It’s Halloween—Celebrate With Your Pet

It's Halloween—Celebrate With Your Pet
Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels

It’s Halloween! Time for costumes, sweets, and having fun. 

But if you have a pet, you probably want them to participate too and have just as much fun. So, if you’re wondering how to do that, we’ve prepared some tips you can follow.

  1. Dress them in funny outfits

To make your pet match the atmosphere, you can dress them up. However, don’t force this idea — dress them up only if you’re sure that your pet will like wearing a costume. 

There are many different costume options, so make sure the one you choose is comfortable for your pet. If your pet doesn’t like dressing up, there are always decorative bandanas and harnesses.

  1. Keep sweets out of reach

No animal should be allowed anywhere near sweets, as they can be toxic to animals. So, keep your sweets where your pet can’t reach them. 

It’s important to know that dogs are extremely sensitive to chocolate. A small amount can be lethal — 1 oz of dark chocolate, or 9 oz of milk chocolate, is enough to kill a medium-sized dog!

So, give your pets something healthy instead. For example, if you have a cat, most veggies and all types of meat are good for cats. Pumpkin is also a great option for both dogs and cats.

  1. Keep them calm

With so many people ringing at your door, your pet might get anxious. If they do, you should provide them with a quiet corner where they can de-stress. 

If you know your pet is easily scared, it might also be a good idea to give them a few drops of one of the all-natural CBD oils. CBD oil is great at calming pets down and managing their anxiety.

  1. Be careful when you decorate

Avoid using decorations that might harm your pet. If you must use wires, cables, candles, and other potentially dangerous decor items, never leave your pet alone with them.

In the end, enjoy this wonderful holiday, and your pet will too. 

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