Direct-To-Consumer Pet Food to Reach $8.16 Billion by 2028

Direct-To-Consumer Pet Food to Reach $8.16 Billion by 2028

A new report has found that the popular direct-to-consumer pet food market is likely to reach $8.16 billion by 2028, with annual growth of 25.2%.

There are a few factor that significantly contribute to the market’s growth: 

  • Pet owners’ busy lifestyles don’t leave them much free time to go shopping for pet food.
  • Well-made, user-friendly sites and apps make shopping easy even for less tech-savvy pet owners.
  • More direct-to-customer brands appeared because the manufacturers saw the benefits such sales bring.
  • Humanization of pets, as more pet owners than ever think of pets as their family.
  • Higher interest in online shopping — increased to 86% from 72% among pet owners.
  • Willingness to pay more for premium pet food — 61% of US pet owners are willing to spend more on their pets’ dietary needs
  • A growing number of millennial owners, who are likely to spend more on their pets than other generations.

With lockdowns and impossible retail sales, the producers turned to direct-to-customer business models. This model allowed them to save money, provide their existing customers with much-needed pet food, and create a new base of customers. 

This also shows why quality fresh and raw food delivery services for dogs and cats are also flourishing even though everything else stopped.

The only things experts think can slow the growth of the direct-to-customer market are recalls and quality issues. 

It’s important to note that the largest direct-to-consumer market region, North America, is expected to remain on top. Some reasons for this include growing demand for personalization, more affordable options, greater product selection, and the greater focus on pet health.

And the most significant segment — dogs, is expected to increase even more by 2028, with growing dog adoptions.

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