Seresto Flea Collar Dangerous Oversight Committee Reports

Seresto Flea Collar Dangerous Oversight Committee Reports

Seresto Flea and Tick collar is one of the most popular products for preventing fleas and ticks in the US. Since its addition to the market, over 34 million collars have been sold. 

Most pet owners are attracted by its relatively low price of $70 for the incredible eight months of expected protection. But, there seems to be a much darker side to this well-loved product.

A recent report by the Oversight and Reform Committee shows that from the start of sales to now, 98,000 incidents and 2,500 pet deaths related to Seresto’s flea and tick collars have been reported. 

And the numbers grew significantly —  since 2020, there have been 23,000 new incidents and 1,300 new animal deaths reported due to Seresto collars.

The product causes rashes, skin irritations, and lesions in minor cases. Some pets also have symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, change in behavior and diet, become lethargic, and are more vocal than usual.

The symptoms generally occur in the first month of using the product and can usually be stopped if the product is promptly removed, but they don’t always resolve right away.

Some pet owners have also reported various reactions, from problems with their skin and immunity to severe respiratory and neurological issues, nausea, and similar.

Because of these findings, the committee is urging EPA to recall the product from the market. 

The committee report also notes that when the testing results first came, EPA didn’t react, while this product was instantly stopped from sale in Canada. So, they also recommend that EPA change its operation mode and react more promptly in similar situations. 

So, if your pet is still using Seresto Collar, we recommend removing it and trying some natural ways to protect your pet from ticks. And if you also have issues with fleas, there are other effective flea treatments that haven’t had these issues.

Until the EPA officially recalls the product, we remind you to stay safe when using similar collars, even if you’ve never had problems with Seresto. Check your pet for any irritations or changes in behavior, and stop using the collar if any symptoms occur.

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