e-commerce, to subscribe to these companies.

There are currently more companies offering pet food deliveries for dogs than cats. But, this is a growing market, and many companies are already starting to recognize the importance of introducing more delivery meals for cats too.

Having more options is necessary for cat owners, as many cats like to experience new tastes and textures from time to time. 

So, the experts believe that 2022 will be the cat year, as the cat segment is expected to rise, and companies are expected to introduce more variety.

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