Growing Cat Population Leads To 36 New Cat Food Brands in the US

Growing Cat Population Leads To 36 New Cat Food Brands in the US

Although dog products have been the focus of the growing pet industry for the longest time, cats are threatening to take the throne. 

First of all, there are more cat owners in the US than ever before. More precisely, the number of US households owning a cat has increased by 5.1% from 2019 to 2020. 

In some European countries, there are more cat owners than dog owners. For example, in Germany, 23% of households have a cat, and in April 2021, there were 5 million more cats than dogs. 

Fueled by the increasing ownership and a growing interest in cat products, the number of cat food brands has greatly increased since the pandemic started. In 2018, there were 213 brands making dry and wet cat food and treats, while in the spring of 2021, there were 249 of them.

And during the whole of 2021, many brands invested in cat food development. There were new product launches, like quality cat food subscription options, for instance. This interest in cat food proves that this branch of the industry is likely to keep growing.

With the increases in cat ownerships and brands offering cat products, more research is also being done on cat nutrition. Some of these studies are researching cat aging, how different diets affect cat lifestyle, feline obesity, and much more. 

And, since cats have often been less popular than dogs when it comes to the pet product industry, these numbers and facts prove that there’s a positive change. All in all, this is great news for all cats and cat owners.

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