New Foundings on the Puppy Boom and Pandemic

New Foundings on the Puppy Boom and Pandemic

Even though we’ve all heard about the pet adoption boom, the situation was not as great as we thought it would be — and is now much worse.

Reports show that compared to 2019, 31% fewer dogs and 17% fewer cats were adopted from shelters in 2020. But, the puppy boom reports were not all wrong, since the number of adopted pets did double in some shelters.

Northern states had an increase in adoptions, and the demand was higher than the supply. 

On the other hand, the southern states didn’t have a surge in adoption, and the shelters were filled to the brim. Since the southern states “produce” the most pets, with low shelter staffing, the situation only got worse.

Moreover, even though the southern shelters euthanized a lot of animals, euthanasia in US shelters started to plummet and got to historic lows.

But, the reports show that in 2021, the situation only got worse. In general, fewer animals are getting adopted, they are spending more time in shelters before getting adopted, and significantly more of them are being euthanized.

For example, in November 2021, 28.8% more dogs were euthanized than in November 2020. It’s important to note that cats don’t have such high euthanization rates, but the numbers are still growing.

If you’re interested in helping, consider adopting a pet that is unlikely to get adopted. For example, black cats and dogs are a lot less likely to get chosen. 

Also, the highest euthanasia rate is among older dogs. Although many people want to adopt a puppy, having an older dog has its benefits too.

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