Purina’s Pet Innovation Winners for 2022

Purina’s Pet Innovation Winners for 2022

Purina has presented the winners of their annual prizes for innovation in the pet industry. Out of 120 companies that applied, only five startup companies won the award for their contribution to the improvement of pet care and products. 

All the winners will receive $10,000, mentorship, and a chance to win $10,000 more at the Global Pet Expo.

So, let’s see which companies were this year’s winners.

1. Bright Planet Pet 

Bright Planet Pet has created sustainable dog treats made without meat. They taste just like the real thing but don’t use any meat, need less water, and produce almost no carbon emissions. And, for every sale, the company pledges to plant a tree. 

It’s a significant substitute to products that depend on meat production — one of the largest culprits for deforestation.

2. FluentPet

FluentPet is the owner of the HexTile System — a set of tiles with recordable buttons that can help you train your dog to communicate. Thanks to their research on pet communication, FluentPet allows you to better understand what your pet wants to say. 

3. Paway

Paway is an app with an interesting purpose — it’s a social network for dogs! This app should help you find dog-friendly places around you and connect with other dog owners. They also offer a premium version specially created for vets and other people working in pet care.

4. QSM Diagnostics

QSM Diagnostics created a product that is on a good path towards changing how veterinarians treat and detect bacterial infections.

Their special disposable sensors allow veterinarians to detect bacterial infections in just two minutes! To use the product, the veterinarians don’t even need any software. 

5. uPetsia

uPetsia has modified natural bacteria found in the dogs’ mouths to smell like mint. The bacteria can be put in dog food or treats, and the results last for hours.

This product cannot completely substitute a quality dog toothpaste that effectively cleans dogs’ teeth but is excellent for keeping their bad breath under control.

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