More Than 1.400 Dolphins Dead in the Faroe Islands

More Than 1.400 Dolphins Dead in the Faroe Islands

Animal lovers and conservationists were enraged this September 12, when the pictures of murdered dolphins in the Faroe Islands appeared.

Every year, the inhabitants slaughter dolphins and whales because of traditions. The killing of whales and dolphins comes from the Viking times and has unfortunately stayed till today. 

They usually hunt pilot whales and white-sided dolphins. The average number of hunted animals is around 850 each year. 

People from the Faroe Islands share the meat of the hunted animals among themselves. This year, though, they might have a hard time sharing and consuming everything. 

In 2021, they reached a new record of killed animals — over 1,400 white-sided dolphins. 

Since over 100,000 smaller whales, dolphins, and porpoises already get killed worldwide each year, this is a serious number.

Dolphins and other water mammals are protected from hunting in the US by The Marine Mammal Protection Act. Most countries did the same. In the Faroe Islands, however, the situation is entirely different. 

However, there might be hope for improvement. This year’s slaughter enraged many people, and they are campaigning to ban this practice. 

Because of the outcry on social networks, even the prime minister of the Faroe Islands declared that they will consider prohibiting this practice

This means that sad photos of whales and dolphins lying dead on the shores of the Faroe Islands might not be something we’ll see each year. Finally, animal lives would become more important than traditions.

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