Supply Issues for Pet Food Continue in 2022

Supply Issues for Pet Food Continue in 2022

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been problems with the supply of almost all products. And although pet food had some supply issues, the problems seemed long gone. 

But, with the ending of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, the problems returned. 

With 84.9+ million families owning pets in the US and the number constantly growing, the pet food industry has been struggling to produce enough food for all. 

There are more than a few types of problems, though. For example, there are workforce shortages in the delivery industry, which is impacting pet food delivery. Also, due to the global supply problems, manufacturers cannot get the ingredients for their food. 

Larger retailers and supermarkets are experiencing more problems and are unable to get certain food products, leaving some of their shelves empty.  

Wet food production is especially in danger, since it uses imported ingredients. It also suffers because of the lack of aluminum for packaging.

So, if you’re using wet food, you should know that you might not be able to get your favorite one. But, there are many different wet food options to choose from, so there shouldn’t be a problem selecting a substitute.

Smaller retailers are still not as impacted, so if you can’t find your regular food in a big supermarket, you can check out a smaller shop, or you can try searching online.

Due to this shortage, some owners have started preparing food for their pets themselves. If you want to try it out, too, you should be aware that your cat and dog can’t eat all human food, as some plants can be toxic. So, make sure to do your research in advance.

We can only hope that these supply issues will get resolved soon, but until then, we should all try to adapt. 

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