Pandemic Pet Spending Trends That Are Likely to Stay In 2022

Pandemic Pet Spending Trends That Are Likely to Stay In 2022

We’ve all acquired some new spending habits during the pandemic, and new trends have emerged. So, with 2022 knocking on our doors, it’s the right moment to see what changed in the pet industry in the past year and what trends will dominate 2022.

1. Online Shopping

In 2020 and 2021, more pet owners than ever have started shopping online. This trend is likely to continue in 2022, since this way of shopping is safer and more convenient during the pandemic.

2. Pet Services

Veterinary telemedicine is a relatively new trend that should take off in 2022. Pet owners like the convenience that telemedicine websites provide them with. 

New pet service trends, such as walk-in clinics and apps that make finding a pet sitter much easier, are also expected to gain more market share next year. 

3. Premium Products

Pet owners are now looking for sustainable food and packaging and top-quality food with no harmful ingredients. In fact, a study has found that 51% of pet owners don’t mind spending more money on quality food for their pets.

This is the main reason why the sales of premium food and treats have grown so much, and it will most likely be one of the top pet industry trends in 2022. 

Premium products for wellness and grooming have also gained many new customers in 2021, and their sales numbers are expected to rise in 2022 too.

4. Pet Insurance

Currently, only 3% of American pets have been insured, but the numbers have been on the rise for quite some time. 

In 2022, the numbers are expected to grow further. Many pet owners have seen the benefits of pet insurance policies and want the best health care for their pets. Additionally, since many quality insurance plans are now available for reasonable prices, many pet owners are opting to pay for insurance.

Besides these existing trends, it’s yet to be seen what other trends will appear in 2022. One thing is for sure, though — 2022 will again be a successful year for the pet industry. 

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