Is Sustainable Pet Food Healthy? New Insights for 2022

Is Sustainable Pet Food Healthy New Insights for 2022

Sustainability has been one of the largest trends in the pet food market for some time. 

More than ever before, customers are interested in sustainable food options for themselves and their pets. The companies have been following and responding by trying to reduce waste, use less energy, and include sustainable ingredients.

We all know this is great for our planet but is it equally good for our pets? It depends. Sustainable food is made by using ingredients that are the best for our planet, but sometimes, these ingredients do not provide the best nutrition for our pets. 

A European study has found that customers don’t pay attention to nutrition when buying sustainable food for themselves. If we assume that they don’t do that for their pets either, sustainable food not providing necessary nutrition could present a big problem. 

For example, some food can be sustainable and have more calories than normal, and since more than 30% of US pets are obese, it can lead to unnecessary problems. 

Also, although meat production is hurting our planet, and raising cattle for meat is one of the most significant sources of deforestation in South America, cats need meat in their diets. So, sustainable cat food with no meat just won’t do it for cats. 

This doesn’t mean you have to give up sustainable pet food, but try to find the best option to suit your pet’s nutritional needs. There are some great healthy pet food options, so you can try them out until you find what works for your pet.

So, although sustainable pet food is normally healthy and nutritious, it doesn’t hurt to check the nutritional value and make sure it is what your pet needs.

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