Pet Furniture Market Size to Reach Over $5 billion by 2027

Pet Furniture Market Size to Reach Over $5 billion by 2027

The pet furniture market is expected to reach $5.1 billion by 2027, statistics show. The market is forecasted to grow by around 6.5% from 2021 to 2027. 

This is a giant leap from 2019, when the market size was $3.4 billion. 

This comes from the fact that pet owners are, more than ever, ready to splurge on their pets. During the COVID-19 pandemic, even 21% of pet owners spent more on their pets. And they keep buying more.

In developed regions of the Americas and Europe, the pet furniture market is growing considerably. It’s fueled by new inventions that are both convenient and good for pets’ health. 

The best dog and cat beds are comfortable, orthopedic, heated, and are getting more and more features as time goes by. Gel to keep the pet cool in summer, pillows, paddings, and similar products are added. The same is applied to other furniture items as well. 

By 2027, it’s expected that innovative furniture will develop even further and attract more buyers.

For example, more natural and eco-friendly materials are used. This is especially important for the popularity of the market in the Asia Pacific. Younger buyers are also more attracted to the convenient furniture of the new generation with beautiful designs and natural materials.

Cat and dog bed segment is expected to increase the most during this period – by a staggering 7.4%. However, quality dog houses are expected to continue leading the market. 

Predictions also show that dog furniture will remain in the top position, closely followed by cat furniture. 

Furniture sales will mostly grow in e-commerce. This is because people are mainly buying online during the pandemic, and the trend is still standing. 

So, there’s no fear for the pet furniture market. It’s standing strong and will continue growing. 

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