Global Animal Feed Production Grew by 2.3% In 2021

Global Animal Feed Production Grew by 2.3% In 2021

Like many other businesses, animal feed production was struck by COVID-19 in 2020. It also suffered from the African swine fever epidemic, which seriously threatened production. However, new statistics show that it has successfully recovered. 

In 2021, 1.24 billion metric tons of feed were produced globally, while in 2020, the production was 1.21 billion tons.

This shows that not only did the production recover, but it also grew by 2.3% during 2021.

Pet food had the largest growth of 8.2% due to the rising pet ownership around the world, especially in the US, where around 67% of all households now have a pet.

Other big sectors were pig food, with a 6% increase, as Chinese manufacturers are switching to more professional production, and aquafeed, with 3.7% growth. 

In 2021, there was a decrease in beef feed production as well as in layer feed (feed for laying chicken). The problems occurred due to high ingredient prices, and low demand.

Beef feed production decreased by 1.9%, since people are becoming more aware of its dangerous effect on nature. 

Raising cattle for beef is one of the leading reasons for deforestation in South America and contributes significantly to the production of harmful greenhouse gasses. So, since people are looking for more sustainable alternatives, this decline is not unexpected.

Layer feed production decreased by 1.4% globally, since egg production and sales have been declining in countries like Norway and Russia.

China, the US, and Brazil are still the top three countries when it comes to animal feed production. But, India, the fourth on the list, had the largest production growth in 2021 — 12.2%.

Some other countries, like Turkey and Argentina, weren’t so lucky and had a significant decrease in beef production during 2021. Argentina was especially affected since their animal feed production depends highly on beef.

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