New York State Bill Prohibits Retail Pet Shops

New York State Bill Prohibits Retail Pet Shops

In June 2022, New York State passed two critical bills that will please all animal lovers. The first bill prohibits retail sales of dogs, cats, and rabbits in New York State. The bill’s goal is to increase the adoption and lower the number of notorious pet mills. 

Pet mills are breeding organizations that only focus on easy profit while disregarding the pets’ well-being. 

  • In puppy mills, dogs live in small cages without enough food, socialization, or veterinary care.
  • Female dogs are malnourished and constantly bred. After they can no longer reproduce, they are killed.
  • Male dogs are less valuable to the puppy mills and are also often killed once they can’t breed anymore.
  • Puppies are malnourished, bred with no control, and are often ill. Many of them die soon after birth, and many suffer from illnesses their entire life.

Moreover, puppy mills produce around 1,307,407 puppies yearly, mainly selling to retail shops. 

So, once retail shops in New York State stop selling them, there will be fewer opportunities for them. Additionally, since New York is one of the largest markets for puppy mills, this will be a massive blow to the infamous industry.

Another important bill is tackling another huge issue — testing cosmetics on animals. All the companies producing and selling cosmetics tested on animals will no longer be able to sell their products in the State of New York.

Considering the US is one of the world leaders in animal testing and uses around 15 million animals for experiments, this is a huge step forward. 

The two bills have passed the New York State Assembly and Senate and are only waiting for the governor to sign them. If the governor approves the bills, this will be an impressive win for all animals and animal lovers.

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