Researchers Find Shark DNA in 32 Cat Foods

Researchers Find Shark DNA in 32 Cat Foods

A study done in Singapore has found the presence of shark DNA in cat food products of many famous brands. The brands in which they’ve identified the presence of shark DNA include Whiskas, Kit Cat, Aixia Yaizu, Fancy Feast, Sheba, and a few others.

Out of 144 samples they’ve tested, 31% came positive to shark DNA. And since sharks are generally endangered, with one-third near extinction, these results came as a huge surprise.

The samples mainly contained blue shark and silky shark DNA. The blue shark is not an endangered species, but the silky shark is currently listed as vulnerable on the IUCN’s Red List.

The genetic material of other vulnerable sharks was also found but was not as common.

None of these brands listed shark meat as their ingredient but used terms such as ocean fish and white fish. Some used other fish names, such as tuna or salmon, on the package, while some didn’t even contain the word fish. 

By not listing the right ingredients, they’ve prevented their buyers from knowing what they were actually buying.

The buyers should know that whenever the ingredient list is unclear, there’s room for manipulation. This is why it’s important to always read the ingredient list and buy from quality cat food producers

The results are based on the cat food found in retail stores in Singapore, so it is uncertain if the cat food in the US also contains shark signatures. But, all the evidence suggests that, unfortunately, this practice also exists in the US. 

A US study from 2019 found traces of shark DNA in pet food, so if your food contains white fish, ocean fish, and similar ingredients, there is a high chance your cat is eating a very small amount of shark meat. 

So, if you care about ocean life protection, be sure to check your cat food ingredient list next time.

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