It’s National Cat Day, Time to Spread a Bit of Love

It’s National Cat Day, Time to Spread a Bit of Love
Photo by Christina Hernández on Unsplash

October 29 is National Cat Day, a day when our furry friends are celebrated.

Cat day has been celebrated since 2005 and was founded for the purpose of educating people about cats without homes and those that need help. It also reminds cat owners not to take their own cats for granted.

Adopting cats is not talked about much, but it’s as important as dog adoption. But, since people prefer buying, there are too many cats in shelters that nobody wants to adopt. For example, did you know that black cats are not likely to get adopted, and most of them get euthanized?

So, If you’re a cat lover, have space and time for a cat, consider visiting your local shelter and adopting one.

Besides adopting, what can you do on National Cat day? Here are some things:

  • Take care of your own cat if you have one. Pet them, play with them and spoil them a little bit. You can buy them some top-quality food with healthy ingredients, new toys, or anything they’d like.
  • Donate/volunteer at a local shelter. If you have some free time, you can look for a shelter to volunteer at or donate some money to.
  • Spread awareness. Share the importance of adoption with your friends and family.

If you need some additional reasons to adopt, here are some that might convince you:

On this day, try to share a bit of love with all the cats in your lives. And don’t forget, all the love you give them comes back to you multiplied.

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