Paw CBD Kidney Support Chews Won the Innovation Award

Paw CBD Kidney Support Chews Won the Innovation Award1

In the 2021 Pet Independent Innovation Awards Program, Paw CBD, a child company of cbdMD, won the Best Overall Cat Health Product of the Year award. They won it for their Paw CBD Kidney Support Chews for Cats.

Paw CBD was awarded because of the innovative approach, dedication to creating CBD products for cats specifically, and the benefits this product brings.

They upgraded their regular CBD chews to support general cat health and deal with one of the most common problems cats experience — kidney disease. Besides helping kidney function, they also stop the blood pressure from rising too much and calm any inflammation. 

They did this by combining the ingredients used for their quality CBD cat oil with other helpful organic ingredients. The product also comes in a salmon flavor, which most cats seem to like.

They were also praised for their innovative line of cat products. Since products for dogs take the most significant part of the market, the company’s attention to the needs of cats is greatly appreciated.

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