Mars PetCare to Acquire Nom Nom for $1 Billion

Mars PetCare to Acquire Nom Nom for $1 Billion

Mars is to become a new owner of the Nom Nom fresh pet food delivery company. According to some sources, Mars will pay $1 billion for the company ownership.

Nom Nom is a successful company offering fresh pet food deliveries, and they are known for using quality ingredients. And since pet owners are noticing the benefits of this type of diet, and the sales are increasing, the Mars PetCare family will surely benefit from this acquisition.

Nom Nom will gain something from this, as well. The company’s goal has, for some time, been to gradually switch to completely personalized pet food, removing any possibility of allergies, dissatisfaction, and similar. 

This is why Nom Nom’s team has already done some research. For example, they’ve tested the effect of probiotics and prebiotics in dog food. They’ve found that the prebiotics and probiotics provided the desired results in some dogs, while they don’t do much for others, leading to the necessity of food personalization.

Since Mars PetCare is one of the most significant players in the $99 billion pet industry, their involvement will help Nom Nom get the resources they need to continue their research and come up with solutions that will satisfy every pet and their owner.

In the end, it’s important to note that although Mars is expected to acquire Nom Nom, customers shouldn’t be worried about the changes in product quality. Nom Nom will remain an independent brand striving to deliver the freshest food to cats and dogs across America.

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