Arthritis is becoming more common in the dog world. This is why the companies offering treatment for arthritis are growing significantly more than usual. 

The highest sales and earnings are expected in the next period, and by 2029, the arthritis treatment segment will take a much larger part of the pet market.

In terms of production and sales, North America is currently the biggest player in the market, and it should stay the leader during the next period.

The companies are mainly producing non-inflammatory medication that reduces pain and inflammation. A variety of natural glucosamine formulas are also used as effective supplements that heal damaged areas and improve joint health. 

Additionally, a recent study has found that CBD is also helpful in reducing pain and making your dog more active. So, next to prescribed medication, it’s another thing you could try to boost your pet’s wellbeing.  

Finding the right product should be easy, though, with many quality CBD products on offer.

After all, since arthritis can cause movement issues, and the pain can lower the quality of your pet’s life quite considerably, it’s understandable that you’d want to do everything you can for your pet. 

This illness can affect any joints, such as the knee, shoulder, hip, or elbow, and it can affect the spinal cord. It’s mainly found in older dogs, but younger dogs can suffer from it too. 

Arthritis is mainly caused by problems in bone development, some joint and bone injuries, and obesity, which is another common problem today.

If we take into consideration that there’s a pandemic of pet obesity, the dog arthritis treatment market is sure to reach its goals.

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