Pet Product E-shopping to Stay Strong After the Pandemic

Pet Product E-shopping to Stay Strong After the Pandemic

Since the pandemic’s beginning and the lockdowns, when access to brick-and-mortar shops was greatly reduced, online shopping started to flourish. 

This convenience has proved crucial, as many pet owners plan to continue shopping online in the post-pandemic time. And it’s understandable since online shopping offers you a variety of quality dog food and cat food you can get without having to leave your house.

A study on post-pandemic shopping has found that even after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, 22% of pet owners plan to stick strictly to online shopping

This number is double what it was before the pandemic, but a lot less than the current numbers. More precisely, nowadays, 26% of people order pet food and other products for home delivery. 

Other results were as follows:

  • 47% of the survey respondents said that they plan to shop in the brick and mortar shops after the pandemic ends. Before COVID, this number was 66%.
  • 12% will go to the stores and browse through the products only to buy them online later. Before the pandemic, only 9% of the respondents chose this option.
  • And the last 7% are going to browse online and shop in the brick and mortar stores.

It’s important to note that these numbers are also higher because of the increased pet ownership during the pandemic. 

However, as the situation in the market changes and inflation rises, this will probably result in the largest pet owner groups, millennials, and Gen Z, spending less money on their pets, so the numbers might vary.

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