Purina Recalls Cattle and Wildlife Feed Due to Elevated Urea

Purina officially recalled their cattle and wildlife supplement feed because of the potential high urea levels.

Only the following products and series were recalled.

Item Number Product Size Lot Number Animal type
3006237-206 Purina® PRECON Cattle Starter 50lb Bag 1OCT18GOZ1 Cattle
0046877 Purina® 4- SQUARE Stocker/Grower 14 50lb Bag 1OCT15GOZ1 Cattle
0047449 PURINA® 4- SQUARE® Breeder 20 50lb Bag 1OCT15GOZ1 Cattle
3005417-201 PURINA® Antler Advantage Wildlife 16 ARS Bulk October 18, 2021 Deer, Antelope, and Wild Sheep

The products were distributed only in Texas, so if you come from any other state, you’re safe.

The fault was discovered during the regular internal check-up. No illnesses caused by these products have yet been reported. 

If you have bought any of the products with these lot numbers (you can check the lot number on the sewing strip), stop feeding it to your animals immediately.

Higher urea presence in food can lead to many problems and even death in some cases. If your cattle start exhibiting any of the following symptoms, try looking for a vet specialized in farm animals that can help you:

  • Become anxious 
  • Overly salivate
  • Lose coordination
  • Vomit
  • Grind teeth
  • Breathe quickly
  • Their face muscles twitch
  • Urinate excessively
  • Cannot walk normally
  • Feel weak and in pain

Cows are creatures of habit, and they are intelligent animals not much different from dogs or cats. So, you should be able to notice if they start behaving differently in any way. 

For more information, contact Purina’s customer service at 1-800-227-8941. The service is available every workday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM Central Time.

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