Increase in Wellness and Premium Food Sales in 2021

Increase in Wellness and Premium Food Sales in 2021

Before the COVID-19 pandemic started, many new trends were present in the pet industry. For example, pet food delivery became more in-demand due to lockdowns, and it inspired the arrival of new quality dog food delivery services and cat delivery services.

Also, the wellness trend, which has existed for a long time, became more prominent during the pandemic due to the owners’ worry for their own health. So, for the last two years, pet owners have increasingly been spending on their pets’ health and wellness.

This trend is led by millennials and Gen Z owners, who seem to be more concerned about their pets’ health. 

In fact, 45% of millennial and Gen Z respondents agreed that they buy healthier food and pay more attention to what their pets eat. At the same time, 40% of Gen X and 35% of boomers agreed that they were doing the same.

Gen Z and millennials were also the generational group with the most pets in 2021. 

A survey has found that 45.8% of them own a dog. This is true for 27.2% of baby boomers, 21.5% of Generation X, and 5.5% of older seniors.

As for cat ownerships, they slightly went down in 2021. The numbers show that 43.6% of millennials/adult Gen Z-ers own a cat, 29.2% baby boomers, 21.3% Gen X, and 5.9% older seniors.

Almost all of these changes in 2021 numbers are positive. The most positive one is that all the care and money spent seem to pay off. There are now more pet owners with a dog or cat at or above the age of 7 than those with a young pet.

And as the owners see these positive changes, we can expect similar growth in 2022 too.

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