Retail Sales of Cat Food in 2021 Reached an Estimated $12.1 Billion

Retail Sales of Cat Food in 2021 Reached an Estimated $12.1 Billion

Although dogs are still the most adopted pets in the US, cats are not far behind. And with the pandemic, the number of cat adoptions has grown significantly. 

They are great companions and are partly responsible for our better state of mind and health, lowering the chances of stroke and heart attack by 30%!

So, it’s no wonder that the US owners spent approximately $12.1 billion on retail cat food, as our cats truly deserve it. 

The sales had grown by 6.6% from 2020, when they reached $11.4 billion. And they’re expected to keep growing. It’s estimated that they should reach $15.4 billion in 2025, with 6.7% annual growth.

Two segments probably the most responsible for this growth are wet cat food and cat treats. Cat treat usage has grown by 21% from 2007, as more users see their cats as family members.

Wet cat food sales have grown by 11% in the same period since healthier cat food options have become available.

In 2020, an average cat owner spent $351 on food and $53 on treats, an increase from the earlier years.

But, dog food owners still spend a lot more, and the cat food market makes up only one third of the dog food market. However, new growth shows that the cat food market has significant potential. Especially in premium food production and sales, as more cat owners want their cats to have the best.

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