Pet Releaf Is Officially One of the 5000 Most Growing Companies

Pet Releaf Is Officially One of the 5000 Most Growing Companies

Pet Releaf, a famous CBD company, is on the list of Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 fastest-growing companies. This year, it got to 2,159th place because of its steady growth of 201% over the last three years.

The CBD pet market is expected to reach $217.89 million by the end of 2021, and it’s expected to grow even more.

This feat is a result of their continuous efforts to improve their company and increase their product offer. Besides their famous CBD oils for cats and dogs, they offer chews in different flavors and shapes, capsules, liposomes, and topicals.

They are now also working on a professional product line specifically made for veterinarians to prescribe to their patients.

Pet Releaf is certified by the US Hemp Authority and the National Animal Supplement Quality Seal. These certifications show that they pass all supplement requirements, properly label their products, and correctly list all their ingredients.

The ingredients all come from US farms that use sustainable practices without herbicides and pesticides.

Moreover, they’ve donated $250,000 worth of product to more than 150 shelters around the country during the pandemic, showing how much they care about pets.

Over 7,000 retailers work with them in the US, and their e-commerce is going strong. Pet Releaf has also become a partner with Alphagreen, making their products available in Europe too. 

As of now, they are the current leader of the Pet CBD industry and account for around 45% of all sales. With more and more pet owners trusting them and choosing their products, they are likely to stay on that list for a while.

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