December is National Cat Lovers’ Month

December is National Cat Lovers' Month
Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

Cats are some of the humans’ oldest friends — even 4,000 years ago, people had cats as pets.  And if you have a cat, you probably understand why. Although they are much less trainable than dogs, having a cat is truly a privilege. 

Plus, cats are a lot more independent than dogs. Besides this, cats are also great for your health — having a cat can lower your chances of heart disease or stroke by 31%!

However, although cats are great and highly popular — second only to dogs —  there are still too many stray cats on the streets, which leads to cat overpopulation. One not neutered stray cat can create a problem of over 420,000 stray cats in just 7 years!

Needless to say, not all cats that get to adoption centers get adopted. Unfortunately, a few thousand of them are killed each year. 

So, during the month of December, if you have time for a cat, consider adopting one. If you already have a cat, spoil them and spend some time with them. And, if you haven’t already, book an appointment with the vet to make sure your cat is healthy.

If none of these are true or possible for you, surprise your cat owner friend with some necessities they might need. Or you can donate money to a local animal shelter. 

A little bit of your time or money means a lot to both cats and those caring for them.

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