New Studies Show Animals Are Able to Shapeshift

New Studies Show Animals Are Able to Shapeshift
Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Until recently, shapeshifting animals existed only in supernatural stories, but now it’s reality.

Although evolution normally takes thousands of years to become noticeable, a recent study discovered that some animals have changed drastically in the last 100—150 years.

Almost all animals have a particular way of regulating their body temperature by using either natural resources or their own bodies. 

Most animals in warmer climates use their beaks or ears, and sometimes legs and arms/wings to get rid of the excess heat and lower their body temperature. So, animals with larger body parts are more successful in doing so.

That’s why it’s not surprising that animals are trying to adapt to new circumstances.

An Australian study found that the beaks of some parrots in Australia changed by 4–10% since  1871. They believe this is due to global warming and extremely high temperatures as the Earth’s temperature grew by 1.62°F during the last two centuries.

They’ve also discovered shrews with longer legs, bats with larger wings, and mice with longer tails.

The scientists who did this research predict that the appendages of these animals will continue growing further, because the temperature is constantly rising due to climate change.

Although this shows that there are species likely to survive by adapting and shapeshifting, there are still animals that will not. There are currently 30,178 animals a step away from extinction that might not survive climate change, pollution, and the constant rise in temperature.

So, although this discovery gives some hope, global warming is still a big issue and should not be taken lightly.

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