Insects in Pet Food and The Benefits for Pets and Nature

Insects in Pet Food and The Benefits for Pets and Nature

With billions of people and pets living on the Earth, it’s been harder to provide everybody with sustainable sources of protein.

So, scientists have suggested that insects might be the solution to this problem. After all, they need less water, feed, and land than cattle. 

For now, three insect species have been proven to be suitable options. Black soldier fly larvae, crickets, and mealworms are, at the moment, the only ones raised primarily to be used as a source of protein in pet food production.


Crickets are the most talked-about insect for food production. There are many reasons that producers and pet owners alike could choose crickets as a pet source:

  • They are partly hypoallergenic (not many pets are allergic to crickets)
  • They are sustainable (they require less food and water)
  • They contain prebiotics (they help natural bacteria in your stomach)
  • They are an excellent protein source (55 to 73% protein content)

And if you’re worried about conditions in which they’re raised, there’s no reason to be concerned. Crickets are raised on farms that mimic their natural habitats — warm and dark places and in groups, just like in nature.

Black Soldier Fly

Black soldier fly larvae are also a more sustainable ingredient. They require fewer resources to grow and are also partly hypoallergenic. At the same time, they are one of the best protein sources, with up to 50% of crude protein


Mealworms have already been used as pet food for birds, reptiles, and other pets. Now, pet food manufacturers are trying to use them for dog and cat food production. Here are a few reasons why:

  • They have great protein content (contain around 20% of protein — approximately 50% in powder)
  • They need much less space (can even be grown on vertical farms)
  • They are highly sustainable

These three are currently the best insect sources for pet food. But, with several million types of insects living on the Earth, there might be even better options among them. 

The current situation, where rainforests are destroyed for raising cattle, is definitely not sustainable. This is why insect-based pet food is good for our planet and will hopefully become more popular as well.

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