Although owning a pet is something most people consider normal, it seems that owning a pet might soon be criminalized in Iran.

If accepted, a new law will prohibit owning, breeding, buying, selling, driving, and walking any dangerous or unclean animal. Under Islamic law, besides snakes, crocodiles, and monkeys,  this also includes dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, and mice.

Although Americans are top pet lovers, with 90% considering their pets their family, Iranians love their pets too. And with this law, they’ll no longer be allowed to have them.

Any person found living with an animal will be fined 10–30 times the minimum monthly wage. Additionally, their pet will be confiscated. If they use their car to transport their pet, the car will be taken away as well, for three months. 

Aside from pet owners, the whole pet industry will suffer. This ban will affect the livelihood of pet shop owners and employees, veterinarians, dog trainers, etc. However, it should be noted that this is still just a proposition, and so far, Iran has been pretty loose with pet ownership laws. 

In the end, if this bill passes, there will be many problems for owners, pets, and the government. This will make owners either get rid of their pets or, more likely, break the law to stay with them.

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